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Laurie Miller


Laurie Miller is a recording artist, bass player, singer/ song writer, piano player, composer and music teacher

* A percentage of all music sales will go to NCADV – Helping Women who have been abused by domestic violence – http://www.ncadv.org/

Laurie’s original bands -
Missing Children, and Laurie Miller band-
Played – The Rock Candy, Off Ramp, The Central. Played music festivals including Rainbow Valley, etc. Music videos were played on Rock Hard TV, and Fox 13 weather.
Missing Children’s CD -‘Wants & Needs’ was nominated as best Funk album.
Laurie Miller band played – The Knitting Factory in LA
Played University of Santa Barbara – ‘Take Back the Night’ festival University of Santa Barbara- musicians backing me – Joel Taylor (Alan Holdsworth drummer) Paul Pesco – guitar ( J. Lo musical director, Hall & Oates, Wayne Brady), Sal Marquez –trumpet (Buddy Rich, Frank Zappa, Jay Leno)
Played Power Box Festival (Vixen, Iron Maidens, Laurie Miller band)
Has played with: Cool Papa (wrote songs for John Lee Hooker), Larry James (Johnny Otis guitar), Mark McGee (Greg Alman’s guitar player), Ricardo Scales, Narada Michael Walden, Brian Young (Fountains of Wayne), Buddy Miles, Eddie Degenaro, Alameda All stars (Brad Gillis – Night Ranger, Ozzy ), Randy Hansen, Scott Rosburg (Striker), Rick Spano, Brian & Kevin Wood ( played bass on -Malfunkshun soundtrack), Sean Kinney (Alice in Chains), Goldy McJohn (Steppenwolf), Mike Braun (drummer Hall & Oates), Joe Vitale (Alabama)
Laurie also has 5 CD released, and has licensed music for commercial use.
Tours – Played bass for the Jimi Hendrix family foundation Electric Guitar Competition – 1999 – BB Kings – Memphis, TN, etc.
‘I Like You’ & ‘Crawling’ – Billboard songwriting Honorable Mention
‘Have a Nice Day’ – Song of the Year Finalist and honorable mention
‘Just a Frog’ – Song of the Year – Honorable Mention –
‘Boring’ – Unisong – Honorable Mention, and
Song of the Year- Honorable Mention
‘Loser Magnet’ – Song of the Year – Honorable Mention
‘You Really Chose’ – included on several compilation CDs promoting prevention of domestic violence
Played NAMM showcases




St. Louis’s hottest upcoming star Van Johnson ( Vito Money) was born on Nov 15th. “Vito Money” is known for his raspy voice, tongue twisting and truthful lyrics. He grew up in the North side of St. Louis in one of the toughest low income areas. Vito’s love for hip hop began in grade school.

Vito’s has experienced lots of negativity in his life. His explosive lyrics are his way of fighting back and dealing. The song “FOCUS” tells his story of the younger brother he lost to the streets. Vito gives a true testimony when he performs. He is consistently on the grind performing in various cities. Vito’s stage presence is guaranteed to get you up out of your seat. He possesses a strong work ethic and is a true pioneer to the HIP HOP industry.


Nikki Guarino


Just back from Los Angeles where she recorded her new EP,
Happy Together with several Grammy Award-winning
producers, Nikki Guarino is excited to present her fresh and
exciting style to the masses. Nikki sings catchy and playful
melodies over uplifting beats that you can’t help but dance
to, making her a new contender in the pop scene alongside
the likes of Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift.
“Happy Together” and “Wonderful Life” were produced by
Gina Schock of the Go Go’s and Jeff Bova, a Grammy Award
winning keyboardist, composer, arranger and producer.
Schock has recently worked with Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez
and Alanis Morissette, among others, and Bova has worked
with Katy Perry, Celine Dion, Colbie Caillat, and many more.
“So I Thought” and “Party With My Girls”, both co-written by
Nikki herself, were produced by Mike Mani and Jordan Omley
of The Jam, the recording duo that recently collaborated with
Lady Gaga and Mariah Carey, and has worked with several
other notable artists including Michael Bolton, Santana and
X-Factor winner Leona Lewis.
Aside from promoting and performing her music, Nikki is
currently involved in South Burlington HS Chorus and Drama.
She landed the lead role as “Sandy” in the Junior High School
musical production of “Grease”, and will be a contestant in the
Miss Teen Vermont Pageant in Fall 2011. Stay tuned for more
new music and content from Nikki, and visit her on Facebook,
Youtube, Twitter and Itunes!




Liz Lohnes


Berklee College of Music student, Liz Lohnes is a singer-songwriter (pop, hip-hop, R&B) from Boston, MA.

Her original songs have received prestigious recognition “Where You Are” was nominated the best hip-hop/pop/r&b song of the year at the USA4Real Awards. “Baby” was recently featured in LL Cool J’s blog, where his daughter Tali chose Liz as “Lady of the Week”. “Vera’s Lullaby” was listed in DJ Cut’s top 10. “Vera’s Lullaby” earned Liz a spot to perform at the annual Women’s Musician Network Concert at the Berklee Performance Center in Boston. “Do Your Thing” was chosen by Serena Williams as one of the five finalists in a worldwide songwriting contest to be Serena’s theme song. “Reaching for the Stars” won her a spot on the 2009 MySpace Music Calendar for most inspirational original music.

Liz’s music ranks in the top 100 for twitter music. And she was nominated for best hip-hop/pop newbie at the USA4Real Awards.

Liz’s has performed with American Idol’s Ayla Brown and at Kimberly Locke’s Block Party. She has performed on big stages including The Apollo Theater, The Berklee Performance Center, Gillette Stadium, TD Bank North Garden, The Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square, Rock the Plaza at Patriot Place, City Hall Plaza, Boston, MA, Six Flags Great Escape, NY, Six Flags, MA, and the Downtown Crossing Summer Concert Series in Boston to name a few.


Liz Lohnes

Liz Lohnes
I wrote the melody and lyrics to all of my songs. I have new music on the way and hope to have my next single out soon…..



Deenoboy always had music in his life. Starting out as a Drummer, Guitarist, Bassist, and Keyboardist, he wanted to be like his heros Herbie Hancock, Kraftwerk, Metallica and Techmaster PEB. He spent a lot of time listening to all the great records learning and perfecting new techniques. By 1983 he was introduced to MIDI, Drum Machines, Synthesizers, Samplers and Computer Based Software Sequencers and was totally mesmerized. He later discovered that his sound as a Music Producer was a mixture of all the music he grew up listening to and found it to be confusing to label it.

So he began to work hard and find his place in the music world. With rock being his favorite genre, he began experimenting by combining Rock Guitars, Synths, Turntables, Drum Machines and Acoustic Drum Kits into on powerful sound. He later decided to make his first and most powerful CD “State Of Emergency” which has a universal sound covering Pop, Metal, Electro Rock, and Soundtrack Scores together in one complete package.


Power Theory


Power Theory was envisioned and created in 2007 by Bob “BB” Ballinger with the intention to form a True Metal band with a mix of the NWOBHM, 80’s German Power Metal, and a little bay area Thrash thrown in to shake it up.
Dave Santini (RiffRaff, , Monzterzero and Evil Jester) and Bob “BB” Ballinger (Colossus, Night Myst) met in 2008 have become like long lost brothers who’ve reunited, and found a missing extension of each other with a DÉJÀ VU like ability to write music together. Bob and Dave spent the last quarter of 2008 writing and arranging material and along with original bassist, Jason Tete, and a few different temporary drummers, hit the Philadelphia, Pa and Trenton, NJ area stages in early 2009 and started playing what would amount 30+ shows in the next year and a quarter, and also completed writing, arranging, and recording the debut album “Out of the Ashes, Into the Fire” at with Jason Grosse at 1021 Studios in Tullytown, PA.
Power Theory literally became a Tight Metal Machine playing live shows and transferring that energy right into the recording studio with a musical vision completely in-sync, and recorded the demo “Metal Forever”. They immediately struck up a friendship and gained a huge fan in Bob Kudler, owner/operator of Metal MainiAxe Radio in Old Bridge, NJ and gained international airplay on Live365.com radio.
The band then immediately started to record an 11 song full length debut album at 1021 Studios as well, in between gigs which was completed in June 2010.
Bob realized that the bands best options of getting signed to a label would be in Germany or Europe and decided in July 2010 to pursue hiring Legendary producer and audio engineer Achim Koehler (Sacred Steel, Primal Fear, Sinner, Brainstorm) to Master the debut album and acquire the right “European” metal sound. Achim agreed and did a phenomenal job.
In mid September 2010, armed with promotional copies of “Out of the Ashes, Into the Fire” mastered by Achim Koehler, the full length debut cd containing the cover artwork “Into the Lake of Fire” by Howard David Johnson, Power Theory aggressively sought a record deal.
Pure Steel Records subsequently re-packaged the CD with amazing phot-artwork by Drew Foster and Jennifer Gentile from The Savvy Image Photography and released the album worldwide on April 29th, 2011 at annual The “Keep it True” festival in Germany.
The band hit the stages hard with a live drummer in support of the release, and immediately started recording a follow-up full length cd to be titled “An Axe to Grind” with a late 2011/2012 release date targeted. Jason Tete decided to pursue a custom guitar building company and left the band in May 2011 and the band added Jay Pekala (Colossus, Last Rites) on bass completing our most solid back line to date. Jay brings the classic true metal bass player styling’s of Joey DeMaio and Steve Harris to the band, as well as very strong song writing skills.
Realizing the potential was in place for the follow up cd to be much heavier and stronger songwriting with Jay Pekala on board, Power Theory proudly added a fulltime kick-ass metal drummer who desired to be a committed member in Lorin Savadore (a veteran of the Philly Metal Scene). Lorin’s drumming and enthusiasm ensures the band will achieve “the next level”.
The band has just recently commissioned the world famous artist Eliran Kantor (Testament, Gwar, Atheist) to create the cover artwork for the forthcoming release “An Axe to Grind.
. Power Theory is now reaching out to their fan-base through their newly created website at http://www.powertheory.net , as well http://www.PureSteel-Records.com, or http://www.puresteel-shop.com/POWER-THEORY-Out-of-the-Ashes-Into-the-Fire-and-other-Tales-of-Insanity_1
To be continued …….


Arise To Burn


Tampa Bay hard rock outfit Arise To Burn formed in the summer of 2011 featuring ARMED FORCES ENTERTAINMENT INTERNATIONAL TOURING ARTIST JEZZY JINNX AS THE BANDS VOCALIST AND LYRICIST and NATIONAL TOURING ARTIST MR SAWBLADEHEAD AS THE BANDS DRUMMER/PERCUSSIONIST the band began the writing process of their debut album “The Unforgivable Sin” at Hestla productions Orlando,Florida with acclaimed national level producer Brett Hestla (Creed,Dark New Day,Tantric,Faktion) due for release early 2012 …the tour to support the record will take Arise To Burn across the United States and Australia ….this band lives for the road and prides itself on a ferocious live show that must be seen to be believed …tour dates coming soon !


Aaron Hendra


A truly gifted songwriter, performer and recording artist, Aaron Hendra is also an owner of LA based indie Give Records. He met entrepreneur Rick St George in 2008 and created Give. In an era where major label development is almost nonexistent, Give provides opportunities and time for an artist to find their musical identity.

OCTOBERSONG is the debut release for both Aaron and Give and was sculpted over a 3 year period at Give Studios in LA. An opportunity like this is a dream come true for any artist but did not come easily for Aaron. Rather it is a result of over a decade of persistence through ups, downs and near misses that would cause most aspiring musicians to pack up and head home.
Early success for the Aussie born songwriter came when he hand delivered a simple piano/vocal demo to the record company office of Aussie recording superstar John Farnham. Several weeks later Aaron received a personal phone call from Farnham, stating that he loved the song and wanted to record it. “Don’t Let It End” became a single on Farnham’s multi-platinum CD “Romeo’s Heart”. Sheryl Crow and Dianne Warren also pitched songs for this album.

In 2001, a recording contract with Hollywood records helped Aaron and his band gain access to the United States and opportunities to live abroad and grow as a songwriter. Producer problems left the group unable to deliver a cohesive record however and a year after signing the deal, the label dropped the young band from its roster. A period of seven years passed where Aaron continued to pay dues. This included two further letdowns, a development deal with Warner Bros that ended when the supporting A & R person lost their job, and then, making it all the way through auditions to the top 50 finalists for the 1st season of Rockstar with INXS only to miss final selection for the show. Major label deals and Reality TV at that point were not the destined paths. 2005 thru 2008 consisted of days on the construction site and nights playing small acoustic shows and writing songs. This only served to fuel the flame.

Near the end of 2008 the gift of a second chance at a recording career arrived. Aaron met Rick St George, a finance guy who saw the untapped talent and believed in his music immediately. The entrepreneur struck a deal with the songwriter and Give Records was born. Once again able to focus fully on writing and recording, Aaron began to assemble a team. Long time friend and session drummer Greg ‘Gigi’ Gonaway joined forces with Aaron and moved to LA in 2009 to begin pre-production. St George, thinking this was more than a solo artist but not quite a band, dubbed it the ‘Aaron Hendra Project’. Work began under the AHP moniker. Not wanting the pressure of the usual ticking clock of commercial studios, St George decided to search for a unique space as a new home for Give family. He soon found a secluded compound only a block from the famous Sunset Strip in Beverly Hills. Not only was the space perfect for album, it also had a rich musical heritage.

Built in the 70’s by the late Richard Colburn (Founder of the Colburn School of Music in LA) to entertain LA socialites, the house featured a ballroom designed for chamber orchestras. Classical violinists such as Itzhak Perlman, Yo-Yo Mar and Isaac Stern we’re regular guests back in the day. St George, Aaron, Gigi and sound engineer Dave Ahlert went to work turning the library into a control room and the production began. Producer Rob Hill the team in 2010 and once tracking was complete the team took the songs to South Beach Studios in Miami Beach, Florida where renowned mix engineer Tom Lord-Alge added his magic and finessed them to completion.
During recording, Sam Childers AKA the “Machine Gun Preacher” visited Give Studios and asked Aaron to write a song about his mission to save the children of Sudan. The result was “One Man’s War”. AHP then traveled to Sudan to record the 300 children now living at the orphanage sing the end choruses of the song. Touching and inspiring listeners all over the globe, it has become the official spiritual anthem of the Machine Gun Preacher.

The yet to be released new album from AHP, called OCTOBERSONG, features 11 tracks from the artist. With definite mainstream appeal, the music and songs of Aaron Hendra are poised to make an impact on a broad audience ranging from high school aged youngsters to mature adults. With a message, voice and sound that is fresh yet authentic and heartfelt, this adult contemporary artist is destined for the world stage.

Aaron Hendra Project

 ‘OCTOBERSONG‘ is the (yet to be released) debut release by Australian born recording artist Aaron Hendra. It is the culmination of 10 years of writing while living and honing his craft in the unforgiving musical landscape of Los Angeles. Not only are all songs featured on the album 100% written by Aaron, he also produced them with Rob Hill. Recording took place over 2 years at a private mansion only a block from Sunset and Doheny in Beverly Hills. Vintage Neve and API consoles we’re installed in the control room specifically for the record. All songs were engineering by Dave Ahlert. After tracking and overdubs Aaron took the songs to South Beach studios in Miami to be mixed by world renowned mixing engineer Tom Lord-Alge. The recordings also feature the drumming talents of Greg ‘Gigi’ Gonaway (ex Mariah Carey) who is a key member of the Aaron Hendra Project. Bass players on the record included Paul Bushnell (Faith Hill, Daughtry, Shakira), Marcus Brown (Madonna, Seal) and Dorian Heartsong. Piano and keyboard players included Rami Jaffee (Foo Fighters, Wallflowers), Jamie Mahoberac (Goo Goo Dolls, Chris Cornell, All American Rejects) and again Marcus Brown. Live strings performed by (24 piece orchestra) members LA Philharmonic, arranged and conducted by David Campbell. Percussion on ‘One Mans War’  by Brian Kilgore (Blood Diamond Theme).  All guitars played by Aaron Hendra.


Aaron Hendra Project – “One Mans War” Official Slideshow



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