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This year you will witness the creative expansion of an international star like no other. They’re young. They’re Handsome. They’re talented. And they’re a proven success. Quite frankly, they’re the embodiment of mainstream music – 2.0. As one of Louisiana’s and Texas’ biggest pop star groups(were talking thousands of records sold), Macaroni Monkeyz’s grand entrance to the United States is not only highly anticipated but is warmly welcomed. With their American debut consisting of the self-titled CD hitting store shelves and their digitally released, bass pumping, first single “Got No Money” charting on the Billboard, Macaroni Monkeyz is set to reach out and touch the American music market in a way that has never been done before..





New 2012 Justin Bieber – UP Remix ft. Macaroni Monkeyz



Yolanda is a natural born performer who thrives on the energy of fans. Her soul, heart and passion for creating engaging tunes are infused in her music. Yolanda writes with purpose and enthusiasm from experience and creativity. She has the unique ability to pull you into her lyrics and beats to live the story of the song and feel its emotion. She enjoys connecting with people, helping people by using her love and compassion to make a difference in the lives of others. Inspired by the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, Yolanda cultivated her skills at a young age by listening to, learning from and loving the music, soul and dance of the legend. Yolanda’s life has been guided by her faith in God and she is a true believer in the Power of Prayer.






First coming to the public conscience as the contestant most controversially expelled from the final 12 contestants of last year’s X Factor, Laura is soon to be known more for her incredible vocal tone and delivery, and the hook laden songs that grab you from first listen and don’t let go.

Laura’s debut single ‘You Should Have Known’ is released on the 2nd November 2009.
Hey guys, welcome to my profile! it’s taken a while for things to settle as Ive been so, so busy but thank you for hanging around and supporting my music. The past few months have been crazy with gigs (meeting you guys!!), the tour and all the studio sessions working with different writers etc but now I am back and you are gonna love the new music!

The single YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN has been chosen by you and I hope you enjoy the upcoming album! I am so, so excited for this and hope you guys support my music as much as possible!

I love you all and enjoy hearing from you as much as poss so leave messages on my various fan sites when you can, and I will read and respond to them all. Gotta go now as I am rehearsing for my Promo Tour and hope you can all come see me if you can!

Love Laura xxx


Laura White – You Should Have Known – Official Video




Born of Scars-featured artist on Reverb Nation the week of 12-12-11.
Born of Scars performed at the Bamboozle
Festival at Giants Stadium in May, Recently opened for Fuel, has currently finished recording with legendary producers Steve Haigler (The Pixies, Fuel) and Mike Watts of Vu Du Studios and released a video for “The Rain”.

Born of Scars is a female fronted, Modern Hard Rock band that brings together 4 of the finest musicians in the New York City area. The bands music was described by one industry insider as: “Aggressive, well written, soul chilling songs with a fresh approach to Modern Hard Rock that brings together all of its elements with skill and fluency. Its guaranteed no matter who you are, or what genre you prefer; you will enjoy Born of Scars!”

“this band just writes solid tunes that are catchy. The 7 tunes I got on this disc were all good to great tunes. The production is solid and I think for the most part the band have their own sound. I could easily see this band getting signed to a label and selling some serious units. Good stuff and not many bands doing this style and glad to see this wasn’t some FM garbage modern rock band. “
– Chris Forbes, Metalfocefanzine.com (Feb 27, 2011)

Born of Scars is currently touring regionally to promote their latest release “Minor to Major”. Though early response to the CD has been very positive the band feels record company support could hurl the release to the top of the charts. Evidence of the CD’s early success is that “The Rain” has already been placed in the soon to be released film “Serina, A Vampire’s Tale.”

Born of Scars has been thrilling audiences with their electrifyingly inspired performances filled with energy, passion, and amazing music. Work has already begun on the next CD and plans are being made for national touring. A true diamond in the rough; Born of Scars is not just a band, but a business organization that sees its product going global in the near future!



Born of Scars – “The Rain” Official Video




Some call me…. THA JUST, JUSTO, General JUST, THA GENERAL, JP Shines and A few others I can’t think of. But, they all came from one original name given to me long ago – JUSTIFY. Which to me means True. I don’t keep it real I keep it TRUE. From that way of livin and thinkin people called me Justify at a young age.
I have lived in many states throughout the US.
I am origianlly from North Carolina. But, I mainly grew up in the Northwest region of the United States. The Northwest consists of the cities and towns surrounding Seattle, WA and Portland, OR. When I was not in the Northwest, I was back home In Cackalack. This way, I never forgot my roots and always remembered where home was. When I was not living in Carolina, I was spending most the summer and winter times of my life back home in NC.
Most, if not all, of my family is from the East Coast and Down South. But, I have friends that I consider like family, All over the world. This is why I say JUSTIFY Worldwide. Cause I feel a part of me is somewhere is the world that I cannot physically be.
My music is a reflection of my life and soul. I write what I feel. My music expresses the many emotions that I’ve experienced. Some good, some bad, but All of me. ALL JUSTO. JUST keepin’ it true. And to me keepin’ it true, means to keep it JUST. You may not like all of my music. But, You gonna feel at least one song. I put all of me into it, how can you not?

Like life, I am not one sound nor one feeling. Can’t put nor keep me in a box. Sorry. I talk about MY life. Happy, Sad, up, and Down. Everything. I try to relate to people. Have to cause that’s who I write for. People. In the real world, we are all different going through different things in our lives. So I speak on different matters, subjects , and topics. It’s only right, that I try to touch as many as I can. This way, we can learn from our differences and find similarities. A similarity of understandin and respect to build into a better reality. My music, is a symbol of that reality. Call it a Wish, a Dream, Hope , or just In different from the norm. Whatever “IT” is. It is what inspires me. Ignites a spark to fuel my motivation. I believe, We can learn from each other. We should. We just gotta try. Don;t have to agree or like everything. Just learn and respect. That is what my music represents. It’s who I am and What I do.
I am the Audacity, Attitude, and Voice Of Music.
JUSTO !!!!
Keep It JUST.




Roton este una dintre primele si cele mai importante case de discuri independente din Romania. Fondata in 1994,Roton a devenit rapid un nume apreciat in industria muzicala romaneasca, datorita resurselor si profesionalismului angajat in aceasta industrie. Specializata in productia, multiplicarea si distributia de muzica precum si in organizarea de evenimente speciale, Roton este o companie puternica dar in acelasi timp flexibila, competenta si orientata catre cerintele clientilor. Principalul obiectiv al nostru este livrarea de produse si servicii de inalta calitate iar fiecare partener este important pentru noi.

Roton detine un catalog impresionant atat prin numarul de artisti si piese cat si prin valoarea lor. Artistii stiu ca gasesc mereu in Roton un producator competent, care accorda o atentie deosebita fiecarui artist in parte.

Propria linie de productie, materia prima de inalta calitate si personalul experimentat au facut ca produsele Roton sa fie mereu recunoscute pentru calitatea lor.

Roton este singura casa de discuri din Romania care a lansat propriul show radio promotional – “SIMTI NRG!A” – difuzata la peste 100 de statii radio din toata tara. De asemenea Roton este mandru sa fie reprezentantul in Romania al unor producatori independenti cunoscuti.

Marcile Roton

Repertoriul Roton este impartit in 5 marci: ROTON (muzica contemporana), dance arena (dance), NRG!A (pop ), R.U.L. (Roton Urban Label – hip hop) and TEZAUR (folclor romanesc).

Divizia de distributie

Roton detine cea mai mare retea de distributie de muzica din Romania, prin intermediul propriei divizii de distributie: Sincron. Reteaua Sincron deserveste peste 1000 de magazine din Romania, acoperind 90% din teritoriu. Sincron sustine eforturile producatorului de muzica prin strategia de promovare a vanzarilor integrata cu un sistem complet de merchandising, unic in industria muzicala romaneasca.

English Version

Roton is one of the first and most important independent record companies in Romania. The company was set up in 1994, rapidly compelling recognition due to resources and professionalism invested in the fields of musical industry. It had got involved in: production, replication, distribution and organizing of special events. Roton is a powerful yet flexible company, competent and market oriented. Professional services and products are the main targets of a Company for whom each and every partner is the most important.

Today, Roton holds an impressive catalogue of musical values and the status of a first rank partner. Lots of national stars know already that signing with Roton means choosing a competent producer. Roton products are well known for their quality due to our own manufacturing line, due to using imported raw materials and also because of our experienced well-qualified staff. One of the Company’s strong points is the special attention it pays to each and every artist or catalogue new entry.

Our promotional campaigns and events are always recognized as quite remarkable. Roton is the first recording company in Romania to have launched its own promotional radio show – “SIMTI NRG!A?” – broadcasted by over 100 FM radio stations all over the country. Roton is the partner in Romania of very important European independent producers. That’s why Roton’ s Catalogue includes both Romanian and international artists such as: Inna, Bob Sinclar, Akcent, Tiesto, Tom Boxer, Armin van Buuren, Morris, ATB and many more.

Our own Labels

The repertoire of Roton Record Company is represented by 5 labels ROTON (adult contemporary oriented music), dance arena (dance music), NRG!A (pop music for the young generation), R.U.L. (Roton Urban Label – hip hop music) and TEZAUR (Authentic Romanian folklore).

Distribution Division

Roton holds the widest distribution network in Romania, which is served by its own specialized distribution division, Sincron. Sincron was in the last 10 years the most powerful distributor in Romania’s music industry. Consisting of four warehouses located in the greatest cities of the country (Bucharest, Iasi, Timisoara and Cluj) the network serves more than 1000 retail customers, covering 90% of the national area. The distribution company has a well developed strategy for promoting sales which together with a complete merchandising system , unique for this field in Romania, efficiently completes the promoting efforts of the producer. Besides, our distribution division is the most important Romanian importer of budget catalogues.



Ashley Moore (ATM)


Ashley Moore, Maryland’s newest female POP/ R&B sensation, is the new talk of the town. This beautiful and charismatic Vocalist captures the attention of men and women alike with her style, grace and her powerful lyrics in songs , Its Alright, Freak, And Blowing Kisses. Ashley is not only a recording artist, she is a writer and entertainer, with stage performances that rival the top artists in the music industry today. Since the age of six Ashley has had a passion for entertaining, Singing in church, dancing in talent shows, appearing in music video’s, as well as performing as a Solo artist as well as in vocal groups. All of these experiences to date have made Ashley the well rounded and polished performer we all love. Ashley’s drive and inspiration to succeed in the entertainment industry comes from an up bringing that nurtured her love for the performing arts, writing, singing and dance. Ashley’s family encouraged her pursue artistic ventures at a very young age. It was then Ashley found that she loved the spotlight. She then took advantage of every opportunity from that point on to showcase her abilities in to any audience she could. Today Ashley is completing her debut solo project with Plan B Productions and is also performing dates throughout the Mid Atlantic Region. She as shared stages with many of today’s popular artist, Young Steff, Gucci Mane, Young Buck, Little Kim, Plies and Freeway to name a few. And have appeared in music videos with Mario, Break Up Ft. Gucci Mane, and Sean Garrett. And Dj Class I’m the ish. She has toured with Atlantic Records Young Steff and performed at events such the Radio One Stone Soul picnic and the Baltimore Believe Tour. Ashley’s first single “ Blowing Kisses “ will hit the airways in Aug 2009. This is only the beginning for this rising star, so stay tuned, there is much more to come. Ashley Moore is taking the industry by storm and will soon on stage near you !


Brian Setzer


Brian Setzer has made a career of bucking trends, going against the grain, ignoring popular culture, and blowing people away with his innovative work. As a teenager, Setzer drew inspiration from 50’s rockabilly, fused it with new wave punk, and created a worldwide phenomenon with his band Stray Cats. Always pushing the boundaries, he then created the 18-piece Brian Setzer Orchestra, sold millions of albums, won three Grammys, redefined Christmas music, and toured the planet many times over. He is one of the world’s most dynamic and respected guitarists and has a best-selling, extensive line of elite Gretsch signature model guitars bearing his name to prove it.


Setzer just completed his new record entitled Songs From Lonely Avenue. The album features 13 new original songs all written by Setzer. Nine of the tracks feature orchestrations by the legendary Frank Comstock (Doris Day, Sonny Dunham, Benny Carter, Judy Garland, not to mention the Rocky & Bullwinkle theme!). Inspired by the attitude and tension of the film noir soundtracks from the ‘40’s and ‘50’s, Setzer set out to create songs that carry a classic cinematic mood that’s missing from today’s musical landscape. With a propulsive rhythm, an ominous minor key, wicked good instrumental solos and the familiar character of the Devil up to his old tricks, the opening track “Trouble Train” sets the mood for the whole album. Throughout the rest of the album, thugs prowl the street, young couples dance the night away in New York, hearts are broken, and lives are taken, all over pitch-perfect melodies and arrangements. Sit back, close your eyes, and allow yourself to be taken on a journey of crime, passion, heartbreak, and torment on the seedier side of town.


This movie opens in black and white …


It’s late one cold December night. The city sleeps, but legendary guitarist, singer and pioneering bandleader Brian Setzer has opened his eyes. Something of whatever he was dreaming lingers and leads him to get up, turn on an old Sears cassette recorder, pick up his guitar, lay down a few snippets of ideas, grab a pen, scratch some words on a piece of paper … and then fall back into bed.


As it was, Setzer was puzzled by the scene that greeted him the next morning. He didn’t remember scribbling those lines that stared up at him from his coffee table. But when he pushed Play and heard what he’d laid down on that midnight tape, the spark of invention, long dark, flashed back to life – and with that, his most ambitious and evocative project in years was underway. Those first notes, those shards of lyric, marked the birth of “Passion of the Night,” the first of the 13 original tracks he would write and lay down for Songs From Lonely Avenue. The rest followed quickly: “Dimes in the Jar,” “Love Partners in Crime,” “Kiss Me Deadly,” boom, boom, boom, each one bursting to life in spurts of lyric and riff at any and all hours of the day and night. Looking back, Setzer is still mystified by it all. “I can’t really explain it,” he insists. “Just when I think I might never write another song, the words and music come into my head and won’t stop. Once I have a focus, the songs start coming to me real easily. It’s as if the dam’s been broken and the ideas start flowing.”


But a theme wove through this stream-of-conscious creativity. The snaky beat and saloon croon of “King of the Whole Damn World,” the finger-snap jive of “Gimme Some Rhythm Daddy,” the smoky crawl and roadhouse guitar of “My Baby Don’t Love Me Blues,” the ear-opening flamenco-flavored virtuosity of “Elena,” the sly genre juggling of “Mr. Jazzer Goes Surfin’” and “Mr. Surfer Goes Jazzin’” – every moment of every track beams like a pinpoint spot into the darkness of a film noir classic, casting new shadows even as it brings Setzer’s extraordinary instrumental and vocal gifts into the light.


That light transforms this movie from black and white into spectacular splashes of color, illuminated by some of the most electrifying, sophisticated and yet emotionally raw horn charts being written anywhere today. As Setzer saw it, there was only one arranger up to the challenge of evoking the big-band scores of half a century ago in a language that would connect immediately with the contemporary listener – and that was Frank Comstock, with whom Brian had worked previously on his Wolfgang’s Big Night Out album.


“Frank is the only one left,” Setzer insists of his collaborator, whose credits include music for the TV series Adam 12, Dragnet and Rocky & Bullwinkle, along with big-band masterpieces by Les Brown, Benny Carter, Stan Kenton and other giants of the ‘40’s and ‘50’s. “He helped invent this sound and, at 87 years old, he’s still got it.”


And so does the widening world of Setzer fans, from those who slammed to the Stray Cats in British clubs years ago to families who flocked last Christmas to the BSO’s annual holiday shows. All of these diverse audiences meet on Lonely Avenue – a place that, thanks to Setzer, is lonely no more.





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