Tha Black Knights

Tha Black Knights is a group consisting of artists from Ontario Canada, and Lagos Nigeria; Combining talents together to give a broad and highly versertile form of music.
This group is a versertile force that focuses on bringing the new-age and real Hip-hop into the music scene.
Tha Black Knights artists are Rappa Bowy Blake Angel and Blaca. Tha Black Knights (TBK), has been busy with shows in the south-western part of ontario,taking over the scene like a storm, making new fans and shooting towards the limit and sky is the limit for these guys. They keep on promoting and re-kindling the flame and are not planning on stopping at any time soon. For more information of TBK you could check our other pages and sites:


Holla At Ya Boi – By Tha Black Knights



Troy Crossley

Bio: I am 19 years old from Boston, I am just trying share my music with the world and gain the best experience getting fans and friends as I go along. Check out my music and give me a like on my facebook page. Please ENJOY!!

Rebirth by T.C.

Jacqueline Amira



I’m an old soul… I guess you can say I’m something of a goodie two shoes too…I don’t even swear… ever! ^^ I was the kid that had perfect grades, big glasses, got picked on a lot too…I am a true Disney kid… it was all I watched growing up!! well that and Power Rangers… LOL for me music is a form of therapy… Sang in school choir since I was 7…I enrolled into John Robert Powers in 2005… I was chosen to compete in IPOP Los Angeles in 2006 and I did very well!! I took home awards for both acting and singing… I also hold the title of Miss Florida Co-ed Idol 2007! (still have the crown & sash btw and I wear it on my birthday every year!!! LOL) I do speak multiple languages too… Before I was singing and performing pieces that I really didn’t feel a connection to… all that is about to change….




Deenoboy always had music in his life. Starting out as a Drummer, Guitarist, Bassist, and Keyboardist, he wanted to be like his heros Herbie Hancock, Kraftwerk, Metallica and Techmaster PEB. He spent a lot of time listening to all the great records learning and perfecting new techniques. By 1983 he was introduced to MIDI, Drum Machines, Synthesizers, Samplers and Computer Based Software Sequencers and was totally mesmerized. He later discovered that his sound as a Music Producer was a mixture of all the music he grew up listening to and found it to be confusing to label it.

So he began to work hard and find his place in the music world. With rock being his favorite genre, he began experimenting by combining Rock Guitars, Synths, Turntables, Drum Machines and Acoustic Drum Kits into on powerful sound. He later decided to make his first and most powerful CD “State Of Emergency” which has a universal sound covering Pop, Metal, Electro Rock, and Soundtrack Scores together in one complete package.

Label: Deenoboy Music Group
Management: Ozmak Management Group
Members: Deenoboy-Producer / Composer / Mix Engineer / Programmer / Keyboard Player




Summer Azul



Summer Azul is a Indian/French Creole Rapper & Actress born in North America with a love of cultures from all over the World. This new International recording artist brings World music, House, Reggae Dancehall, Dubstep & HipHop together in a way not seen before. Summer Azul is known as the “Mixtape Queen” not only because of her “Hustle Hard” mentality and unmatched self promoting techniques (appearing and promoting at all major events in different cities around the world), but also due to her extraordinary gift of mastering any remix as well as blazing Hot original tracks, which are showcased on the 100’s of mixtapes, features and albums she has appeared on across the globe. She is also the current recipient of the 2011 Rebel Radio “BEST FEMALE MC” award as well as the 2011 JB Star “BEST ACTRESS” award. With her background in martial arts, her ability to speak different languages (including English, Spanish & French) alongside several alter egos, Summer Azul brings a whole new flavor to the world of music.

Currently residing in Atlanta,Ga,USA. not only has Summer Azul made a name for herself in the underground music circuit, but she has also managed to obtain a Worldwide fan base and support system known as the “AzulArmy” and her music is currently getting airtime in such places as Brazil, Africa, India, Japan and the U.K. With her unique sensual voice, Indian & Brazilian influenced dance moves and her undoubted sex appeal, Summer Azul is bringing the heat to the World of entertainment. Check out her latest post including her newest mixtapes to hear what Summer Azul has to offer through her music!

For booking:


Summer Azul as Toma (Tupac’s back remix)






SAHDAYA is a Songwriter, Singer, Performer, Choreographer and her music combines the feel of today’s Hip Hop & R&B with the classic soul of the 70’s. In fact, SAHDAYA’s song writing, vocal presence, blazing music tracks are seasoned and unmatched to anything out there today. “SAHDAYA SOUL” SAHDAYA is truly a diamond deep in the rough who’s talents have been hidden too long, but no longer. SAHDAYA’s hot tracks, brilliant songwriting, catchy hooks, harmonies, melodies, unique voice and swag are immediately undeniable. SAHDAYA writes and sings to any genre but the classic RnB, Neo-Soul, with a Hard Hip Hop edge is her natural nitch. SAHDAYA is a serious Triple Threat and the story behind it all is truly remarkable, inspirational. and why she’s labeled R&B’s new WONDER WOMAN. Using her talents, creativity & music for strength, SAHDAYA has been able to endure and sustain her music career, motherhood, living on the system, struggling, fighting, wishing & wanting all while suffering from mental illnesses and battling breast cancer . There’s been no obstacles that can stop this girl wonder and nothing but destiny awaites. While searching for a major distribution deal, SAHDAYA is co-owner of THAT NEW SOUL Recordings and is presently marketing & promoting her debut LP “My Musical Love Story part 1″, a 22 Track R&B Classic Monsterpiece with banging club tracks, seductive ballads, inspiring spoken word, and situational interludes that not only entertain, but tells a powerful musical story of her remarkable journey. “My Musical Love Story part 1″ is available now on iTunes. The LP features SahDaya’s single and Hot Video “Anygry Luva” which is currently in rotation on college and commercial radio stations nationwide.
Also, SAHDAYA ‘s real life video documentary series “Welcome 2 SahDayaville”debuted on YouTube in October of 2011 with new episodes available to view monthly. This hilarious but inspiring series takes you through a more personal view of SAHDAYA’s daily life towards reaching her dreams and aspirations. SAHDAYA is also writing & recording new music for her sophomore LP “MMLS part 2″ scheduled for release summer of 2012. SAHDAYA is a rear find and will inspire millions.


SahDaya transformed her illnesses and life’s daily struggles to a positive and creative remedy by incorporating the inner demons (mental Illnesses) within the latest project, “My Musical Love Story part 1” the album. Vocally SahDaya rips tracks with personalities (Sue, Franq, Cheryl & Lil Cheryl) who all make up SahDaya’s sassy five part harmony and unique sound. Her aspirations include fighting for and enpowering sufferers of mental disabilities, Breast Cancer, and to inspire by being a real life example of the meaning of “never giving up”.  SahDaya is introducing a new sound  and feel for life. This brilliant Singer/Songwriter, Poet is truly inspirational. That New Soul Recordings rejoices and welcomes SahDaya’s talents,  sound and message.  This truly is a clear example of a young woman strong enough to overcome obstacles, achieve goals, live, laugh and survive, no matter what, and the power to pass it on.
SahDaya’s highly anticipated album, “My Musical Love Story part 1,” is now available on iTunes and most other online music stores   It’s a  22 track “monster-piece” including a hot combination of spoken word, hot dance cuts, sexy ballads and powerful messages mixed with incredible music production which embodies the feel of classic R&B from the 70’s to the swag of today’s music and beyond.  SahDaya’s music, brilliant writing, melodies and harmonies are undeniable and will be felt.   Her album is opening eyes, ears and hearts across the world and, one way or another, SahDaya will make a difference.

SahDaya (THE SHOW)

Macaronimonkeyz #1 on “Who is Hot” list 2/2/12



This year you will witness the creative expansion of an international star like no other. They’re young. They’re Handsome. They’re talented. And they’re a proven success. Quite frankly, they’re the embodiment of mainstream music – 2.0. As one of Louisiana’s and Texas’ biggest pop star groups(were talking thousands of records sold), Macaroni Monkeyz’s grand entrance to the United States is not only highly anticipated but is warmly welcomed. With their American debut consisting of the self-titled CD hitting store shelves and their digitally released, bass pumping, first single “Got No Money” charting on the Billboard, Macaroni Monkeyz is set to reach out and touch the American music market in a way that has never been done before..!/macaronimonkeyz


New 2012 Justin Bieber – UP Remix ft. Macaroni Monkeyz



Recording artist S-Trill is 23 years of age and was born in Richmond, Virginia. He moved to Newport News, Virginia at the young age of 7 after the untimely death of his father. S-Trill became a talented basketball player with a sure shot future in sports, but he left basketball behind to follow his dream as an artist and entertainer. Inspired by family and friends to pursue his music, he linked up with friend and Producer Clint Easwood, and the rest is history in the making.

MUSICAL INFLUENCES: I have many musical influences but I would say the ones who influenced me the most would have to be TI, Young Jeezy, Fabolous, and Jay-Z. They inspire me to not only be an artist but become a brand and business man.

GOALS: Some of the goals I want to accomplish this year are to release a collection of mixtapes, release a few CDs, and then headline my own tour in the States, and also internationally. I want to develop a large fan base and continue to deliver them good quality music and great performances. I also want to go on tour and do a few songs with some of the industry’s top artists.

PURPOSE: The purpose of my music is to touch and inspire various crowds, cultures, and people from all walks of life. Whether it is emotional, inspirational, or motivational, I want my music to create a deep connection between me and my fans. I want my fans to know that I’ve dedicated my life to my music, and I will always strive to deliver beyond everyone’s expectations. To me, it really is all about the fans.

Genres: Hip Hop
Label: Dream Consultant Music, Marigold Productions/Minute Music LLC
Management: Dream Consulting Management

S-Trill Has Arrived

Titan7 & SnaxRedd



My Name is Titan of 7 aka Ricardo S. Lawrence
I was born Sept. 11 1980 – present
Im a writer, a artist, and a drawer. I was born in Augusta, Ga and Raised in the Military. My father and Mother are still alive. I worked all my life but music is my ultimate enjoyment. I have lived some of everywhere but I claim Macon,Ga my first home and Sandersville, Ga my second. I have two Daughters thats my pride and Joy I love them to death. I been writing poetry since 6 years old and I began writing music at the age of 8 years old. Im a realist and a hard worker. I make music for the soul.not just to make it..Ive been working toward my goal of being success for a minute I have worked with talented artist like Bizzare from D-12 and have meet many other Artist that are in my field of work. Im 6″0″ and wieght 175 Im a father first before Im anything else. I have two beautiful daughters and I am single.. so ladies get at me