Rory Lewis Band

 Joseph Gress, Rory Lewis and Steve Beai

RoryLewis has produced 2 CDs, Heroines in 1999 and SOngs For Friday in 2006. Rory Lewis is currently working on its 3rd CD Belize. Click here for further stats on the CDs

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The Rory Lewis Band has appeared on Rolling Stone’s Billboard Charts two slots under Eminem. Their huge sales of Heroines and Songs For Friday catapulted the indie band to open for Everclear, Buckcherry, George Thorogood, Violent Femmes, Jerry Lewis and three acts before Stone Temple Pilots. Rory was known as the most downloaded indie artist during the heyday of MySpace. Since receiving his PhD in Computational Neuroscience in 2008 Rory began clinical research in Acute Brain Injury and Epilepsy at Anshcutz Medical School, CU Denver where he is an adjunct professor in the department of Neurology and the department of Pediatrics. Rory is an Assistant professor in Computer Science, Bachelor of Innovation and Computational Neuroscienmces at UCCS too. In 2011 Rory began writing songs again and is now recording his third CD: “So Ugh L.A!” Provided by artist representative.

Steve Beai has been a professional drummer for over 25 years in bands which include The YardApes, The Gear, and Intermission. Also an accomplished author with several hundred published pieces, he has received critical acclaim for his non-fiction work on censorship as well as his novels and short fiction. An outspoken fourth-generation Italian from Clinton, Indiana, Steve now hides out somewhere along the Front Range in Southern Colorado.

Members: Rory Lewis, Steve Beai, Joseph Gress

Sounds Like: Grateful Dead, The Rolling Stones, Stone Temple Pilots, Stevie Ray Vaughn, ELVIS PRESLEY

Label: innertron

2000-02-17 Rolling Stone Magazine

Rory Lewis Band: MTV 1999, Heroines

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Our professional staff is here to assist you and eliminate the negative equity. We are dedicated to bringing our customers only the best programs available and offering negative equity help that will truly resolve the issues faced by most homeowners who are struggling right now.

Whether it’s mortgage principal reduction or another type of principal reduction that is needed for your particular situation, we are able to provide a solution.


In today’s society, right in the middle of the housing meltdown, people must choose what to do their declining property value.  Most people who bought their home do not want to lose it due to the investment and time they put in, however, the question arises, should I accept losing more or simply walk away from my home?

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Viggio Acosta

Viggio Acosta is a New Artist Out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana that is taking the Internet by Storm with a different sound unlike any other Artist out of Baton Rouge. He’s just starting his Solo career & is already getting a Big Buzz from Reverbnation, Twitter, YouTube, & Facebook. He’s dropped numerous Singles & planning to drop the Mixtape “I Am Legend” with the Hot Singles “Oh Yeah” & “What It Do” plus “Built To Win” that you can check out. Viggio is a mixture of different styles & new Flavor under the direction of MoneyFat at BossLife Ent & Corey Hut “International Jones” with their guidance in such a short time he’s making his way to the Top. I want my music to connect with my Fans through their ups & downs to let them know you can be whatever you want to be as long as you have a solid Team & the confidence to “Get Up & Get Out” do the “50” Get Rich Or Die Tryin. My influences growing up I listened to Yo Gotti, Gucci Mane, Maino, & last but not least Young Jezzy. I salute him that’s one of my big influences but who made me take this Rap career serious is 2 Chainz I don’t feel nobody is better he made me really want to Rap like I believe I can do it. My last influence is none other than Alley Boy I don’t like to compare no one to anybody else because I feel everyone is their own person but I respect him like how people feel about Pac “The Realist to me”. I’m inspired by all those artist but I’m myself I don’t try to be somebody else because sooner or later you’ll have to stop pretending. I’m Me so checkout & experience a new flavor to the game that’s not afraid to touch on any subject on

Viggio Acosta “Oh Yeah”

Dead Day Revolution Music

Dead Day Revolution

Dead Day Revolution is a Los Angeles based band fronted by singer/guitarist Mike Sandoz. Mike moved to LA in 2009 and started the band with Skeeter Joplin (drums) and Zoey Taylor (bass). They quickly began playing shows in various clubs in Hollywood including The Whiskey A Go Go, The Viper Room and The Troubador to name a few. In March 2011 they began recording their first album with Larry Goetz (akaThe Nibbler) at The Lair studio in Culver City, California. Shortly after the album began Zoey decided to leave the band to pursue her passion in ballroom dancing. Following her departure, Chris Sapone who is a mutual friend of the band filled Zoey’s place until they could find a permanent member. In November 2011 Adam Fauth joined the band as the bass player along with his wife Christina Fauth on the keys. The band is currently polishing up the album and tightening up their set in preparation of Rock Godliness.

Members: Mike Sandoz (Vox/Guitar) Adam Fauth (Bass) Skeeter Joplin (Drums) Christina Fauth (Keys/Vocals)

Sounds Like: The Black Keys, Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin Official, The Cure, David Bowie (Official)

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Dead Day Revolution “Ghost” Live at the Viper Room

Chase Walker Band

Although this band is comprised of teenagers, they play like seasoned pros.  Don't miss these kids!

The Chase Walker Band is the next generation of the blues. Comprised of three young musicians: 13 year old Chase Walker on vocals and guitar, 15 year old Savannah Sanchez on vocals and bass, and 13 year old Matt Fyke on drums, their soulful sound and performances polished well beyond their collective years bringing audiences to their feet. Chase, Savannah & Matt met each other while attending Chicago’s Blues Kids of America musicians camp and they have been playing together ever since. The Chase Walker Band’s influences of Texas, Chicago & Louisiana blues can be heard in the songs they play. Although this band is comprised of teenagers,they play like seasoned pros, having performed for cheering crowds in California,Chicago, Texas, and Pennsylvania and having been featured on television on more than one occasion. Don’t miss these kids!

Chase Walker Band performs original and cover songs. They are a tight three piece band that can fill up to a 90min set.

Chase Walker is endorsed by Carp Amplifiers    @chaserwalker


Chase Walker – 13 year old singer / songwriter / guitar player




Learn how to become your own banker by taking control of your finances!

Become Your Own Banker
Business Owners Presentations

Wed. at 12-1pm
Southern Financial and Insurance Services
1715 S Bascom Ave, Ste 101, Campbell, CA 95008

  • Learn how to become your own banker by taking control of your finances!
  • Eliminate your reliance on traditional financial institutions. 
  • Get access to the capital you need, allowing you to grow your business 25-50% every year. 
  • Build personal wealth through collateralizing your expenses. 
  • Recapture the cost of running your business.

Based upon the concepts and strategies outlined in the bestselling book ‘Becoming your own banker,’ by R. Nelson Nash.


Most people know next to nothing about the process of banking and its importance to their lives and financial well-being.” – R. Nelson Nash

 Contrary to what most people believe, there is only one pool of money in the world. Like water, it flows freely, changing hands often. What does a bank do? A bank is simply an intermediary for the transfer of money. Money does not accumulate in a bank. It is continuously used and re-used, turned for a profit. Banks gladly give their depositors a small rate of return for the use and control of their money because those banks know that they will make much more using that money than the depositors will earn from the bank. It’s important to remember that a bank does not loan ITS money. It loans their depositors’ money! 

The Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) is a system that enables you to do just that  – Become Your Own Banker!

The Infinite Banking Concept System for Businesses

The importance of working capital amongst small and large businesses alike cannot be understated. From petty cash to payroll, money is constantly flowing through the business. When a business owner employs the benefits of the IBC, their dependence upon financial institutions for working capital instantly declines. Using your own personal banking system we will show you how to grow your business by 25-50% annually, as well as recapture the expenses flowing through the business. And there’s an added bonus – the IRS allows the interest to be deducted on legitimate business loans, which you finance from your own bank!

Here are just a few examples of business expenses that
can be financed with your own IBC system:

  •  Equipment for your Business 
  • Business Supplies 
  • Employee Retirement Plan 
  • Finance Your Payroll 
  • Employee Health & Wellness Plan 
  • Company Retreats/Business Meetings 
  • Corporate Vehicles 
  • Your Lease / Building Space 
  • Corporate Housing & Travel Expenses 
  • Business Loans
  • Add Fringe Benefits to Attract Key Personnel
  • Business Acquisitions & Mergers
  • Produce a Tax-Free Stream of Income at Retirement
  • In fact, most if not all of your business expenses can be recaptured and collateralized!
Learn more about how the Infinite Banking Concept
can benefit your business at our next presentation


Southern Financial provides Insurance, Investments and Retirement Planning.


To Assist our Clients with Insurance, Investments, and Retirement Planning, To and Through Retirement! To Use our Independent Status to Provide Personalized Insurance, Investments, and Retirement Planning for each and every Client!


With so many of life’s milestones depending on your financial security, it is difficult to know which type of investment will work best for your individual needs. At Southern Financial we can help you work towards achieving your financial goals through individually personalized Insurance, Investment, and Retirement Planning. Our Goal is to offer some of the best possible assistance and trustworthy service to you and your objectives. We work with each client to design unique programs to fit individual needs, from basic financial planning to long-term investments and insurance. We recommend personalized account review and assessment every six months.

Learn how to become your own banker by taking control of your finances! Eliminate your reliance on traditional financial institutions.

Ali Baba

Hailing from Tunisia, the northernmost country in Africa, emcee Ali Baba is well on his way to staking his claim in hip-hop and making his mark in the US, and the world to follow. His real name is Ali Abbou, he moved to the states at the age of 12 where his friends and family first called him Ali Baba after the main character in the famous Arabic story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. The nickname stuck since then to present day being his emcee moniker. When he first moved to the US it was so he could attend the Palmer Tennis Academy in Tampa, Florida, one of the best tennis academies in the world. Once graduated from the Palmer Academy, he moved to California to attend college. As he got older, his affinity for hip-hop music grew from the rawness and realness he heard in it. It resembled the struggles that his people continue to go through to this day. Those struggles have culminated in the Tunisian revolution that is being fought by his people today. The demonstrations in his home country were precipitated by poor living conditions, high unemployment, inflation, political corruption, lack of freedom of speech and other political freedoms–all reasons that inspire hip-hop lyrics, and inspire Ali to express his point of view. He feels he can deliver a great message to the world through his music, and be able to touch people’s hearts and minds. Ali’s music is a relief for the negative in the world and a positive expression for people to hear. The ability to express his opinions and feelings is one of the main reasons why Ali first got into making music in the first place. After listening to legends such as 2Pac, Eminem, and Lil’ Wayne, a greater energy was created inside of Ali to motivate him to write more and more. That energy has propelled him to create his own style and personality that is different from any artist in the same profession. With his Moulouk Music Group in effect, Ali’s ultimate goal is to work really hard every day to improve as an artist, and deliver great music that people can enjoy and relate to. Ali Baba is conquering the forty thieves with dedication to his craft, be on the lookout for his imprint coming soon to an airwave near you hitting your ear drum.

Manager: Moncef Abbou 916-583-3444