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Blackberry Wednesday arrived on the music scene in 2007 with a fresh sound that can only be found in Memphis. A blend of pop, rock, and a little Memphis soul has set them apart from other bands.
Blackberry Wednesday has played many Memphis venues such as Hard Rock Cafe, New Daisy Theater, Newby’s, and Minglewood Hall, and also made several appearances on the “Live @ 9” show on WREG Memphis Channel 3.

In early 2010, Blackberry Wednesday released their debut CD “Start Again.” The band is now traveling to cities outside the Memphis, Tennessee area, and is coming soon “LIVE” to a town near you!





Hey I By Blackberry Wednesday (Rock Band 3 Expert Pro Drums FC)


Hip Hop+Electronica+Indie Rock = Producer JDVisionquest3000;
                            Rapper Nate Sylak Gets Huge Buzz
June 22, 2012

Los Angeles based record producer Joe Dancsak, a.k.a.
JDVisionquest3000 has been making his mark in hip hop and electronic
music lately, both on the west coast and in the Midwest.
By releasing a string of singles by Ohio rapper Nate Sylak through
www.jdvisionquest3000.com ,and using free social media sites such as
Reverbnation , Dancsak has begun making a name for himself. Dancsak is
currently ranked high in the Reverbnation Electronica charts for L.A.
coming in at #44, and building an audience numbering over 100,000 in
the process.
Dancsak has released 3 singles by Sylak, “Janie’s Song”, “One By
One”, and “Superhigh”, all available at his website and Sylak‘s social
media sites.  Dancsak uses elements of electronica and indie rock
music in his hip hop productions, lending a unique style to his sound.
The singles follow closely an appearance by Sylak, who is signed to
Dancsak’s soon to be launched 3000 Music, on the Dr. Dre tribute album
The Chronic:  A Millennium Tribute to the Songs of Dr. Dre”.  Dan
Hyman of the L.A. Weekly blog sited Sylak as the “…lone hero of the
album….this Sylak dude kills it, and he’s definitely worth a listen.”
Hyman also wrote,“ This Nate Sylak dude is easily the breakout artist
of the album“ The album was subsequently streamed off  Dre’s
Aftermath website, affording Sylak wide exposure.
In addition, Dancsak was quoted in Buzzbin Magazine’s feature on
Sylak, “Nate Sylak Makes His Own Noise,” a story about Sylak’s
increasing popularity in the Ohio region and the state of the music
industry. Dancsak  is quoted as Sylak’s producer and as an informative
source in the music trade.  Journalist Chris Wig writes “,  “…His L.A.
based producer, Dancsak, believes that this latest development in
Sylak’s career is indicative of larger structural changes within the
music industry. While the producer of an emerging artist can provide
beats, production, and guidance, the artist provides the hard work..
”In that regard, Nate doesn’t stop,” Dancsak said. “The gun slinging
aspect of rap has turned into how much product can an artist put out
and keep the quality level high while they do it…””

For more information and complete press articles please follow links
included below:
www.reverbnation.com/ jdvisionquest
Follow on Twitter:  @jdvisionquest
Article:  “Nate Sylak Makes His Own Noise” by Chris Wig for Buzzbin Magazine
http://www.buzzbinmagazine. com/home/2012/06/16/nate- sylak-noise/

Contact:  Joe Dancsak  a.k.a. JDVisionquest3000
1149 N. Gower St.
Los Angeles, CA, 90048, Ste. 273
Ph: 818-601-6255
Email:  jdvq3000@gmail.com


JDVisionquest3000 is a music producer, recording artist, and songwriter interested in the future of music, music production, and working with talented artists and performers. JD has many music credits in film and t.v., and has worked with independent and signed artists since 2008. Also since 2008 JD has worked with Ohio hip hop artist Nate Sylak, who he signed to a production deal. Starting in 2012, JD will be launching the 3000 Music imprint, for which Sylak will be the flagship artist.
“As a music producer in the modern age my main duties include providing the artist with songs/beats that move and motivate them to perform to their greatest ability. Once the song is written my job is to make sure it is recorded with all the latest technology, so the song can sonically keep up with the never ending trends that have become common in today’s music production. After the song is recorded, my job is to make sure the mixing, arranging, and mastering is done properly so what the listener hears is a professional sound. At times my role as producer also includes the packaging and promotion of the artist. This can include photo shoots, artwork, design and coordinating the physical release of the final product. Sometimes my duties will extend to promoting the release in the media/press to drive sales. The end result is a song that has the largest number of possibilities including digital sales and downloads, placement in film/t.v. and other forms of licensing such as web, commercial and compilations.”–JDVQ3000


“Zooey Deschanel” by JDVisionquest3000


What is Reality Serum?
A 2-man Trans-urban project from Long Island, NY (Supple Records, Inc)
— [#1 band in New York]

What is Trans-urban?
A unique blend of Alternative Hip Hop and guitar driven Ambient music.
Fans of Gary Numan, Cake, Tricky, Linkin Park, Placebo, Black Sabbath, Meat Beat Manifesto, ICP, will definitely be intrigued.

Camanche — words & mic
Twizle — instruments & backing vox

Currently in the studio finishing the upcoming release “Goin’ Deep” (SUPPLE) — to be released Oct 2012 — more info available at http://www.RealitySerum.com

For more info, comments, questions, or to schedule an interview, call (631) 827-2044




“FEELS GOOD” — Reality Serum




Chicago has created some of the most successful stars in the rap game like Kanye West, Common, Twista, and Lupe Fiasco but Mr.RED has come to give the fans what Chicago is known for, what they expect, Gansta! “If I was born white I’d be C.E.O. of a fortune 500 corporation but instead you get Mr.RED the streets’ C.E.O.!” “I couldn’t wait for somebody else, so I put myself on!”

“Elven n Maxine made me but the streets raised me!” “I’m like a blizzard, real cool but very dangerous!” If you are lucky enough to spend any amount of time with this man you can see why everybody can relate to music. Same as his everyday life there is a near perfect balance of power, respect, fear, and knowledge that cant be bought duplicated or faked!

Mr.RED is not just an artist, Mr.RED is a brand! When asked what is your main objective in this business? He paused, looked up and to the right, then looked back as if a light went off in his head and said “I’m jus tryin to bring back the real.” “Meaning, I wanna get rid of the impossible and bring back the probable” That is an evident fact if you have ever listened to any of the three mixtapes tht he’s released under his label Da Empire Records.

What set’s Mr.RED’s music apart from other rappers is his attention to detail. His music is like a musical book, although explict, up front, and hardcore it is not so far fetched that is unbelievable, hence the exspression “bringin back the real”







my new single GET LOW is out now…

Chicago, U.S.A. · http://www.mr-red.com

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Website: http://cockaveli.bandcamp.com
“Real men like d**k, wanna know why?” controversial rapper Cocky da Homo MC asks rhetorically on the refrain of his new dubstep jam “Real Men,” available for sale online on both his Reverbnation and Bandcamp websites. “The Law of Attraction states ‘like attracts like,’ so if you like p***y then you are a p***y, aight? If you out the f****’n closet like me. throw your hands up high!” Sure to become this summer’s gay club anthem, the 3-minute banger, produced by Persis and mixed by Cocky himself, also includes a fiery 45-second introduction aimed at the online hip hop community which by-and-large has rejected and villified the homosexual rapper ever since he first came onto the scene with his first mixtape in March of this year. “In 50 years, you’ll be the rednecks and the Anglos. History repeats itself,” Cocky retorts, “you bozos, I’m the Negro here, stop discriminating, homos.”



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Contact: OZZ



Hello Im Aya from Japan I started singing when I was 5 years old I love Soul music it really moves my heart… I like live performing and Travel….I hope to be back in New York and Los Angeles soon..there`s..not much to write bout me cause Im not done yet with what I do and I think I speak for MIA and all of us workin with Mr. Watley III…..Thank u for listening to our Song`s…Ariegoto ….

KyoTown Artist Produced by John Earl Watley III…are.. / MIA ….AYA … MISAKI ..

YUKO ….. KANAKO and Hiro all from Japan.

KyoTown Music Founded and Controlled by John E. Watley III .from Chicago …Started KyoTown in Japan in 1997 after parting ways from working with his Sister Grammy Award winner and InterNational Star Jody Watley……..John has put together a star studded list of Japanese singer`s from Japan…These Artist have toured Asia for the last few year`s and to date..still continue to do so. Also Aya and Mia have had the privilege to perform at the World renown Appollo Theater in Harlem New York a few year`s Back… Stay Tuned for more to come from these Artist from Japan….and KyoTown Music….Out of Kyoto Japan.



Charlie Rae


Professional Singer/Songwriter for ten years…

Has opened for:

Pat Benetar
Sheryl Crow
Leon Russell
Chris Isaak
Michelle Branch

Performs around the Phoenix area, at venues such as The Rhythm Room, The Orpheum and Celebrity Theatre.


Charlie’s blues album is available on CD Baby, I-tunes and Amazon!


Beautiful Musician on Sidewalk in Downtown San Diego


Members: Natasha James, lead vox,guitars;James Harman/Dave Aguilar/Ian Lamson, lead guitar/dobro;Marius Pelsma,bass;Herman E,keys; Ronnie Rivera drums, Kerry …

Sounds Like: Bonnie Raitt, Lucinda Williams, *Susan Tedeschi*, Miranda Lambert, Gram Parsons

Label: highwayonerecords@yahoo.com, Booking:TJ Marshall Wolfe, Phone: 845 647 3821, Email: bookingevents@yahoo.com OR Monique Roberts Booking Agency, Monique Roberts-Schmidt, Phone: 775 423 3803, Email: logononreno@yahoo.com

Manager: “Co-ordinator of the Flow” Steve Fink smc@omga.net; TOUR MANAGER: Michael Eisenstein: eats-inc2@comcast.net, Doug Deutsch Publicity Services



Natasha grew up in CA, Mexico, and Europe where she played folk & blues,landing a steady gig in London. She co-wrote a tune with movie-score composer, Jeff Hunter, picked up by Warner Bros leading to a move to LA. After a stint in NYC, Natasha left the music scene, moving to Sonoma to raise her kids as a single mom. Later, a record deal literally dropped in her lap, which led to the CD, BAD JUDGEMENTS, spawning the hit single, “The Restless Kind”.
TEQUILA TIME was her follow up cd – review here in Billboard:
http://www.billboardpublicitywire.com/releases/TripleAAA/Americana/prweb2203574.htm),which rapidly ascended the charts of all genres. (NMW & RMR, FFAR), a toe-tapping emotional experience of Country, Blues, Rock and Tex-Mex. Tequila Time spawned 2 hit singles and remains in the Top Twenty RMR – Roots Country, in its’ 4th year, proving once again, this is an album with some serious LEGS.
In rapid succession, she quickly charted nationally and internationally in AAA, Country, AC, Top 40 and Roots Country genres, each single going into the Top 5 of the Hot 100. She won “Country Album of the Year” for Tequila Time, “Hot 100 Artists 2009″ from well-respected trade publication, Music Connection; “Best of the 2000’s: End of Decade Album” from Live 365/Womens’ Radio; “AC New Artist” from 2009 New Music Weekly, with FIVE Nominations; and was chosen “Producer’s Choice: Country Songwriter of the Year,” at the 20th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards.
Strongest territories: Germany, Japan, Netherlands.

Crazy Wolfe Entertainment
TJ Marshall Wolfe
Phone: 845 647 3821
Fax: 310 388 3811
Email: bookingevents@yahoo.com

Monique Roberts Booking Agency
Monique Roberts-Schmidt
Phone: 775 423 3803
Email: logonreno@yahoo.com
Website: www.moniquerobertsbookingagency.com/

For radio downloads of both albums:
http://www.airplaydirect.com/natashajamesbj (Bad Judgements CD)
http://www.airplaydirect.com/natashajamestt (Tequila Time CD)

My Country Has The Blues, is the 3rd album from NATASHA JAMES, which has already spawned 2 hit singles on the Country Charts (NMW), the title track, My Country Has The Blues, the video of which was picked up by Microsoft for its’ Windows Media Page, and Room 203. The current single at radio is NASCAR Time, a duet with Tommy Thompson, formerly from the great Gregg Allman Band.

For more see:
Discography: allmusic.com / artistdirect.com

Website: www.natashajames.com


Natasha James- Tequila Time





My Country Has The Blues



Azure Music 1

Azure Music Group is an artist management & production company based in NYC & Chicago. 2012 marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of the company. It has been over two decades in the development of a production house that has brought sonic excellence to musicians and fans around the United States.
Producer/Music Historian Odysseus E. Johnson III maintains among the most diverse and rare collection of classic instruments, memorabilia and recording equipment in the United States. Having worked with some of the greatest blues and jazz artists in recorded history, Ody J has run his company based on his love of music from three specific genres, traditional blues, classic rock and modern electronica.
In the beginning, what he wanted to hear was not readily available, so he created it and made it accessible for himself as well as for others. Album releases by Chicago Blues All-Stars, “Killer” Ray Allison & Chicago Slim, as well as historic documents on Gibson Guitars, Chicago Music Inc. & Valco only solidify his reputation as a bona-fide authority when it comes to the music of Americana.


Album: Chicago Blues All-Stars (V1)

Chicago Blues All-Stars

Coming: July 1



Premier Practitioners Of Chicago Blues, Funk & Soul ! ! Featuring: Killer Ray Allison / Chicago Slim / Sharon Lewis / All-Star Horns

Chicago & The World · http://www.chicagobluesallstars.com


Dr. Dan Ivankovich – ABC News (Chicago)


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