Music Xray is for artists who want to be discovered


Music Xray is for artists who want to be discovered, be developed and to match their songs to exposure opportunities. It is for producers, A&R talent, music supervisors, industry professionals and for avid fans that want to leverage their talents, their golden ears and to be exposed to all kinds of new music, and wants to be the first in finding the best of the best.

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What is MusicXray?

Music Xray helps connect music artists with people top industry professionals, opportunities for music and decision-makers. Our music submission platform offers the largest pool of opportunities for recorded music on the web. If you’re an artist this is where you’ll find great opportunities for your music. If you’re an industry professional this is where you’ll find the best place to offer your opportunities and where you’ll find the best tools to help you manage and filter through a high volume of submissions.

Why use MusicXray?
Artists can drastically decrease the time and money spent before reaching opportunity gatekeepers and opportunities. They can get the valuable coaching and career advice they need to make it. Industry professionals can save time, leverage their

expertise and more efficiently filter & find songs and artists for opportunities.

Who is MusicXray for?
Music Xray is for artists who want to be discovered, be developed and to match their songs to exposure opportunities. It is for producers, A&R talent, music supervisors, industry professionals and for avid fans that want to leverage their golden ears and to be exposed to all kinds of new music, and wants to be the first in finding the best of the best.

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STEEL SOUL is a Home Grown hard-rock band whose musical influences come from such rock legends as Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Jeff Beck, Rush & Led Zep……!!!

The band comes from Fort Lauderdale Florida, and was created by Tone D Farkas (guitars), Brian Fitzgerald (percussion, keyboards) and The fantastic Serge Kaltchenko (bass)Our newest member.

STEEL SOUL started touring the local clubs with repeats of classics of Rock’n’Roll. Concerts were starting to attract more people and the first fans made their appearance.
In 2008, for their first participation at Tobacco Road, the famous club in Miami Beach, Florida. STEEL SOUL opening act with a superb show in front of a crowd of about 165.

The band began to feel more confident on stage and the writing and compositions move to a higher level. The work led to the recording of the second album “Escape From Dominance” in 2010 which contains 10 tracks. This quality production is due to the talent of drummer Brian Fitzgerald, and the guitar player Tone D. Farkas. This album sounds much more professional than the first one.
“Escape From Dominance” will allowed STEEL SOUL the distribution of the two albums.

During the first part of 2010, STEEL SOUL have experienced many new opportunities and have increased their fan base to the tune of over 8,000.

Today, the band always hopes finding a biggest deal with a major and is preparing the recording of a third album in 2010 (surely the best one!!) and a new series of gigs across the USA with their new bassist Ron Nigro, who has been a major influence in the new songs written by the new STEEL SOUL.

So prepare yourself to a big dose of rock n’ roll, and amazing live performance guaranteed!!

Genres: Rock / Hard Rock / SteelSoul
Management: SteelSoul Productions, MusicXray, Newusb

SteelSoul Alien Hunter

David D


From Queens, New York, But Now Resides In Jacksonville, FL, Born October 4th 1989, American Hip Hop Artist David D. started writing at the age of 12. “It was more to just pass the time in class because I always seemed to finish my work before every one else. So I’d just take out my pad and start writing. Looking back it was kinda wack, but it rhymed!” The artist said during our interview. When he turned 15 years old he wrote a song entitled “Ketchup On Ya Fries” which was a comedic song about getting high and going to McDonald’s. “My friends loved it, especially ’cause I was a fat kid rapping about food. It was mad funny but it got me respect as a songwriter at a young age from my peers.” As he got older and times changed he started to take more of a serious approach to his work. “I started writing about girls, and how they made me feel. Life, and how it made me feel. I started getting more personal.” He changed his name from Young Promo to David D. because he felt like his music was going in a different direction. Feeling the need to reinvent himself to accomodate the new inspiration. “I wanted people to know they were getting me. My heart. My soul. My passion. David.” With the new change and approach to his writing he went to work and produced the mixtape “Random NOThingZ”, which featured many mainstream beats where David attempted to prove his flow has graduated with versatile and uncanny wordplay, metaphors, and similies. His use of syllables and his signature “Run-Off” verses provided all that was needed to turn heads. “Man, when that dropped. It was like I didn’t have to prove anything to my family anymore. It’s like they understood why I cared so much. It’s all I ever wanted, was for them to understand.” Using the buzz from his recent drop, David went on to create a hip-hop group dubbed “TeaM FLySh*T”. A group of artists that have grown and worked with David throughout his years. “I wanted to help get these guys on. They all have crazy talent and I enjoy each of their personalities. They’re my family and I knew at a young age that I would have to be the one that helped them reach success.” While working with his team he found an ad on Facebook for Def Jam distributed track “Goin Kanye”. There was a contest being held to win the official remix spot. “At first I was like, nah, not gonna submit. But then i listened to the beat and I just felt the words come. So I wrote. I realized that it could definitely be a hit so i submitted. The next day I received an email from the music group and it asked me to provide another verse. So I did. I later received another email stating I had won the contest and would be receiving promotional support from the music group. Needless to say, I flipped!” Now, armed with his team, buzz, and unmatched lyricism, David D. is on a mission to get to the top. “I’ve been doing this for a minute now, and I pride myself in not sounding like the rest of the rappers in Jacksonville. Not to knock their hustle, its just that they all sound alike. It gives us a bad name and promotes us as a mini-Atlanta. That’s not okay. We have the talent to stand with the Lil Waynes, the Eminems, the Jay-Zs and the Drakes. My team is built on the fact and we will prove it.”

Buy “Im Gud!!” On iTUNES!!!

Buy "Im Gud!!" On iTUNES!!!

IM GUD! Live BY David D.



..AIMAORA [ aim-ah-or-ah ] Origin: Ancient Greek
New Grind /Thrash /Metel /d jent/ death metal band from the 209.

The band Aimaora was formed in April of 2008 with Bryan King at the helm on guitar. Shane Davidson on bass was found in September of 2008, Jarrod Ridge came in on drums in October of 2009, and through much searching Mike Castanza on vocals appeared in April of 2010. Later that next year with much consideration the band decided to go another route and by letting Mike go and moving Shane up from Bass Guitar to Vocals Aimaora found their new sound. The goal of Aimaora from the beginning was to be the heaviest and most powerful band in the 209 scene. With the band gigging since January of 2008, and having to take a hiatus do to line up changes, they are back in the scene now and with the talent and focus of this band, they are not setting the bar short by any means. With having their demo out only 4 weeks, they found themselves quickly on several radio stations such as 96.7 FM The Rock, and 92.5 FM The Bear; as well as Mad Man Mikes Internet Radio Station out of New York, as well as a feature on Headbangers Ball Radio. Never limiting themselves to stylistic labels, Aimaora pulls from many different inspirations. The band draws from music styles like Metal, Thrash, Groove Metal, Jazz, Funk, Hardcore, Metalcore, punk, ska as well as Deathmetal, and Tech Metal to name a few. With Aimaora the skys is the limit. Commited to repeatedly giving a mind blowing experience with a great live show, Beautiful clarity in their tone as well as well formulated songs that are Heavy and Brutal from the first step, to the last drop of blood to fall from the mosh pit.

Human Disease at Thrashocalypse 2012



Kash Tha Ovadose is not just an artist; he is a statement, a movement, a brand. Sound scan sales have cemented Hip Hop as one of the highest-grossing genres in the history of the music industry. Popular dance music such as Trance, Techno and Electronica are among the fastest growing genres in the music industry. Combine Hip Hop and Electronica, add originality, mix in the outrageous and sprinkle the never-forget-to-be-spontaneous, and that is the sound of the UnderGround Compound.

The UnderGround Compound is the entertainment enterprise established, represented, and expanded by Duane T. Howell, Jr. and Kash Tha Ovadose. The label began to flood the streets with mixtape material via direct contact and Internet downloads. The 1st original album titled, “ Year of the Godz”, was released in 2007, available on,,, and many others. reviews the album “On ‘The Year Of The Gods,’ Kash Tha Ovadose brings a party hoppin’ album with great beats and lyrics. This CD consistently presents mind blowing rhyming ability.” Rhyming meaning lyrics, lyrics meaning songwriting. Actual Song writing skill is a timeless art that will allow music to sell regardless of the time period. One hit wonders are usually poorly written with a catchy chorus. Lets try a catchy chorus and a well-written song.

Kash’s second album, “The Chosen Won” will be digitally released August 2010 via,, and Physical cds will be sold at performances and other guest appearances and in bulk to Distributors. The album release event in August serves to support promotion via the DJ network throughout New England and International Club, Dance and Underground Music Scenes. The Underground Compound will release at least three videos promoting the upcoming album singles.

You can purchase “The Chosen Won” on Itunes NOW!


Kash tha Ovadose on Itunes

Kash tha Ovadose on Itunes

Kash tha Ovadose “Created a Monster “