7 Reasons To Convince Yourself Why You Need to Wear Make up!

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1. Be Self-Confident!

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With make up you will feel more confidence! The first thing a person usually notices on you is your face. When you put make up on you will be ready for the world and confident in proceeding threw the day.This doesn’t not mean that you couldn’t be confident without the make up. It will give you a little bit more of positive energy to your natural self-confident.

2. Magnify Your Natural Beauty!

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Every woman is different, one of us has a beautiful eyes, one beautiful cheeks, one beautiful mouth… one of us has all beautiful on her face … with make up all of this parts on your face you can make stand out more. For example, if you have pretty eyes, you may use eyeliner to make them stand out more. You may also apply mascara to your eyelashes to make them appear longer and fuller, further calling attention to the natural beauty of your eyes.

3. Cover All Facial imperfections!

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If you have dark circles’ under your eyes after night of little sleep with well applied make up you can hide them ride away ,thought these will probably disappear once you catches up on your sleep .Make up is also good to brighten the face and camouflage blemishes, pimples, visible pores ,uneven coloring and even some scars .

4. Youthful Appearance!

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You may wear makeup to give your face a more youthful appearance . You may feel that growing old graciously is easier if you can look good while doing so. You may use make up to hide lines , blemishes ,and age spots as well as to give yourself more youthful glow .

5. Attract Mans Attention!

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How many times you have heard men tell you that he loves you the most without make up – and how many times you see him on the street to look back for a girls with make up? Statistics show that the vast majority of men like women with make up – but not with to much make up! Men love women from which radiates confidence-many women feel much more confidence when they wearing make up and then they radiate special energy that is very attractive to men.

6. Be Successful in Every Area of Life!


Statistics shows that the most businesswomen are convinced if they appear on work without make up the chances for promotions are on the low level. Every forth woman believe that in that situation cannot be promoted and 37 percent believe that head of department has a low opinion of them. So my dears makeup helps you to achieve self-respect .It is true that our judge about others is based on look, that’s why putting make up is especially important for you businesswoman when you appear in public.

7. Be Happy!

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Maybe for you all of this doesn’t have sense or you will ask your self how wearing make up will make you happy? I will tell you how because I was in the same situation. Take this important first step. What have you got to lose? You can experience the magic when your friend, coworker, husband or your kids’ give’s you a compliment, you wont take out smile from your face and you will be happy all day long, your self-confidence will be on the highest level and everybody will notice that. I’m shore that you had that kind of experience when ever you got compliment for the way you dress up, just that filling complete with make up, it’s real magic!

Ema Lesli said : “ Nothing is sexier than a self-respective woman and her make up – even just a little mascara and powder can make her more powerful woman!

Female Fatal

Female Fatal
Female Fatal

“Female Fatal” is created for you, wherever you are, to feel the difference, to enjoy in yourself.

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2014: Released his Studio Album “Innocent Rain” recorded with “Outer Limit Studio”
After releasing three singles “Would You Still Love Me”, including the original version of “No Pride, No Honor” in late 2013,

In December 2013 Heart released his new single “Among The Shadows” which is expected to be one of his best and most unique sounds yet! Angel spent six weeks writing and practicing his song before recording it for the final cut. A week later Angel had performed at “Hard Rock Cafe” twice, one for a showcase with iShowcase Music and another put together with his friend Vanessa.

Heart confirmed he was to have a track he wrote for the loss of a childhood friend be featured on his debut US album, “Innocent Rain”. The song is called “Among The Shadows”. The track was released as a single in December 2013 in USA and May 2013 in the United Kingdom

While filming a promo video for his track “Survival” in the city of Nashville “I don’t think anyone who’s not been here can relate to what I have been through,” he said, looking around . Heart is expected to do more shows in NYC soon and will have a lot more songs to come. “I’ve seen many stuff recently about how rarely people survive it, but you just think: why would you want it to happen after seeing so many scars and reading the lyrics? You have to wonder what happened. But that is left up to your imagination

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