2012 Shelby Press Conference at the Chicago Auto Show

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Ozzmak – Take no more – Free download

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#1 artists all time:


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Genres: Hip Hop
Label: Independent
Management: Derek DeMarco (502) 321-9924

Exile is not your typical rapper, more so in fact he is the future of hip hop. This creative hip hop “Exile”, whose motto enforces the timeless phrase ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, is more than just a standard rookie. From his satirical stage name to his true artistic expression, Exile is a breath of fresh air to a hip hop generation of materialism and two step jingles.
Exile combines adrenaline filled combative lyrics with high energy performances that set himself apart from many of the manufactured puppet entertainers in the current music industry. He is known for his ill ability of combining lyrically fast pace mid-west techniques with the South’s admired “catch” lyrics, all the while incorporating melodic and exclusive tones.
Exile reaches the majority of his fan base through lyrics that creatively range from past experiences, relationships, politics, humanity and the daily struggles that derive from living in a lower class society. With such a wide range of lyrical content, Exile creates a musical outlet while maintaining the respect of others who deal with the same struggles or have strong opinions on the same political standpoints.
Exile’s impressive track record includes several performances opening for major acts from Bone Thugs N Harmony, D12, Royce Da 5’9 and Tech N9ne, as well as the ability to captivate fans on Cleveland’s hip hop station Z107.9 airwaves. He has created introduction pieces for Cleveland’s own radio DJ’s such as DJ Jay Fresh and Eddie Bower. As his fan base continues to grow, he has acquired local media buzz throughout northern Ohio. To put it simply, to many hip hop fans in Ohio, Exile remains Ohio’s best kept secret.



Whip Game Acapella  – Youtube video: