Niko T

Niko T

Niko T is a new artist in the music industry. It is seen in his first track titled “Last Man Standin” Just how different, yet smooth Niko’s style is.

Niko was born and raised on Long Island ,New York. He started the early part of life loving professional wrestling. Wanting to be like his hero’s such as Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, and The Rock… to name a few. After training for over 8 years in professional wrestling. He felt, the love of the sport slipping away. In December 2010 he ended is career in wrestling with his last match…. A few weeks passed and Niko already found a replacement for his former passion. Niko turned to his life long love of Music. Niko posted his first cover video on Youtube in late December 2010. Never looking back, and very positive he could learn the music business and improve his singing.. His video’s got hundreds of views right out the gate. What followed was a growing passion for music. Video after video was posted, and great reviews came in. Niko had been hooked. Now writing his own music. He was anticipating crossing over from cover singer to real artist.. On December 24th 2011. Niko Released his first self written song to the world. He posted his song “This December” Featuring a female acquaintance Anya..He followed with is first official single being released April,26th,2012. Since then the video has reached over 220k views on Youtube. Niko is currently planing on releasing another single in the next few months. He is also working on his debut album, live shows, and writing the next chapter of his life story.


Niko T’s music is 100% self written … He writes lyrics in an attempt to connect on a real level to as many people as possible. Look for the EP album summer 2013

“Last Man Standin” By Niko T, Featuring Mike Kohl (Official Audio)

Jennifer Lang

Soulful…Heartfelt… Sultry… Thought provoking… Meaningful The Musical Heart of Jennifer Lang


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“What excites me most about music,” New York-based singer/songwriter Jennifer Lang says, is simple: “The sound… music is in the ocean. It’s in your heart beat. It’s in your spirit.” Raised in church singing with an appropriately titled family act “The Lang Family,” Jennifer’s introduction to music and public performing started at eight years old. She was also a member of her church choir and sang in the school choir through high school. Jennifer’s secular music education blossomed when Jennifer and her brother pulled out their mother’s records and listened to the greats of the day including Aretha Franklin and Al Green along with hundreds of others.

For someone so steeped in music that it touches her very soul, you would think music is the reason Jennifer moved all the way from Pine Bluff, Arkansas to The Big Apple in an effort to pursue her musical dreams. She was actually already living there, having been hired by a political action group to organize lower income neighborhoods to help them get better city services. While in training, Jennifer was hired by the telephone company. And like the old phone company slogan goes, Jennifer “reached out and touched someone” with her singing voice at work.

Jennifer knew that if there was ever a time and a place for her to “go for it,” it was in New York City. She prayed about it “and asked God to lead me and protect me and keep me in good company, because although I didn’t know everything about the music business, I did realize that there were stories of bad things happening to sweet little girls like me. I educated myself, I read books, talked to attorneys, attended seminars and then started recording.”

With the completion on her follow-up album, “3’O Clock Saturday”, Jennifer continues the love theme with soulful tales of failing, forgiveness and being happy at the end of it all.

Fairy Tales by Jennifer Lang

Marco Tardanico

“THE NAMELESS” Additional Guitars
MARCO TARDANICO Bass,Guitars,Programming and Lyrics JOIN US ON FACEBOOK !

I was born in 1976 in Reutlingen, Germany…played Bass in a small youth band at age 14…
When i was 17 i wanted to be a guitar player but ther were tooooo much of them…i founded a new band with friends and I turned from guitar to the Bass…was fun.. Took lessons…and later i GAVE lessons
Had a lot of Bands then…World Demise, we covered famous Metal and Rocksongs..wrote own stuff too and were popolar in the city among the youth, played at a big open Air, too..then Silence of Misery..had a few Gigs in our city.

MY first real Band with very good musicians was BLUE POWDER…a Progressive Rockband..during that time i learned so much…it was in 1996 – 1998 then the band split up and i joined a Rockband called BROKEN WINGS.
We had alot of live gigs…played at the Emergenza Live Festival Competition and made the 10th Place out of A LOT OF Bands. We played for example in the Rockfabrik Ludwigsburg or the LKA in Stuttgart-Wangen, had a Date at a Radio station too between some gigs.

It was a nice time but i wanted to be more creative , wanted it a little bit harder so i joined NOPLIES in 1999…and stayed there until 2003…we recorded 2 CD..s : 1999 FOLLOW THE RAINBOW which got a very good feedback in the MEtal HAmmer Demo Zone in 2000, and 2002 PIRATE TALES which was another Great Album too! Also here very good feedback from rthe STAY HEAVY! MEtal Magazine and others

Played a lot of live gigs and won the BATTLE OF BANDS 2000 Competition…this was my best time as a musician. I left NOPLIES in 2003..
I needed something new, joined CHYRON with my buddy and former Blue Powder singer Jürgen Elsell and recorded a Demo CD called “SIGNS” We had only one Live Gig, an Open Air, nothing spectacular.
In 2004-2005 i was part of a studio Project with Guitarist Massimo Lia and Singer Jürgen Elsell who was also my mate in BLUE POWDER and CHYRON. We recorded some Songs but it split up after a few time…
After 5 years of retiring from the music scene i planned to do my own Homerecording Solo Project ! I had so much ideas during the last yearsso I built my own little Homerecording Homestudio and wrote songs, recorded them with my Singer Denis Hübner…I do the whole music stuff the bass, the guitars…write lyrics and do some background vocals if needed…program the Drums and Synthesizers..
the old passion for making music is BACK! ;)

Thank you for listening to my songs and videos!

Please visit me here :

Please support us by voting and subscribing on YOUTUBE and here on Reverbnation …and Liking us on FACEBOOK !


Marco Tardanico – Golden Years


Quik C

Quik C” is a 25 year old Hip-Hop artist from Corpus Christi, Texas.

Manny Soundz

Manny Soundz, young singer and songwriter from New Jersey. Will be promoting his first studio album called, “Poema Natural”. Since short age Manny showed interest on being a performer, making out a name for him along family and friends, participating on many activities that allowed him to show what he was capable of. On this album we see a more mature Manny, experimenting over various genres and distinct vocal ranges.

Manny Soundz besides the different genres also presents us some versions of this songs in both english and spanish.


Emmanuel Díaz, Nació el 17 de Febrero del año 1992 en Queens, New York.

A muy temprana edad empezó a dar indicios de canto, pero no es hasta la edad de 8 años cuando realmente empieza a sentir el deleite, de ser escuchado por otros.

Habiéndose mudado con sus padres al estado de New Jersey específicamente a la ciudad de New Brunswick, ingresa a la escuela elemental Woodrow Wilson, donde decide querer participar del coro de la escuela, y es alli cuando su Maestra de Música Ms. Lucy Strauli, se maravilla con su voz.

En ese primer año obtiene el Privilegio de cantar como solista acompañado por el coro en el acostumbrado concierto de Navidad, el cual se celebra cada año en el State Teatre, cautivando a todo los asistentes al cantar Joyful l joyfull.

Luego de esta interversion la Maestra Strauli , lo recomienda para una beca pagada por el departamento de educación del estado de New Jersey para entrenar profesionalmente su voz, es aquí cuando se encuentra con la Maestra Ms.Margaret Trzeiack, una de las más reconocidas en el estado, y trabaja con ella por los siguiente tres años.
Durante este tiempo aprende todos los elementos básicos tanto en canto como en lectura musical, y empieza a participar en saxophone club, y Dance Club.

Durante los años 2004 al 2006, pasa a formar parte del Arts Middle School Choir, y en el 2005, y 2006, recibe el premio como Superior Musician.
Al completar sus estudios primarios sus padres deciden mudarse nuevamente a una pequeña ciudad del estado de New Jersey llamada Highland Park, Allí ingresa a la escuela secundaria e inmediatamente pasa a formar parte del coro de esta.

Decide probar suerte en el teatro de la escuela, y por cuatro años consecutivos obtiene papeles estelares en los diferentes musicales presentados allí cada ano Tales Como Footloose, Crazy for You, the Music Man, Bye Bye Birdie, and the Skin of Our Teeth

Durante este tiempo también forma parte del coro llamado Masters Singers, y del grupo vocal llamado Acappellics Anonymous, y en el año 2010, recibe el premio como Mejor Músico.

Al término de la secundaria decide seguir con su carrera musical, e ingresa al Middlesex County College, donde continúa su trayectoria en el aprendizaje de la música.

Para el final del año 2010 se empezaron a revisar una cantidad de ensayos que había anteriormente preparado con su Primo el arreglista, y compositor Isidro Santos. Esta búsqueda se hace al llegar la oportunidad de poder participar en la producción y realización de una producción Musical, Acto seguido y en acuerdo con la compañía Villarq Music & Entertainment, LLC ,se comienza el proceso de lo que hasta este momento es su primera producción musical POEMA NATURAL, donde tiene la oportunidad de usar sus cualidades como compositor, y se incluyen 2 temas de su auditoria; además de participar en la producción de la misma. El resto de las canciones son de la auditoria de Isidro Santos.

El primer sencillo de la produccion fue lanzado en Julio del 2011, titulado NADIE COMO TU, llegando a tener excelente aceptacion en el publico.

El Album Poema Natural fue completado a finales del mes de agosto del 2011, y el 14 de Septiembre del mismo ano fue lanzado en todos los medios digitales, y como disco fisico.

Por ser Manny de Origen Dominicano, la empresa Villarq Music, decidio hacer el lanzamiento oficial en Republica Dominicana, especificamente en CASA DE TEATRO, un escenario que ha sido cuna de muchas estrellas tanto nacionales como internacionales. El resultado fue excelente llenando el teatro a su capacidad, y dejando a todo el publico totalmente encantado.

Hasta el momento actual Manny Soundz, ha seguido teniendo presentaciones a nivel local en la ciudad de New York, asi como tambien participando en diferentes eventos en la comunidad.

Su mas reciente logro ha sido ser reconocido por Premios Latinos en la ciudad de new York, como Mejor Nuevo Artista. Su nombre y popularidad se han seguido propagando poco a poco, que ya se deja sentir fuertemente en las redes sociales de facebook, twitter, y youtube, alcanzado ya en esta la cantidad de 200,000 descargas en su mas reciente video y sencillo VAN A ENAMORARTE, lanzado a finales del mes de Octubre del 2012.

Manny Soundz – Van A Enamorarte

Malia Carine

Malia Carine odyssey’s a testament to talent, passion and true grit. Born in the Belgian capital city of Bruxelles, she discovered music by singing in a local gospel choir.
Malia Carine has travelled and visited different cities around the world and it is the influences stemming from various journeys that will give later to her music all its colors and all its charm.
Malia Carine has also recently spent time in studio in Hollywood, Los Angeles with renowned, multi-platinum producer Jeff Blue and Mike Gonsolin from Trend Def Studios for the co-production of a demo.

Fly Away by Malia Carine YouTube

PHASE REVERSE – Heavy Rock from Athens, Greece

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They started as a trio on October 2007.
The three of them meet at John’s recording studio, and they decide to join their forces.
It was clear from the very beginning that there was chemistry between them, and everything seemed to be very promising. John was the part of the puzzle that was missing all these years… His unique style, sound, and “fresh” approach, got the best out of Alex and Tas. After lots of live performances and a year later they hit the studio and record 11 songs that signal the birth of “PHASE REVERSE”…
Blues, Rock’ N’ Roll, Hard Rock, and Heavy Metal all sonically mix while the American Southern Rock is set as a background all processed in a “PHASE REVERSE” mode resulting in the particular
and simultaneously modern sound of the band.
They called it ”Heavy Rock” and this was something new for the Greek Rock and Metal scene in 2007.
One thing is for sure, that we are dealing with some genuine rockers that their songs simply and genuinely declare their presence in their own unique way with a voice of their own at a time that is characterized by labels… in their own words:
“…our music is just Rock…Heavy Rock!”

· “Phase Reverse” released their Debut CD on 07 Dec 2009 available on the Greek market only
and digitally at: Amazon – e Music – iTunes – Napster & Rapsody.

· Oct 2009: “Phase Reverse” participate in STREETCULT cd #13 with their song “I Got Your Back” a compilation cd by Eclipse Records distributed only in the U.S.

· Jan 2010: “Phase Reverse” have been chosen among 1.500 indie artists from all genres globally to participate in “PLAYLIST 7” the new music campaign for Windows 7 sponsored by Microsoft.

. Jan 2011 : “Phase Reverse” are selected among thousands of artists from allover the world, to participate to AonMedia’s ”Gods Of Indie Guitar” Compilation CD featuring :”the best Independent or unsigned guitarists between Planet earth & Alone on the Sun!” Their song ”Cross to bear” will be one of the 17 tracks of the CD and this is a great honor for Chief, Phase Reverse and for the whole Greek Independent Music Scene !

. Sep 2011 : “Phase Reverse” have inked a multi-album deal with Aural Music !
Aural Music will re-release their debut album titled “Phase Reverse” in December 16, 2011 worldwide!
The new release will have a bonus track ”Tear Down the Walls”. This song was recorded during their first album recordings but wasn’t included in the first release because it was never finished. So now they decided to include it in the new worldwide release since the song is already a part of the album.

. Sep 2012 Tas left the band for personal reasons.
Takis Mark (Vocals) and Kostas Dragon-K (bass) are the new members of the band and all together
are working on new music in the studio for the release of their second album.

They are also touring in Greece and Europe.


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