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Rory Lewis Band

 Joseph Gress, Rory Lewis and Steve Beai

RoryLewis has produced 2 CDs, Heroines in 1999 and SOngs For Friday in 2006. Rory Lewis is currently working on its 3rd CD Belize. Click here for further stats on the CDs

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The Rory Lewis Band has appeared on Rolling Stone’s Billboard Charts two slots under Eminem. Their huge sales of Heroines and Songs For Friday catapulted the indie band to open for Everclear, Buckcherry, George Thorogood, Violent Femmes, Jerry Lewis and three acts before Stone Temple Pilots. Rory was known as the most downloaded indie artist during the heyday of MySpace. Since receiving his PhD in Computational Neuroscience in 2008 Rory began clinical research in Acute Brain Injury and Epilepsy at Anshcutz Medical School, CU Denver where he is an adjunct professor in the department of Neurology and the department of Pediatrics. Rory is an Assistant professor in Computer Science, Bachelor of Innovation and Computational Neuroscienmces at UCCS too. In 2011 Rory began writing songs again and is now recording his third CD: “So Ugh L.A!” Provided by artist representative.

Steve Beai has been a professional drummer for over 25 years in bands which include The YardApes, The Gear, and Intermission. Also an accomplished author with several hundred published pieces, he has received critical acclaim for his non-fiction work on censorship as well as his novels and short fiction. An outspoken fourth-generation Italian from Clinton, Indiana, Steve now hides out somewhere along the Front Range in Southern Colorado.

Members: Rory Lewis, Steve Beai, Joseph Gress

Sounds Like: Grateful Dead, The Rolling Stones, Stone Temple Pilots, Stevie Ray Vaughn, ELVIS PRESLEY

Label: innertron



2000-02-17 Rolling Stone Magazine

Rory Lewis Band: MTV 1999, Heroines

TITO 6 – The Best Of Rocafella/Shady Record Collaborations With New Album Cartel Conduct Produced By DJ Khaled’s

The Best Of Rocafella/Shady Record Collaborations With New Album Cartel Conduct Produced By DJ Khaled’s The Chemist Comin Soon.




Troy Garland AKA Tito-6(CEO of SoSay Int’l)was born on March 28th,In Flint,Michigan,in a impoverished neighborhood community that is known as the “Pierson hood”.Troy was youngest of 5 to Motown song writer & music producer Regional Garland & Nurse Gloria Garland.Growing up in a household full of musicians & singers,He would develop an interest in the many facets of music and would have them fostered by his father.At a young age,talented and gifted Troy and his Father would spend time learning to play instruments and write music.

At the age of 7 Troy’s parents divorced and without a consistent,strong,positive,male influence in the home he became influenced by the streets around him.At 14,He succumbed to the trafficking and distribution of illegal substances.In the hopes of saving her sons life,Troy’s mother began to send him away for periods of time to Long Island to stay with family.
  It was during these trips,Troy began to fall in love with hip hop as an artist.With the help of his oldest brother,He began to write his first rhymes.Although,Troy had a natural talent for sophisticated word play and rhyme schemes, he did not forgo his “Tony Montana” aspirations and became more involved in the “drug game”.
  While being engaged in his illegal activities he still found time to connect with his father to produce and record his 1st demo,which found its way to “legendary Hip Hop artist/Rapper” Rakim.On one of Troy’s many trips to New York,Troy was asked to perform for Rakim and from there was introduced to many people such as Janard Smalls(who would later become Troy’s manager would also place him on an NBC sitcom pilot, that never aired)and Marianne Giannio,who often asked Troy to perform at her many A list parties.
  After the disappointment of the failed sitcom and meetings,Troy returned to Flint and the street life.However,while in Flint at 17,Troy was introduced to Booming Records recording studio where he executive produced and recorded his first real album.Although the album had a moderate “street buzz” via retail at mom & pops shops and selling CDs out the back of his car,Troy lacked maturity & originality,often trying to emulate the artist of the time.
  It was a rap duo by the name of Skanbino Mob which featured rappers by the names of Ready Ace of Relativity Records and Bone Skanless of Tommy Boy Records,which took Troy under their wing along with local DJ,DJ Troy Hollywood.Troy received a lot of business savvy advice from his 3 mentors and also was afforded the opportunity to regularly perform with DJ Hollywood during his shows.During this time Troy continued to record and after a meeting with legendary jazz musician Bernard Terry and vocalist Michelle Shaw,He landed his first label deal.


  The album Downtown Tito-6 featured a lot of Michigan’s best artist including:Detroit’s hip hop legend Proof of Shady Records,D’12. DJ Salam Wreck,also of Shady Records,is the one who introduced Troy to Proof, based on his feelings toward Downtown Tito-6.The same night Troy met proof was he also introduced to and preformed for Eminem.After his performance for Eminem,He was introduced to Jimmy Iovines of Interscope Records,Attorney Bob Celestin,manager Jeff Ruffin and distributor Jamie Galgano,all very prominent figures in the music industry.
  During this time Troy became content with just the idea that he finally got a deal and became lazy.He recorded nonstop but often missed shows and tour dates.Troy was part time in the street and  part time in the studio and his music began to suffer as well as his musical endeavors with Interscope,It wasn’t until Troy met Rocafella recording artist Freeway that Troy got “re-inspired” to continue on his musical conquest.Troy began to record songs with many of Rocafella’s artist in hopes of signing a new record deal with the label.Unfortunately due to problems at Rocafella and the pending label break up. Troy was not offered the record deal he had been hoping for.
  In 2009 Troy released his “honesty project” entitled “Behind Closed Doors.That same year he decided to move out of Michigan in the hopes to being able to focus more on his career and music.


Nova The Rebel


Nova The Rebel has enormous swagger, combined with a witty sense of humor but realistic music. He has got a knack for creating choruses and always writes his own music.In 2012, the 28 year old feels that he knows so much more about promotion and all around business and most definitely feels that he wants to take advantage of that at this point.If you get anything from Nova’s music, you realize his message is for you to be you, make sure that you’re a leader and to enjoy your life but protect what’s yours as well.

Nova The Rebel

Born and raised in Cleveland, OH the 80’s baby who now goes by Nova The Rebel, started out at the age of 7 just rapping and freestyling, making little low quality tapes on his karaoke machine.  Nowadays, he’s recording in studios located in his hometown of Cleveland, as well as recording in New York.  He was discovered by the Indie New York label K-Class Music who at sometime back when boasted, Angelous, the underground rapper known most for his vocal tone which sounds similar to rapper Jay-Z’s, also the man behind “Manic Mondays”, K.Sparks, and now G.O.O.D. Music artist Kid Cudi who has dropped numerous mixtapes since he joined the team.

Undergound Rebel Vol. 1, Underground Rebel Vol. 2, the Compilation Mixtape GrindTeam USA “Chain of Affiliates”, Familiar Portraits, Life Under Lights and Life Under Lights 1.5.  He’s also been working with a former member of Da Beatminerz, Baby Paul aka BpZy.  Nova The Rebel was featured in the audio section of Hiphopgame.com, djBooth.net (audio section with K.Sparks), MixtapeNYC.com, has been on DJ Sireel’s The Bailout Plan mixtape, has appeared on numerous K.Sparks and Angelous mixtapes, featured on Joey Fingaz mixtape “Say Hello To My Little Friend”, has been featured on the Cleveland based rap dvd “Block to Block” parts 2 and 3, led the intro. for Cleveland based hip-hop show “Did it Happen Overnight?” which came on public access television, has performed at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as well as Peabodys Concert Club, Rockstar Rock Lounge and the 20/20 Martini Lounge.  He has been interviewed and featured in Cleveland based magazine, “B-Fly”, interviewed and spotlighted on HipHopLead.com, interviewed on Ms. Kitty Williams Radio Show, is a regular on 89.3 FM the Cleveland State University radio station, was the First Champion of Cleveland based rap battle ground “Spitboxing” (which was a place where the battle rappers engaged in verbal combat), interviewed on Urbanunionradio with DJ Ice Mike and Chef and his single “Paper Callin” was also spotlighted on DJ Latin Assassin’s Z107.9 FM Cleveland Homejamz which generated radio spins on the radio station, and is currently nominated for an Ohio Hustle award for Lyricist of the Year.

Nova the Rebel has completed his project entitled “Rebel Wednesdays” in which he released a new track via twitter, facebook, thadoubleo.com and ohiohustle.com every Wednesday for 30 weeks.  So far this year he has been featured on several Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes, DJ Ames International Hustle 1.5 hosted by Ace Hood and thisis50.com presents In The Studio Booth volume 2. All seven of Nova’s mixtapes can be downloaded via Dat Piff.

He has recently won Lyricist of the Year at the 2011 OhioHustle.com Awards, 2 Rebel Army Radio Awards; People’s MC and Artist’s MC and will be performing at the awards show on Oct. 1, 2011. He is also currently nominated for the 2011 Ohio Hip Hop Awards Lyricist of the Year. So this guy is doing things but is really poised to take off at this point!

Nova the Rebel has enormous swagger, combined with a witty sense of humor but realistic music.  He has got a knack for creating choruses and always writes his own music.

I think it’s time for the world to see what they’ve been missing.


Nova the Rebel [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] – SunSplash Freestyle

Ozzmak – Take no more – Free download

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#1 artists all time:


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Joel Aranda-aka-Jaylok from Portales,New Mexico (streets of Tako Town),began like every other artists,with free styling for friends at parties.A man of the streets,familiar with its codes and violence,Jaylok was able to pour himself into his music.7 years ago,Jaylok began to make a career out of his music and started recording his lyrics.Thanks to an inspiring man,Pancho Diaz-aka-Puppet Loc,Jaylok was finally able to perform on stage.Jaylok’s risk taking,growth,and diversity has allowed him to go out on a limb when needed to,so that his lyrics may be what they are today.



Jump Stupid


Music and SEX Perfect match ?








(January 10, 2012 Lexington, Kentucky) – The Kentucky-based rock band SUPERUNKNOWN has combined an incomparable team to produce a song of protest that promises to be one of most defining songs of 2012. The new single, “HEAT RISING (feat. Chance)” reflects the current state of discord and revolution throughout the world, from the Middle East to New York City. The song was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee and was produced by 3 Doors Down Guitarist, Chris Henderson.SUPERUNKNOWN consists of vocalist- Ronnie Rodriquez, guitarist- Todd Stricklin, bassist- James Greenlee, and drummer- Kyle Baker. SUPERUNKNOWN has been chosen as the opening act for: Kiss, Motley Crue, Heaven & Hell (Black Sabbath), Hinder, King’s X, Cinderella, Papa Roach, and Coheed & Cambria.



For additional information, contact:

Jimmy Flynt & Jim Henley:
(513) 673-0711





Superunknown is a rock band that was formed in 2006 in Lexington, Kentucky. The band consists of four members: Todd Stricklin (Guitars), James Greenlee (Bass), Kyle Baker (Percussion), and Ronnie Rodriguez(Vocals).

The members of Superunknown have emerged from radically different paths; and their respective influences are equally diverse.
Superunknown’s debut EP “Still Waiting” was recorded and produced by bass player James Greenlee at the band’s rehearsal studio. The record is packed with emotional vocals, memorable melodies, precise musicianship and strong songwriting. Superunknown’s goal is to create timeless music that truly touches the hearts and souls of music fans of all genres.

Superunkown, have seized opportunities to open shows for the likes of: Kiss, Motley Crue, Heaven & Hell (Black Sabbath), Hinder, King’s X, Papa Roach, Cinderella, and Coheed & Cambria.

Most notably, Superunknown was personally selected by music legends, KISS, to perform as the opening act on their 2010 World Tour.

Superunknown’s EP entitled “Still Waiting” is available for purchase on their website http://www.myspace.com/superunknownmusic, iTunes, Napster, & Rhapsody.

Blue Goons Ent.









Blue Goons Choppa Promo

Mike G The One


Mike G The One the powerful lyricist with a divine delivery and love. Creativity is the source, soul is what it is. I do what I do for the people.
I was born September 18th 1986 in Aurora, Colorado on a mission in this world that’s so cold. That’s what’s up. Art work: by ~BeboppinHaley


Mike G The One- This is My Time (Prod By Diamond Style)