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I’m an old soul… I guess you can say I’m something of a goodie two shoes too…I don’t even swear… ever! ^^ I was the kid that had perfect grades, big glasses, got picked on a lot too…I am a true Disney kid… it was all I watched growing up!! well that and Power Rangers… LOL for me music is a form of therapy… Sang in school choir since I was 7…I enrolled into John Robert Powers in 2005… I was chosen to compete in IPOP Los Angeles in 2006 and I did very well!! I took home awards for both acting and singing… I also hold the title of Miss Florida Co-ed Idol 2007! (still have the crown & sash btw and I wear it on my birthday every year!!! LOL) I do speak multiple languages too… Before I was singing and performing pieces that I really didn’t feel a connection to… all that is about to change….

Jillian Kohr

“I Am True To Myself Everyday Of My Life!”




Not Ready To Make Nice ~ Jillian Kohr




TITO 6 – The Best Of Rocafella/Shady Record Collaborations With New Album Cartel Conduct Produced By DJ Khaled’s

The Best Of Rocafella/Shady Record Collaborations With New Album Cartel Conduct Produced By DJ Khaled’s The Chemist Comin Soon.




Troy Garland AKA Tito-6(CEO of SoSay Int’l)was born on March 28th,In Flint,Michigan,in a impoverished neighborhood community that is known as the “Pierson hood”.Troy was youngest of 5 to Motown song writer & music producer Regional Garland & Nurse Gloria Garland.Growing up in a household full of musicians & singers,He would develop an interest in the many facets of music and would have them fostered by his father.At a young age,talented and gifted Troy and his Father would spend time learning to play instruments and write music.

At the age of 7 Troy’s parents divorced and without a consistent,strong,positive,male influence in the home he became influenced by the streets around him.At 14,He succumbed to the trafficking and distribution of illegal substances.In the hopes of saving her sons life,Troy’s mother began to send him away for periods of time to Long Island to stay with family.
  It was during these trips,Troy began to fall in love with hip hop as an artist.With the help of his oldest brother,He began to write his first rhymes.Although,Troy had a natural talent for sophisticated word play and rhyme schemes, he did not forgo his “Tony Montana” aspirations and became more involved in the “drug game”.
  While being engaged in his illegal activities he still found time to connect with his father to produce and record his 1st demo,which found its way to “legendary Hip Hop artist/Rapper” Rakim.On one of Troy’s many trips to New York,Troy was asked to perform for Rakim and from there was introduced to many people such as Janard Smalls(who would later become Troy’s manager would also place him on an NBC sitcom pilot, that never aired)and Marianne Giannio,who often asked Troy to perform at her many A list parties.
  After the disappointment of the failed sitcom and meetings,Troy returned to Flint and the street life.However,while in Flint at 17,Troy was introduced to Booming Records recording studio where he executive produced and recorded his first real album.Although the album had a moderate “street buzz” via retail at mom & pops shops and selling CDs out the back of his car,Troy lacked maturity & originality,often trying to emulate the artist of the time.
  It was a rap duo by the name of Skanbino Mob which featured rappers by the names of Ready Ace of Relativity Records and Bone Skanless of Tommy Boy Records,which took Troy under their wing along with local DJ,DJ Troy Hollywood.Troy received a lot of business savvy advice from his 3 mentors and also was afforded the opportunity to regularly perform with DJ Hollywood during his shows.During this time Troy continued to record and after a meeting with legendary jazz musician Bernard Terry and vocalist Michelle Shaw,He landed his first label deal.


  The album Downtown Tito-6 featured a lot of Michigan’s best artist including:Detroit’s hip hop legend Proof of Shady Records,D’12. DJ Salam Wreck,also of Shady Records,is the one who introduced Troy to Proof, based on his feelings toward Downtown Tito-6.The same night Troy met proof was he also introduced to and preformed for Eminem.After his performance for Eminem,He was introduced to Jimmy Iovines of Interscope Records,Attorney Bob Celestin,manager Jeff Ruffin and distributor Jamie Galgano,all very prominent figures in the music industry.
  During this time Troy became content with just the idea that he finally got a deal and became lazy.He recorded nonstop but often missed shows and tour dates.Troy was part time in the street and  part time in the studio and his music began to suffer as well as his musical endeavors with Interscope,It wasn’t until Troy met Rocafella recording artist Freeway that Troy got “re-inspired” to continue on his musical conquest.Troy began to record songs with many of Rocafella’s artist in hopes of signing a new record deal with the label.Unfortunately due to problems at Rocafella and the pending label break up. Troy was not offered the record deal he had been hoping for.
  In 2009 Troy released his “honesty project” entitled “Behind Closed Doors.That same year he decided to move out of Michigan in the hopes to being able to focus more on his career and music.





Deenoboy always had music in his life. Starting out as a Drummer, Guitarist, Bassist, and Keyboardist, he wanted to be like his heros Herbie Hancock, Kraftwerk, Metallica and Techmaster PEB. He spent a lot of time listening to all the great records learning and perfecting new techniques. By 1983 he was introduced to MIDI, Drum Machines, Synthesizers, Samplers and Computer Based Software Sequencers and was totally mesmerized. He later discovered that his sound as a Music Producer was a mixture of all the music he grew up listening to and found it to be confusing to label it.

So he began to work hard and find his place in the music world. With rock being his favorite genre, he began experimenting by combining Rock Guitars, Synths, Turntables, Drum Machines and Acoustic Drum Kits into on powerful sound. He later decided to make his first and most powerful CD “State Of Emergency” which has a universal sound covering Pop, Metal, Electro Rock, and Soundtrack Scores together in one complete package.

Label: Deenoboy Music Group
Management: Ozmak Management Group
Members: Deenoboy-Producer / Composer / Mix Engineer / Programmer / Keyboard Player






Highly motivated, Urban Music Producer/ Composer, dedicated to providing quality instrumental music tracks for artists that encompass movement and expression. Xpressb1 enjoys all aspects of music production from pre to post. He takes pleasure in hanging with familiy and friends. His ambition is to Play keyboard for a mega church and artist around the world.






Having been released from prison (Georgia Dept. of Corrections), in 1991 for Armed Robbery, I moved to Pensacola, FL. to serve a 5-year Probation Term. I dealt crack and powdered cocaine, and marijuana. I used powder cocaine and marijuana; snorting cocaine for 3 years, and lacing marijuana with cocaine daily. I coped with life by remaining numb to the vices that had me bound. But GOD…
May 19, 2000, I had a ‘Damascus Road experience’ where I had to go to jail and be audibly spoken to by GOD, HIMSELF…”you can either serve ME, or I can make it so that you can spend the rest of your life behind bars.” I am so Grateful, because not only was I set free from physical Imprisonment, but HE set me free from Soulish & Spiritual Bondage (as I still, today, remain on the POTTER’S WHEEL). It is GOD’S Grace and Mercy, the Blood of JESUS CHRIST, and “every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of GOD {especially 2 Corinthians 5:17} that allows GOD’S Glory to be Revealed, continuously:
May 2000 (Easter Sunday) – Salvation, by Faith through Grace in JESUS CHRIST;
October 2000 – Baptism of the Holy Ghost, and Fire;
June 2002 – called as a Minister of the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST;
November 2002 – High School Teacher 2002-2004;
May 2003 – Teacher (Staff Member) of the Year 2002-2003;
December 2003 – received A.S. in Education, Magna Cum Laude (Valedictorian);
August 2004 – 4th Grade Teacher 2004-2005;
October 2006 – released 1st Cd : ‘Testimonial Exhortations’;
July 2007 – received Clemency from Governor Charlie Crist;
December 2009 – established 501(c) 3 organization : Trance/Formers, Inc.;
December 2009 – released 2nd Cd : ‘Apostolic Parables’;
April 2010 – began Outreach Radio Broadcast on WRNE 980AM, “Keepin’ it JESUS”
September 2010 – opening act for BET Sunday’s Best;
October 2010 – released 3rd Cd : ‘I gotta go. . .’ (Mixtape)



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