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Dance Band from Northern California for corporate, wedding, festival and private events – The Jesse Charles Band

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Jesse Charles Band

Now in their 20th year Jesse Charles Band has served the Bay Area playing all the top corporate events, festivals and private parties with great documented success.

The Jesse Charles Band is known for its wide variety of music from Sinatra to today’s current top 40 hits.

But what separates the Jesse Charles Band from the rest is it pro-active style of entertaining. The band knows how to get the people involved and singing along.

Jesse is an accomplished entertainer and guitarist and has kept the band fresh for all ages and for all different kinds of events.

Recent gigs include, PayPal, Lockheed’s 100 Anniversary, Garlic Festival, Menlo Park Art and Wine plus several high-end weddings.

Information on the band can be found on the web www.jessecharlesband.com or call for information (408)972-1204


“Wow!  What an amazing wedding reception!  All Hunter and I can say is thank you, thank you for a fabulous party!!!  The music & dancing was phenomenal and our guests still comment on how amazing the band was!!!”
Hunter & Monica H., Bride & Groom

“Happily I can say that the Jesse Charles Band was primarily responsible for a wonderful time that was enjoyed by all… went out of their way to make sure everyone had a great time, that we were especially grateful for the selection of music, and your ability to get the crowd dancing.  This made for a real party!”
Linda Hill, HR Support, Intersil Corporation

“… thank you for helping to make our Open House a great success.  We had lots of positive comments about you and the band.  It is always a pleasure to have you and your band play at one of our functions.”
Armon L. Mills, Publisher and President, Silicon Valley Business Ink

“First of all thank you for everything!  I had the best time at the wedding and a lot had to do with the great music… The songs were great and everyone seemed to enjoy dancing and even singing along onstage.  Your band did a fabulous job and I would definitely recommend you!”
Michelle C., Bride

“It’s been my pleasure to use the Jesse Charles Band for my Holiday Party… The band not only played a great variety of music that kept all my invited guests on the dance floor dancing most of the night.  I also received numerous positive comments regarding the ways Jesse and Lindsey engage the audience and keep their show moving and entertaining… it is my opinion that the Jesse Charles Band is one of the finest that the North Bay has to offer.  I would recommend for your next function to consider the Jesse Charles Band for your next event.”
Gilbert Sangari, Publisher & CEO, Renaissance Publications, Inc. (e.g. San Jose Magazine, Auto Trends)

“The Jesse Charles Band… were wonderful, very professional, and more than met our expectations… The overwhelming comment was ‘WHAT A BAND!’  The Jesse Charles Band had everyone up on the dance floor all night… Their variety of music was great.  They had great energy, and they knew how to move an audience to the dance floor with their talented musicians.  I strongly recommend the Jesse Charles Band to anyone who is looking for a dynamite band that is professional and very versatile.”
John McMillan, Retired Assistant Fire Chief, San Jose Fire Department

“We cannot thank you enough for the aewsome music you played all day and night.  We were blown away!!  If you ever need a recommendation please feel free to have anyone call us.  We’d do it in a heartbeat.  All of the feedback abotu you and yoru music was very, very wonderful!  It made ours and our guests’ nights!!”
Stacy & Kevin K., Bride & Groom

“I have had the pleasure of not only hiring The Jesse Charles Band for numerous events over the years, but I have also enjoyed them immensely when I have attended various events in which they played… I needed a band to not only play background music during dinner, but to provide great dance music after dinner to get the crowd energized… The Jesse Charles Band was perfect, as they always are!”
Kathy Linton, Division Director – South Bay, March of Dimes

“As always, we are thrilled to have your band perform for the thousands of visitors who flock to our festival every year… The Jesse Charles Band is a key element to that combination of fun, crowd pleasing entertainment and great gourmet food.  Your song list is extensive, your band members are incredibly talented and your professionalism is above reproach.  We are fortunate to have you as entertainers year after year.”
Kirsten Carr, Entertainment Chair, Gilroy Garlic Festival

“Thank you so much for the awesome music at our wedding!  We had an absolute blast and so did all of our family & friends.  The music was perfect… I danced my heart out and I will never forget that day!”
Jen & Rick A., Bride & Groom

For all your corporate and private party entertainment needs (408)972-1204 

The Jesse Charles Band is a 6 to 9 piece variety dance band covering music from the 40s through today’s current hits. The band is well known for its pro-active style of entertainment. The band is self-contained with stage lights, PA and sound crew. You can find the Jesse Charles Band on many of the preferred vendor lists of the top hotels and venues in Northern California. With over 1,500 performances including weddings, large corporate events and festivals the Jesse Charles Band is sure to give you an entertaining performance.

Songman Entertainment:


Chase Walker Band

Although this band is comprised of teenagers, they play like seasoned pros.  Don't miss these kids!

The Chase Walker Band is the next generation of the blues. Comprised of three young musicians: 13 year old Chase Walker on vocals and guitar, 15 year old Savannah Sanchez on vocals and bass, and 13 year old Matt Fyke on drums, their soulful sound and performances polished well beyond their collective years bringing audiences to their feet. Chase, Savannah & Matt met each other while attending Chicago’s Blues Kids of America musicians camp and they have been playing together ever since. The Chase Walker Band’s influences of Texas, Chicago & Louisiana blues can be heard in the songs they play. Although this band is comprised of teenagers,they play like seasoned pros, having performed for cheering crowds in California,Chicago, Texas, and Pennsylvania and having been featured on television on more than one occasion. Don’t miss these kids!

Chase Walker Band performs original and cover songs. They are a tight three piece band that can fill up to a 90min set.

Chase Walker is endorsed by Carp Amplifiers http://carpamps.com



https://twitter.com/chaserwalker    @chaserwalker




Chase Walker – 13 year old singer / songwriter / guitar player





Blindmunkee… what is it? where is it? who is it? w.t..f? so what is blindmunkee? am i a blindmunkee? is it just a stupid symbol? is it a band ? is it some kind of members only freek club?… dunno , dont care, to busy f’booking shit,wackin’ off to someone elses life?to old? to tired?just happy to be told what to do and how much your funeral insurance will cost?dont really want to think for yourself? fair enough, lifes hard enough without having to put effort into it…but what if …?
..maybe the voices in your head are on to something ? what if the main stream media IS stopping you from forming a coheriant thought? what if your grandma was onto something when she told you it was” All fuckin lies?”
open your eyes….start listening

A product that the system rejected, the underground anti-brand that is rapidly becoming the face of the next generation of free thinkers…

Members: gump-vox ,stu-gtr , mick-bass, adz-drums

Sounds Like: Limp Bizkit, Filter, Dope, Rage Against the Machine, Nine Inch Nails

Label: indie






Blindmunkee DeF SySteM

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Natasha James

Members: Natasha James, lead vox,guitars;James Harman/Dave Aguilar/Ian Lamson, lead guitar/dobro;Marius Pelsma,bass;Herman E,keys; Ronnie Rivera drums, Kerry …

Sounds Like: Bonnie Raitt, Lucinda Williams, *Susan Tedeschi*, Miranda Lambert, Gram Parsons

Label: highwayonerecords@yahoo.com, Booking:TJ Marshall Wolfe, Phone: 845 647 3821, Email: bookingevents@yahoo.com OR Monique Roberts Booking Agency, Monique Roberts-Schmidt, Phone: 775 423 3803, Email: logononreno@yahoo.com

Manager: “Co-ordinator of the Flow” Steve Fink smc@omga.net; TOUR MANAGER: Michael Eisenstein: eats-inc2@comcast.net, Doug Deutsch Publicity Services



Natasha grew up in CA, Mexico, and Europe where she played folk & blues,landing a steady gig in London. She co-wrote a tune with movie-score composer, Jeff Hunter, picked up by Warner Bros leading to a move to LA. After a stint in NYC, Natasha left the music scene, moving to Sonoma to raise her kids as a single mom. Later, a record deal literally dropped in her lap, which led to the CD, BAD JUDGEMENTS, spawning the hit single, “The Restless Kind”.
TEQUILA TIME was her follow up cd – review here in Billboard:
http://www.billboardpublicitywire.com/releases/TripleAAA/Americana/prweb2203574.htm),which rapidly ascended the charts of all genres. (NMW & RMR, FFAR), a toe-tapping emotional experience of Country, Blues, Rock and Tex-Mex. Tequila Time spawned 2 hit singles and remains in the Top Twenty RMR – Roots Country, in its’ 4th year, proving once again, this is an album with some serious LEGS.
In rapid succession, she quickly charted nationally and internationally in AAA, Country, AC, Top 40 and Roots Country genres, each single going into the Top 5 of the Hot 100. She won “Country Album of the Year” for Tequila Time, “Hot 100 Artists 2009″ from well-respected trade publication, Music Connection; “Best of the 2000’s: End of Decade Album” from Live 365/Womens’ Radio; “AC New Artist” from 2009 New Music Weekly, with FIVE Nominations; and was chosen “Producer’s Choice: Country Songwriter of the Year,” at the 20th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards.
Strongest territories: Germany, Japan, Netherlands.

Crazy Wolfe Entertainment
TJ Marshall Wolfe
Phone: 845 647 3821
Fax: 310 388 3811
Email: bookingevents@yahoo.com

Monique Roberts Booking Agency
Monique Roberts-Schmidt
Phone: 775 423 3803
Email: logonreno@yahoo.com
Website: www.moniquerobertsbookingagency.com/

For radio downloads of both albums:
http://www.airplaydirect.com/natashajamesbj (Bad Judgements CD)
http://www.airplaydirect.com/natashajamestt (Tequila Time CD)

My Country Has The Blues, is the 3rd album from NATASHA JAMES, which has already spawned 2 hit singles on the Country Charts (NMW), the title track, My Country Has The Blues, the video of which was picked up by Microsoft for its’ Windows Media Page, and Room 203. The current single at radio is NASCAR Time, a duet with Tommy Thompson, formerly from the great Gregg Allman Band.

For more see:
Discography: allmusic.com / artistdirect.com

Website: www.natashajames.com


Natasha James- Tequila Time





My Country Has The Blues



Just Released What’s Really Good Mixtape Vol # 11

What’s really good vol # 11


What’s Really Good Mixtape Volume # 10 is the latest release from WRG Mixtapes. This release has all of the bangers you need to get down the road. Nothin but the HITS! Click on the picture above to purchase your copy from Amazon MP3 today.

Song and artist listing:

1. What’s Really Good Theme (intro)
2. Cut’n Up (Feat. Badoff) Shreveport LA
3. Getch Hands Up (Feat. Young Vinchi) Bronx NY
4. I Think I’m Black (Feat. Crocker) Spartanburg NC
5. Better Dayz (Feat. Attica Barz) New York NY
6. Rollercoaster (Feat. A-Luvv) Charlotte NC
7. Shorty Number 2 (Feat. Sonny) East Hartford CT
8. Breaded 2 Da Max (Feat. Da Citi Boyz) Charleston SC
9. Four Elements (Feat. Chuckie Campbell) Buffalo NY
10. Take A Picture (Feat. CEO Tone B) Pittsburg PA
11. Don’t Know Bout Me (Feat. Born UndaDogz) Hyattsville MD
12. Hopscotch (Feat. MC Imprint) Seal Beach CA
13. How We Get It (Feat. Young Gator) Dallas TX
14. The Come Up (Feat. Chuckie Campbell) Buffalo NY
15. OS Arrest (Feat. Outspoken) Topeka KS
16. Hood Anthem (Feat. Breeze, H. Deezy, Q.G.) Panama City FL
17. Hustlaz Anthem (Feat. Kuta Y) Midland PA
18. Let’s Talk About Me (Feat. Young Ripp) New York NY
19. Missin U (Feat. Choclatestine) Mobile AL
20. Those Days (Feat. Keya Benberry) Indianapolis IN
21. Wram Up (Feat. Aces Rodriguez) Jackson MS
22. Nowhere (Feat. Battleground City) Tucson AZ
23. Where Did It Go (Feat. Authentic) Denver CO
24. What’s Really Good Theme (outtro)

To be included on the next Mixtape, go here to Submit your tracks.

What’s Really Good MixTapes/ US Magazine started in 2008 with a great mission to promote and explore the up and coming artist. We provided artists a way to showcase thier talents and to be able to get exposure they would normally have to wait to receive. We Are Back And Here To Stay! We belive Hip Hop and R & B talent starts in the streets and we want the world to know what it is missing. We provide intuative interviews of artist who are producing great music and are on the cusp of greatness. If anyone is going to be anyone, we want them to get their start in the What’s Really Good magazine.

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  • http://wrgmixtapes.com/magazine.html



What’s Really Good! MixTapes started a few years ago to give indie artists a way to showcase their music tracks on a more widely reviewed basis. We accept tracks to be included on the mixtapes and then promote them with the What’s Really Good Magazine, iTunes Store, Web Site Submissions, Facebook, MySpace, Online Radio Stations, ReverbNation, and In Store Sales. We sometimes include tracks from established artists who allow us to help push the mixtapes into radio stations. Every artist submitting tracks for a mixtape maintains full artistic rights to their tracks and only provide us the right to promote. Each artist will recieve free copies of the mixtape and ALL mixtapes are available on iTunes or this website for their fans.

Some artist will be featured in corresponding issues of the What’s Really Good Magazine that are available at Here and they will also receive free copies via mail for their portfolio.

About our Team

  • Sir Charles B1 – President / CEOAs the President / CEO, Sir Charles B1 makes the decisions on all of the content of both the mixtapes and the magazine. He reviews all of the tracks submitted and generates feedback to the artists for track improvements. He is the driving force for What’s Really Good MixTapes / US Magazine.
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