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Chris Hanners

More Power to Ya

Chris Hanners has one of the most unique voices in Country music today. His smooth, strong delivery on a song keeps you listening and wanting to hear more.

A Columbus, Georgia boy, Chris first discovered music on the front pew of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church in LaGrange, Georgia with his “Momma Hanners”, who encouraged him to sing Southern Gospel at a young age.

Soon he was performing with the well known trio, “The Sky Is The Limit”. They performed at local high school dances and proms, county fairs, and concerts.

In 2007, Nashville producers and songwriters discovered his talent, and he recorded three tracks to be included on his upcoming CD. Nashville producer, Eddie Gossien, produced all three tracks. His first single, “He’ll Be Home Soon”, written by Randy Jack Wiggins, was released to radio stations in the United States and Canada on April 29, 2008. The song will be available soon on iTunes, Rhapsody, and other online music stores.

The upcoming ten-song album will be available later this year with more radio releases due. He is on CLH Records and is distributed by Select-A-Hit Distribution, Memphis, Tennessee.

Members: Preston Corley,

Sounds Like: Chris Young, Jonny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Randy Travis, Josh Turner

Label: Little House Records Nashville

Manager: Little House Records Nashville


American Workers ” More Power to Ya”, Chris Hanners

It’s My Lie by Chris Hanners

Route 64

Kristen and Route 64 at Harbor Blast

We are a Richmond Va area established band with a dynamic blend of music from the 60’s to today country/rock/blues blended with classic and modern rock. Add to it some of today’s contemporary artists, and you have the well rounded “ROUTE 64″ band! We will be your GO TO band for all the songs you know well, and some you have not thought about, or are not expecting to hear! Route 64 is your surrounding Richmond area choice! We are the band that isn’t shy about making a road trip! Please note the “similar” artists thing we put artists that are wonderful there but the truth is Kristen Johnson has her own style..give us a listen!

Members: Kristen Johnson Blanton Gordon Rob Moss Brian Legere Dan Gillespie

Sounds Like: Sugarland, Miranda Lambert, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Adele, Lady Antebellum

Manager: Blanton Gordon 804-938-2001


https://twitter.com/Route64Band   @Route64Band

“I Hate Myself for Loving You” sung live by Route 64 Band – by Joan Jett


Welcome To Amercia - cover art


New Single and Music Video
“Welcome To America” Released June 18, 2012

4D recording artist Denae Gardner’s music is Country, is very fresh and current sounding, and her love and respect for Traditional Country is obvious. There’s no doubting that. Take a listen to her recent radio singles, the Bluegrass tinged “Heartache Train” and, “My Love Will Not Change,” or her new single “Welcome To America” a Rockin’ Country/Blues song released June 2012, and you can hear how unique her talent is. But, at the same time, the Idaho-based singer has a deep appreciation for what has come before her. She feels that’s important.

“You have to appreciate where music came from,” the stunning 20-year-old songstress says. “That’s a really big thing with me. That’s why I listen to so much of the old stuff. It’s all related. Music, as we know it today, came from Country and Blues. Obviously, I know they are different sounding, but I just love it all.”

It was the legendary band Led Zeppelin that was one of her biggest influences growing up, as she recalls.

“What really inspired me to want to get involved in music as a career was that I watched a live DVD of Led Zeppelin when I was in the eighth or ninth grade. Watching that DVD really inspired me, and then, I heard the music of Etta James. That’s when I knew that’s what I wanted to do the rest of my life.”

Gardner blends those sounds all together into a style that she calls “Rockin’ Country with a Blues/Bluegrass twist.” That style is very much in evidence on such tracks as her new single “Welcome To America” (Rockin Country Blues).

“Welcome To America”, Denae Gardner’s new single and music video released June 18, 2012 , impacting radio on July 8, 2012 is a departure from the usual popular Country fare of “love songs-meet-beer hall songs”. It is a message song, not preachy, just the straight dope about society in this current era. Gene Vail, Darrell Morris, and Denae Gardner are the writers of this moving song.

“Denae Gardner’s video and track “Welcome To America” is an eye opening, in your face look about what our country is and has become. With her lyrically graphic descriptions, this is one political song and video that are right on point. Done in the country music style, Gardner and her band are serious. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that she’s the Bob Marley of country music. This is an excellent video that is well shot, and the story it tells is profound. Her voice is very good, the band is excellent, and this could very well be a hit. The music and flow of “Welcome To America” are very moving as this singer tells it like it is with a very emotional delivery and great style.” ~Music Dish TV Worldwide

Gardner was out and about during mid-2011, putting names and faces together on her first radio tour. The tour, which took her to forty radio markets in a two month period, is a vital part of getting an artist noticed by radio. Denae says the importance of getting to know the Music Directors and On-Air talent can not be underestimated.

She definitely made quite an impact on the listeners and radio stations, as her single “Heartache Train” reached #87 on the Music Row Country Breakout Chart. In some cases, live performances of songs she did on the radio tour, like “Sky Is Crying,” also netted airplay, as well.

With a new single “Welcome to America” set to impact radio, Denae is in this career for the long haul.

Denae wants to carry the torch for artists such as McEntire, Loretta Lynn, and Connie Smith, who kept the ‘twang’ in their music.

“It’s really important to me that we keep Traditional Country flavor in our songs. I grew up with Traditional and Classic music, and I really want to keep that strong.”

If you ask her about her biggest influence, you might be surprised. When asked what performer she would most love to sit down and seek their career advice, she said

“Hank Williams, III, hands down. I would love to sit down and have a conversation with him. I love what he stands for. I would love to ask him about how he has kept his sound so traditional.”

She also hopes to bring out the emotions in her music to the listeners, and if her music inspires them, she knows the feeling.

Denae says that as much as she loves recording, she really wants to take her music out on the road to the people. That’s where she feels right at home.

So, when listeners hear “Welcome to America,” on the radio, what exactly would Gardner want people to think about her?

“I want them to think that this girl has a deep passion for America. She is not afraid to venture away from the ‘love song-meets-beer hall songs’ that are so popular in Country music. She will sing about society and some of the things that we must deal with to keep our Country the wonderful land of freedom and hope that it was created to be. I hope people think that I have genuine talent. I hope they feel what I am doing, and that I am sticking to my roots. I just want them to appreciate it!”

Denae Gardner’s 4th single, “Welcome To America” was released June 18, 2012. The “Welcome To America” music video will be released at the same time.


Members: Brian Palmer, Diane Johnson, Chris Gunderson, Zack Tyr, Randy McKluskey, Scott Sumner

Sounds Like: Reba McEntire, Tanya Tucker, Patty Loveless, Deana Carter, Wynona Judd

Label: 4D Records

Manager: Don Tunnell



Welcome to America – Denae Gardner






Alena Nicholson


I am a recording artist in Nashville and in the process of recording an album .. I have an intense passion for music and have been singing prof. for about 10yrs now .. I played the casino circuit for several yrs and various different clubs and venues up and down the west coast .. It was there that I realized I had caught the music bug and it would never leave me ;-) I am so Thankful to be doing what I love and hope you will stay tuned for what is to come from me in the near future. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my bio .. Alena ;-) Music written and produced by Trey Bruce







Hangar 24 is ready to rock the Central Texas area with the best classic rock, 90’s alternative, and originals… with a touch of vintage aviation spirit.


Hey, I’m Chris. I live in Fort Hood, Texas with my wife Rita and my guys Dan, Nic and Lou. I’ve been playing guitar for 15 years and  I created this site to post some of my personal projects that I don’t bring to the table with whatever band i happen to be in. I love fast paced riffs with melodic leads and complicated sweep arpeggios and tapping.  I record at my house using a crappy drum machine until I find a drummer  to work with me on my stuff.
EQUIPMENT: I play a Schecter Hellraiser Deluxe and a Schecter Damien 6 through a Hughes & Kettner 100 watt Switchblade Head and a Kustom cab with a BBE Compressor/Limiter/Sonic Maximizer and a Digitech Multi-effects pedal in the effects loop. I record through an M-Audio Delta 66 interface with M-Audio Studio Monitors.  It’s the not the best equipment but my kids gotta have shoes before i get guitars.

Audio Recording EquipmentGibson guitarSony Acid Prorecording equipmentFenderrecording softwaredigital recorderscddvdcd burnersdigital audio recordingstudio monitorsheadphonesdigital audio workstationaudio mixershurerodemotuprotoolscubasecakewalkreasonADAM AudioAdobeAKGAlesisAmerican AudioAntaresApogeeAppleApplied Acoustics SystemsArturiaAudio-TechnicaAudioWarriorAuralexBehringerBest ServiceBeyerdynamicBiasBig Fish AudioBlue SkyBoseBossCakewalkCelemonyCondreDigidesignDirect SoundDiscrete DrumsDuPE-MUEastWestEastwestQuantum LeapEdirolEventExpansion TankFocusriteFostexFxpansionGibsonGlyphHHBIK MultimediaILIOJBLJVCKorgKRKLaCieLexiconLine 6M-AudioMackieMagixMakeMusic!MarantzMaxellMicroBoardsMicronetMIDI SolutionsMOTUNative InstrumentsNumarkPCDJPG MusicPreSonusPrimera TechnologyPro MediaPropellerheadQ Up ArtsQuantegyRMERolandSamsungscarbeeSennheiserShureSibeliusSkullcandySonic ImplantsSonic RealitySonik CapsulesSonySpectrasonicsSteinbergStudio RTSSubmersible MusicTaiyo YudenTASCAMTC ElectronicTDKToontrackTrutoneUltrasoneUniversal AudioVienna InstrumentsWavesYamahaZero G

Guitar Picks

Jason Link



Country music may be running through Jason Link’s veins, but when you first meet this modern-edged performer down on Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee, it’s hard to tell he was raised on a 900-acre tobacco farm that goes back four generations. In fact, you may think he was more of a new generation country-rocker with hair falling conspicuously into a spiky form of bedhead sexiness and a lean physique sporting an array of rumpled designer duds, including a cowboy hat that he modified himself by spray painting and scuffing up into its own innovative texture.

But regardless of his urban-esque appeal, this real world ‘country boy’ from Freeman, Virginia, can belt out a tune with just enough twang that would be best described as George Strait meets Hank Williams, Jr. with a serving of Kenny Chesney on the side. And that doesn’t even cover the fact that he’s an extraordinary guitar player. He is among the few that play lead guitar currently driving the country music scene. Only two other players come to mind when thinking of Jason and that’s Brad Paisley and Keith Urban.

However, Link is well aware that possessing the talent to have mastered the guitar and banjo is not all it takes for him to make his dreams a reality…it’s about having great songs. No problem there. Jason also happens to be a seasoned songwriter, with the ability to construct memorable melodies paired with story-driven lyrics and just the right amount of modern flare to appeal to a country radio audience. And if that’s not enough to convince every country music listener to jump on the “Link” train, his ability to perform live is without question, the best. With the stamina of Bruce Springsteen and an enduring passion to always be on stage singing, he is what one would call a true entertainer.

But none of this should be a surprise once you learn how long Jason Link has been doing this thing he calls “his life”. It all started at the age of five…playing the drums at his grandfather’s dance hall, Club 301, while also appearing on his grandfather’s radio station, 580 AM WLES, in Lawrenceville, Virginia, under the nickname “Scoot Scoot”. At age 16, he began to play guitar and write his own songs which led to countless shows at local bars and other venues with his uncle Marty, who was influential in teaching Jason his unique style of hybrid country lead guitar. Eager to explore music from all genres, Jason was influenced, both vocally and in his guitar playing, by artists ranging from Hank Williams, Sr. to Jimi Hendrix to the Beatles. There was no stopping him.

When Jason was nineteen, he landed a gig as the lead singer in a house band he formed with his uncle. His great dedication to music was truly apparent during this time, as he drove one hundred miles each way, playing over 270 shows a year for five years. It was during this period of his life that Jason began to develop his unique musical style with the help of vocal coach Janet Kenyon, who has worked with artists such as Taylor Swift and Josh Turner.

Today, Jason resides in Nashville, Tennessee, tours the country, and continues to capture new fans with his energetic and aggressive live performances. With a country music style all his own mixed with a good dose of rugged sex appeal, Jason never fails to leave an audience wanting more.

Jason Link’s life has been and always will be his music…as a third generation musician, he carries with him his family’s musical lineage and it is no secret that he is well on his way to becoming a country music superstar. As his grandfather once told him, “He is and will be “something special”.