Elena Qarooni

Elena Qarooni was born December 6, 1982, in Mogilev, Belarus. Her father Grigory Makarenko is a well known professional musician and vocal coach. In grade 1, Elena was immediately discovered by her music teacher Tatiana Pavlovna Piishakova where she started singing and representing her school in children festivals.
Elena then moved to professionally practice singing in Mogilev’s cultural center coached by her father when she turned 12. She has represented Belarus in several national and international festivals and has won several awards and recognitions.

In 2009, Elena got married to Hamza Qarooni and settled in Bahrain. In summer 2010, she was blessed with her little angel boy Daniel Qarooni. Elena has incredibly performed several top hits for Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Lara Fabian and others. She has started recording her own songs both in English and Russian. Elena is also planning to participate in some of the world’s top international festivals.


Sounds Like: Celine Dion, Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Adele, Whitney Houston

Manager: Hamza Qarooni

International Official Song “ANGEL” (Invisible Children – KONY 2012) by Elena Qarooni

Angelina Lavo

Angelina Lavo arrived in New York in 2009 to tell her story as a singer, songwriter and performer.

By 2010 her ambition and hard work paid off when she collaborated with Grammy-award winning music producer Omen (Usher, Drake, Lil Wayne) on the single and internet music video sensation “Circus Act”. Her music video alone garnered well over half a million views on YouTube. The success of “Circus Act” led to her collaboration with Twista on her single “Cotton Candy”.

Angelina has performed at exclusive venues all around New York City for fans, tastemakers and music industry community.

Following her self-released debut EP “Risque” – Angelina found her sound with the help multi-platinum producer Lu Diaz (Pitbull, J-Lo, and many others).

Angelina once joked in radio interview that she was a Princess with a Gangster’s Heart. Since then she has written and recorded songs in various musical styles finding her inspiration in dance and electronica.

Today we introduce you a Queen in the Making.


Sounds Like: Britney Spears, Madonna, Katy Perry, Kesha, Beyoncé

Angelina Lavo – Circus Act


DoubleWide Debris

With riff driven, toe tapping – knee slapping rockers, story ballads, and some witty songs thrown in to make you smile, DoubleWide Debris loves to play live and entertain.
The name DoubleWide Debris reflects the band’s sense of humor. Their songs reflect their various musical influences from classic rock to traditional country. It’s hard to confine DoubleWide Debris into one genre. Americana, southern rock, and alternative country could all be used to describe the band’s original music.

Founding members Mark Chapman and Carson Baker started DoubleWide Debris as an acoustic duo. They were quickly joined by Mark’s son, Keith, on electric lead guitar. The next addition to the band was lead singer Traci Carter, who changed the band’s dynamics with her smooth to saucy vocals.

After playing several gigs, doing acoustic covers of rock and country songs, the band decided it was time to take it to the next level. All of the band members had been writing songs for years, and decided to begin playing their own original music. With this change in direction also came the decision to “plug in” and add a drummer and bass player. Their first choice for a drummer was their good friend, and outstanding drummer, Gary MacPhee. They were thrilled to find that Gary was interested, and available. The obvious choice for a bass player was Keith’s friend, Bill Thomas, who was a proven, rock solid, bass player.

Everything immediately clicked during the first practice with the new line-up, and they quickly arranged their songs to emphasize all of the band members’ talents. Strong female lead vocals, smoking hot lead guitar, a combination of electric and acoustic rhythm guitars, and rock solid, in the pocket, bass and drums have become the heart and soul of DoubleWide Debris.

Hailing from rural southern Illinois the band members are:
Traci Carter – Lead Vocals/Acoustic Guitar
Keith Chapman – Lead Guitar/Vocals
Mark Chapman – Electric Guitar/Mandolin
Carson Baker II – Acoustic Guitar
Bill Thomas – Bass
Gary MacPhee – Drums/Vocals


Sounds Like: Blackberry Smoke, Miranda Lambert, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Powder Mill, The Departed

Label: Big Red Truck Records

Manager: Big Red Truck Entertainment

Pond Creek by DoubleWide Debris

Mad Rapture

Pittsburgh-based electroacoustic duo. A merging of minds-East/West Old/New Yin/Yang Sensual/Intellectual Heart/ Mind Boy/Girl. A lone brave voice in the strange and beautiful unexplored electro wilderness.

Sounds Like: La Roux, Ellie Goulding, Zero 7, The xx, Robyn


The Remedy


Welcome To Amercia - cover art


New Single and Music Video
“Welcome To America” Released June 18, 2012

4D recording artist Denae Gardner’s music is Country, is very fresh and current sounding, and her love and respect for Traditional Country is obvious. There’s no doubting that. Take a listen to her recent radio singles, the Bluegrass tinged “Heartache Train” and, “My Love Will Not Change,” or her new single “Welcome To America” a Rockin’ Country/Blues song released June 2012, and you can hear how unique her talent is. But, at the same time, the Idaho-based singer has a deep appreciation for what has come before her. She feels that’s important.

“You have to appreciate where music came from,” the stunning 20-year-old songstress says. “That’s a really big thing with me. That’s why I listen to so much of the old stuff. It’s all related. Music, as we know it today, came from Country and Blues. Obviously, I know they are different sounding, but I just love it all.”

It was the legendary band Led Zeppelin that was one of her biggest influences growing up, as she recalls.

“What really inspired me to want to get involved in music as a career was that I watched a live DVD of Led Zeppelin when I was in the eighth or ninth grade. Watching that DVD really inspired me, and then, I heard the music of Etta James. That’s when I knew that’s what I wanted to do the rest of my life.”

Gardner blends those sounds all together into a style that she calls “Rockin’ Country with a Blues/Bluegrass twist.” That style is very much in evidence on such tracks as her new single “Welcome To America” (Rockin Country Blues).

“Welcome To America”, Denae Gardner’s new single and music video released June 18, 2012 , impacting radio on July 8, 2012 is a departure from the usual popular Country fare of “love songs-meet-beer hall songs”. It is a message song, not preachy, just the straight dope about society in this current era. Gene Vail, Darrell Morris, and Denae Gardner are the writers of this moving song.

“Denae Gardner’s video and track “Welcome To America” is an eye opening, in your face look about what our country is and has become. With her lyrically graphic descriptions, this is one political song and video that are right on point. Done in the country music style, Gardner and her band are serious. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that she’s the Bob Marley of country music. This is an excellent video that is well shot, and the story it tells is profound. Her voice is very good, the band is excellent, and this could very well be a hit. The music and flow of “Welcome To America” are very moving as this singer tells it like it is with a very emotional delivery and great style.” ~Music Dish TV Worldwide

Gardner was out and about during mid-2011, putting names and faces together on her first radio tour. The tour, which took her to forty radio markets in a two month period, is a vital part of getting an artist noticed by radio. Denae says the importance of getting to know the Music Directors and On-Air talent can not be underestimated.

She definitely made quite an impact on the listeners and radio stations, as her single “Heartache Train” reached #87 on the Music Row Country Breakout Chart. In some cases, live performances of songs she did on the radio tour, like “Sky Is Crying,” also netted airplay, as well.

With a new single “Welcome to America” set to impact radio, Denae is in this career for the long haul.

Denae wants to carry the torch for artists such as McEntire, Loretta Lynn, and Connie Smith, who kept the ‘twang’ in their music.

“It’s really important to me that we keep Traditional Country flavor in our songs. I grew up with Traditional and Classic music, and I really want to keep that strong.”

If you ask her about her biggest influence, you might be surprised. When asked what performer she would most love to sit down and seek their career advice, she said

“Hank Williams, III, hands down. I would love to sit down and have a conversation with him. I love what he stands for. I would love to ask him about how he has kept his sound so traditional.”

She also hopes to bring out the emotions in her music to the listeners, and if her music inspires them, she knows the feeling.

Denae says that as much as she loves recording, she really wants to take her music out on the road to the people. That’s where she feels right at home.

So, when listeners hear “Welcome to America,” on the radio, what exactly would Gardner want people to think about her?

“I want them to think that this girl has a deep passion for America. She is not afraid to venture away from the ‘love song-meets-beer hall songs’ that are so popular in Country music. She will sing about society and some of the things that we must deal with to keep our Country the wonderful land of freedom and hope that it was created to be. I hope people think that I have genuine talent. I hope they feel what I am doing, and that I am sticking to my roots. I just want them to appreciate it!”

Denae Gardner’s 4th single, “Welcome To America” was released June 18, 2012. The “Welcome To America” music video will be released at the same time.


Members: Brian Palmer, Diane Johnson, Chris Gunderson, Zack Tyr, Randy McKluskey, Scott Sumner

Sounds Like: Reba McEntire, Tanya Tucker, Patty Loveless, Deana Carter, Wynona Judd

Label: 4D Records

Manager: Don Tunnell



Welcome to America – Denae Gardner






Canis L

Members: Canis L

Sounds Like: Ace Hood, DMX, Childish Gambino, Rick Ross, YelaWolf

Label: Island Def Jam Digital Distribution/Interscope Digital Distribution, DARKCYDE MUSIC GROUP LLC.


“Canis The Cannibal” will consume you. With his heady display of beats, tight lyrical flow and intense message, this hip-hop artist deliver reality and truth to you in a potent concoction of grooves and words. Canis L’s street poetry is smart, tough, artistic, lean, muscular – it is everything a strong mind and strong body should exhibit through artistic expression.

Life Converted

Music, for Canis L, is the conversion of his life into music. It is musical autobiography, and a message to others. “When you listen to my music your stepping into my shoes and reliving my life,” he says. Canis L’s lyrics are marked by profundity and a refusal to shy away from tough issues and ideas. And the music has the right punch to carry such a strong message to listeners everywhere.

Street Poetry

“Street Poetry” is a term easily applied to what Canis L does. For be it brutal, uncompromising aggressive rap or the sheer power of word play and pure ideas, Canis L is nothing less than a poet. His vocal delivery is mesmerizing, to say the least, and he delves into ideas that are challenging, proving himself braver than some contemporaries. Music is his conversion machine, turning rage into rhyme, destruction into creativity. “Music for me expresses moments that just happened or else it’s me letting out my anger through my pen to my page,” says Canis L.


Canis L- Cognac



Cocky da Homo MC “Real Men” Music video is out now on Youtube