American Idol’s Brittany Kerr Is An NBA Dancer   for the Charlotte Bobcats

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012 By Jay Koot
American Idol’s Brittany Kerr Is An NBA Dancer [PHOTOS]
About an hour ago on American Idol we had the chance to meet Charlotte Bobcats dancer Brittany Kerr and hear her audition with Joss Stone’s Spoiled. Brittany’s soulful voice, ripped jeans and exposed belly helped her land a coveted ticket to Hollywood and we instantly have a full-fledged sports angle to this season of Idol. Kerr, currently on the dance team, had a viewing party tonight & things went fairly well. Yes-no-yes. JUMP!

Meet Brittany Kerr, NBA dancer for the Charlotte Bobcats by day and singer by night. On Wednesday she appeared on American Idol and was chosen to make it to the Hollywood round. Lucky for us (you) the internet exists and with a quick search on Google we were able to uncover a treasure trove of Brittany Kerr hottness. I can’t get enough of Brittany Kerr pictures and I’m sure you’ll enjoy too.

Watch Brittany Kerr Sing ‘Spoiled’ by Joss Stone on ‘American Idol’