Members: Maria “Betty-Bull” Edmonds.- Lead Vocals, Writer & Rob “Bull-E” Edmonds.- Producer, Writer, Vocals

Label: Brazen Entertainment Group

Manager: Providence

Ready or not its here, the revolution is Providence. The sound is a mixed genre of alternative, hip-hop/rock, . Their musical palate is unique, born to itself. A mixture of raw emotion, hard beats and riffs, thought provoking lyrics, soul and fire. Providence is comprised of two members, Maria “Betty-Bull” Edmonds.- Lead Vocals/ Writer & Rob “Bull-E” Edmonds.- Producer/ Writer/Vocals. As a producer, Rob embarked on experimenting with the marriage of hip-hop and rock elements, eventually materializing a fresh revolutionary musical fusion. Maria, a poet, singer-songwriter, was more than ready to lend her talents and Caribbean influence to his distinct sound. With a plethora of musical tastes and backgrounds ranging from Alternative to Rock to Reggae to Hip-Hop to Jazz and Nu-Metal, the duo shows no limitations with their writing ability and style. Starting in June 2007, “Providence” has done nothing but try to break the mold of today’s homogenous repetitive music. Rob’s aggressive hard-hitting production and Maria’s bouncy effervescent hooks and lyrics, that have a definite social conscience, provide the perfect juxtaposition on this euphonious musical odyssey.

Providence – Bled Dry




Promize™ was formed in early 2000 and has several albums and movie sound tracks to their credit. They have been featured multiple times in Rolling Stone magazine turned down a deal with Sony! and blew away sound scan and hit the CMJ charts without a record deal with there first CD! Had national air play and were recently named Best New Alternative Artist. They have opened for such acts as Smile Empty Soul, Bush, Poison,Peter Wolf,George Lynch, DOKKEN, LA GUNNS and many other major label acts. Although their line-up has changed over the years, their dark and melodic sound has only gotten better with age. Currently working on a new album with original founding members, Dave Manning on drums Leslie on vocals long-time keys man Rob Sweeney, Scotty on bass and backing vocal, new comer Jon boy Zera on guitar and Kelly B on guitar and Vocals. This new album with such tracks as Under Water and Ladder promizes to be the album of their career and the one that breaks the modern rock music scene wide-open with Jim Fogarty (Kill Switch Engage) as producer it should be something to behold! Stay tuned! The cd reason for expectation -vocals and lyrics by Leslie Pasco D Manning music by promize except fly and Hardly wait PJ Harvey Broadcast music BMI lyrics on fly and D Manning promize cd Twilight-vocals and lyrics D Manning music by promize musicpromize all music copy right 2004,2006,2009,2011



Vocals on reason for expectation Lesley Pasco Vocals


Big Blue by PROMIZE on YouTube

9 Left Dead


9 Left Dead


Nine Left Dead’s (9 Left Dead), hard hitting crisp and melodic sound reaffirms the notion that being heavy with a hook, is indeed, alive and well. The band released its debut single “Put Your Guns Down,” to active rock on July 12th and the full album entitled “The Wrong Things” was released on September 27th, 2011 through Dirtbag/ILG/Warner Music Group.

Nine Left Dead originally formed in Amber, Oklahoma in 1999 when guitarist, now lead vocalist, Travis Jones, started the band under the name Harmful if Swallowed. Travis explains, “In the beginning I never really focused too much on choosing music as a career, at that time it was a coping mechanism to deal with life and discovering myself that turned into an addiction. You always want to do something to change peoples’ lives …to help them, it just turned out that while using my music to deal with my own circumstances, the music also helped other people – that’s an addiction you can’t deny.”

In 2008, while both worked as prison guards at a maximum-security penitentiary, Travis met Jared Ellis. Ellis joined on as the band’s bass player and soon after the band changed their name to Nine Left Dead. “The name change was for the best,” states Travis, “It gave us what felt like a fresh start and a new beginning.” In July 2010, lead guitarist Kreg Anthony and rhythm guitarist Nathan Parrish joined NLD and which was soon followed by the addition of drummer Bryan Whitley completing the band’s official lineup.

Wasting no time in showcasing the band’s seasoned live show, led by Travis’ powerful vocals and the band’s musical prowess, in April 2010, Nine Left Dead won the “2010 Band Beatdown” sponsored by Oklahoma City rock radio station KATT (Rock 100.5FM) and Rock U Live. Nine Left Dead beat out over 100 bands competing in the 2010 competition and as part of their grand prize package the band received an invitation to be one of the first bands to record at Bar Code Studios with multi-platinum and BMI award winning songwriter Cody Hanson (Hinder).

On May 4, 2010, the band locally released the single “Put Your Guns Down” co-written and produced by Hanson and Marshal Dutton. The track quickly picked up local radio support and immediately drew major label attention. Within a month of winning the 2010 Band Beatdown, Nine Left Dead had been signed to C-Squared Management and had signed their first major recording contract with Dirtbag/ILG/Warner Music Group.

With producers Hanson and Dutton at the helm, Nine Left Dead has perfected the merging of their up-tempo, aggressive and pounding sound with melodic vocal hooks and identifiable lyrics that appeal to a broad audience. With an unbreakable chemistry, Nine Left Dead brings an action packed show every night leaving it all out there on the stage for the fans. “That’s what this is all about,” states Jones, “we’re here to kick some serious ass for the people that come out to a Nine Left Dead show!”

The band has had the opportunity to share the stage with such bands as Hinder, My Darkest Days, Adelitas Way, Egypt Central, Halestorm, Three Days Grace, Seether, Papa Roach, Eve To Adam, Ghosts of August, Cavo, Drowning Pool, Switchfoot, Puddle Of Mudd, and Hell Yeah.!/9leftdead

9 Left Dead – Put Your Guns Down



Hangar 24 is ready to rock the Central Texas area with the best classic rock, 90’s alternative, and originals… with a touch of vintage aviation spirit.


Hey, I’m Chris. I live in Fort Hood, Texas with my wife Rita and my guys Dan, Nic and Lou. I’ve been playing guitar for 15 years and  I created this site to post some of my personal projects that I don’t bring to the table with whatever band i happen to be in. I love fast paced riffs with melodic leads and complicated sweep arpeggios and tapping.  I record at my house using a crappy drum machine until I find a drummer  to work with me on my stuff.
EQUIPMENT: I play a Schecter Hellraiser Deluxe and a Schecter Damien 6 through a Hughes & Kettner 100 watt Switchblade Head and a Kustom cab with a BBE Compressor/Limiter/Sonic Maximizer and a Digitech Multi-effects pedal in the effects loop. I record through an M-Audio Delta 66 interface with M-Audio Studio Monitors.  It’s the not the best equipment but my kids gotta have shoes before i get guitars.

Audio Recording EquipmentGibson guitarSony Acid Prorecording equipmentFenderrecording softwaredigital recorderscddvdcd burnersdigital audio recordingstudio monitorsheadphonesdigital audio workstationaudio mixershurerodemotuprotoolscubasecakewalkreasonADAM AudioAdobeAKGAlesisAmerican AudioAntaresApogeeAppleApplied Acoustics SystemsArturiaAudio-TechnicaAudioWarriorAuralexBehringerBest ServiceBeyerdynamicBiasBig Fish AudioBlue SkyBoseBossCakewalkCelemonyCondreDigidesignDirect SoundDiscrete DrumsDuPE-MUEastWestEastwestQuantum LeapEdirolEventExpansion TankFocusriteFostexFxpansionGibsonGlyphHHBIK MultimediaILIOJBLJVCKorgKRKLaCieLexiconLine 6M-AudioMackieMagixMakeMusic!MarantzMaxellMicroBoardsMicronetMIDI SolutionsMOTUNative InstrumentsNumarkPCDJPG MusicPreSonusPrimera TechnologyPro MediaPropellerheadQ Up ArtsQuantegyRMERolandSamsungscarbeeSennheiserShureSibeliusSkullcandySonic ImplantsSonic RealitySonik CapsulesSonySpectrasonicsSteinbergStudio RTSSubmersible MusicTaiyo YudenTASCAMTC ElectronicTDKToontrackTrutoneUltrasoneUniversal AudioVienna InstrumentsWavesYamahaZero G

Guitar Picks

Switchblade Love



Switchblade Love does not care. If your band or your cool coffee-drinking-hipster friends don’t like us. We do not care.

Switchblade Love is a pure DIY-band. We write our own music and we record and mix the music on our own. We play a joyful mixture of Rock, Punk and Grunge, but are not afraid to explore other elements such as country and good ol’ blues.

We released an EP in March 2010, and an album in April 2011, which are available on Itunes, Spotify, Amazon etc.

We could write about things we’ve won and achieved as a band, but decided not to dwell on the past and rather keep our eyes peeled on the future.

The Wells


The Wells are bringing the raw sounds of alternative rock to the streets of Melbourne! A talented four piece from the south-east, the band moulds the sounds of legends like Silverchair, The Foo Fighters, and Audioslave to create a blend of punchy riffs and driving ballads. The founding members have seen the past few years drifting in and out of bands and now they’re back with a new definition for Australian Rock!

An ambitious bunch, The Wells will bring to the table, a large serve of tasty rock’n’roll!

Keep your eyes peeled for the release of their debut EP expected for release late 2011.


Run DMC Public Enemy 2 Pac The Beastie Boys N.W.A Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five Salt-N-Pepa A Tribe Called Quest Notorious B.I.G. Nas Outkast LL Cool J Boogie Down Productions Missy Elliott Queen Latifah Jay Z Dr. Dre Mary J. Blige De La Soul Eminem Wu Tang Clan Afrika Bambatta The Fugees Doug E. Fresh Ice-T Lauryn Hill The Roots Erykah Badu DJ



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