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Daily Archives: December 2, 2011




The project IVEZA was formed in Kragujevac in 2007 by the former members of a local bands. The IVEZA line – up are: Ivan Ivezic-vocal,guitar,songwriter and producer and Malena-vocal,keyboards. It’s hard to relegate the project to any musical genre and even the band’s members wouldn’t like to be relegated. Besides the lyrics written in English language, the main features of the original IVEZA sound are the aggressive guitar, jungle rhythms,house,electro,drum and bass moment… Once someone has described it all as ….newschool/dnb/jungle/electro/house furia….. So far the IVEZA had enormous number of gigs all around Serbia and in several neighborhood countries. They appeared at the best-selling Serbian musical press, in many local TV shows, as well as on the Serbian national TV (”RTS”) several times.All songs produce and mastering by member-Ivan Ivezic. Please,listen  to IVEZA!!!




Arise To Burn


Tampa Bay hard rock outfit Arise To Burn formed in the summer of 2011 featuring ARMED FORCES ENTERTAINMENT INTERNATIONAL TOURING ARTIST JEZZY JINNX AS THE BANDS VOCALIST AND LYRICIST and NATIONAL TOURING ARTIST MR SAWBLADEHEAD AS THE BANDS DRUMMER/PERCUSSIONIST the band began the writing process of their debut album “The Unforgivable Sin” at Hestla productions Orlando,Florida with acclaimed national level producer Brett Hestla (Creed,Dark New Day,Tantric,Faktion) due for release early 2012 …the tour to support the record will take Arise To Burn across the United States and Australia ….this band lives for the road and prides itself on a ferocious live show that must be seen to be believed …tour dates coming soon !


Arise To Burn – SPINELESS




The Number One Unsigned Band in America is…KLIK! Rolling Stone Magazine called for the vote, and the results have proven what fans dating back from 2001 already knew…
KLIK’s sound is akin to an original blend of Smashing Pumpkins meets Alanis Morissette, or to even pushing boundaries on modernized Black Sabbath-like riffs with Breeders/Tori Amos pop-oriented melodies.


The Number One Unsigned Band in America is…KLIK! Rolling Stone Magazine called for the vote, and the results have proven what fans dating back from 2001 already knew…this dynamic duo is set on flooring the world with their talents and taking over the music industry.

Ever since Stephanie Monty (vocals) and Chrissy Paolillo (guitars/keys/backing vocals) of KLIK got together in Tampa, FL, they have been working their way up to success with their pop/rock alternative style. The band is fronted by the supercharged duo that rules the stage and captures an audience like no other. Their presence is so strong that they’ve taken to creating a culture around themselves and their music, so much so, that they are even 100% endorsed by major products and companies like PRS, Hartke, Samson, Zoom, Manic Panic, Lightwave, and N-tune.

Take one look at the girls of KLIK and you can already tell that they are emotional, textured, and not at all afraid to rock. Their live show is full of raw energy and the female-fronted group is joined onstage with three equally charged men on drums, bass, and guitar. KLIK’s sound is akin to an original blend of Smashing Pumpkins meets Alanis Morissette, or to even pushing boundaries on modernized Black Sabbath-like riffs with Breeders/Tori Amos pop-oriented melodies. KLIK has shared the stage with many national and underground acts, including Evanescence, The Fray, Dark New Day, Collective Soul, Breaking Benjamin, and more.


American Girls

is KLIK’s latest release, due in early 2010.  The ten-song album was produced by platinum producer, Sylvia Massy (Tool, Johnny Cash, Prince, System of a Down).  “‘Eyeliner’ is a hit, period!” said Massy at the wrap of the recording session of “Eyeliner,” one of the more straight-ahead pop KLIK tracks from the album.  The album is filled with other unforgettable hooks and melodic, yet enjoyably aggressive songs that divulge relatable stories about love, hate, strife, and fun… a glimpse into the lives of two “American Girls.”

For more information and to listen to tracks from KLIK’s exciting new album, American Girls, visit http://www.myspace.com/klik.




If you are into facebook and want to LIKE us, please go to our official https://www.facebook.com/pages/IMPURIA/115583945152144?sk=app_2405167945
We thank MikeWhitePresents and suggest his extremely great music to our supporters for an x-ray on the IMPURIA sound: “superb distorted industripoptastic tuneage..just love the rich melodic vibe of “shine on”, the big electrofunk rhythm of “violence” and the deep, bone shaking bass sequencer of “face to face”…was genuinely excited by how many great hooks your songs are drenched in..huge talent needs a huge sound, and you guys are expanding as wide as the monitors will allow. Monumental!!´´






Gabriele “Dr. Zero” Cerruti is born in Turin (Italy) in 1974.
Since he was a child he has a passion for music: he starts playing piano at six and guitar at thirteen; finally at seventeen he chooses to play bass.
In 1992 he forms the first band with some High School’s fellows; he begins to write his first songs with italian lyrics, influenced by the favourite artist’s sound of that time: the italian rocker Luciano Ligabue.
In 1993 he enters in the first School’s Musical Contest with the song “Danzando nel Buio” (“Dancing in the Dark”); he ranks fourth, but he collects consents of audience and critic. In the same year he starts a collaboration with some local Christian artists; he writes the song “La mia risposta sarà Sì” (“My Answer will be Yes”) for the musical “Don Bosco: una Sfida” (“Don Bosco: a Challenge”) and all the songs for the musical “La Pelle di Dio” (“The Skin of God”) in 1994.
In 1995 he forms the first cover band with University’s friends, with which he plays the greatest hits by Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Guns ‘n’ Roses and Skid Row; however, the Grunge’s influence (Alice in Chains, MotherLoveBone, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Temple of the Dog) and 70’s KISS’ Hard Rock push him to write songs with english lyrics: “I Forgot”, “Leap” and “Shame” are the most revealing songs of that time.
In 2001 with two of same University’s friends he forms CoffeeDregs, a PJ Harvey cover band; although there are great potential, the project has short life: CoffeeDregs disband after recording a Promo CD.
Years pass and he plays in bands of less importance, but the music is always existing in his life; even the songwriting gains substantial depth: lyrics now approach environmental and social issues: the most revealing song of that time is “Permanent Disaster”, written on 27 December 2004, the day following the Sumatra’s Tsunami.
In 2006 he discovers the American Christian Music; artists like Audio Adrenaline, Switchfoot and tobyMac, are considered like all those who have influenced his music and give new energy to his songwriting.
At beginning of 2008 he finds continuity and starts playing with assiduity: Cover The Top (2008-2009), AllTimeIsGone (2009-2010), MotorMouse (2010-2011) and Blaine (2011); the more exciting experience is with MotorMouse, cover band of great impact that plays 70’s Hard Rock (AC/DC, Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, KISS, Led Zeppelin, The Doors and Thin Lizzy).
The desire to engage in a band’s project that features unreleased songs finally comes in July 2011, when he becomes Wheels’ bassist, Hard Rock band with whom he records an EP entitled “Big Snake”; but in this day, 14 october 2011, the dream is shattered.
And now… plans are planned: he decides to search a new band and to rearrange the songs written over the years, with the aim to share his music and to hear the feedback of other people.
In this day, 25 november 2011, all his dreams come true: in the Thanksgiving day God gives him a gift; after a session he was hired by rock band named Hangover. Alberto, Alice and Diego are his new adventure mates.



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