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Big Noise Radio brings you the very essence of hip-hop music and culture. Free hip-hop radio delivering unlimited listening of your favorite hip-hop tunes. We present the next generation of online hip-hop radio streaming hip-hop music 24/7 365. Not only can you tune in on any computer worldwide at any time, you can listen to the songs you like as often as you want. New material is added to the play-list every week. Shows are changed nightly 10PM PST.

Big Noise Radio streams the best underground hip-hop music on the planet from artists like Black Milk, Rasco, Elzhi, One-Be-Lo, Common, Kev Brown, Little Brother, Skyzoo, J Dilla, Emcee Nemesis, Planet Asia, Pete Rock, DJ Premier, KRS One, 9th Wonder and many more. The MP3 player on our radio-page allows you to tune into interviews we have with hip-hop artists worldwide. Providing insight on hip-hop music, production, business and simply the love for hip-hop culture. We’ve hosted guests such as Slum Village, Jazzy Jeff, Donny Goines, Diablo Archer, Planet Asia with Gold Chain Military, Kev Brown with Low Budget Crew, Immortal Technique and other legendary hip-hop artists.

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BROBST is a solo artist that has been following his dream, since a very young age. He had released his first EP at the age of 16. It had earned him press and write-ups in the local newspaper.
In 2007, BROBST was the winner of the People’s Choice Award, for the Atlantis Music Conference, in Atlanta Georgia. He was given the opportunity to perform on the stage the same night as Queens of the Stoneage.
Shortly after, he was involved in a collaborative musical project with instrumentalist, Mark Barnes. They had submitted a video and song to a “band of the year competition” for SiTV. They had ended up as being one of the top 6 finalists.
Along his rise to fame, BROBST has received airplay on several radio stations and had created the jingle for Rhett Palmer’s, “The Florida Show”.
The year of 2013 is turning out to be a promising year, as BROBST has received nominations in 2 categories for the LA Music Awards.(Singer/Songwriter of the Year and Solo Performer of the year).
At the current time, BROBST is back in the studio working on some more hit music, to be released later in the year.


Semi Music

Inspirational reggae artist Semi



Jess Hines, (born November 12, 1985) better known by her stage name SINCE 85, is an American rapper, songwriter, and producer.
SINCE 85 explained that the name signifies the beginning and birth of stardom and the forefront. Meaning she has been coming to the stage since birth. Infiltrating a male dominated industry is a personal pursuit for this female emcee…”SINCE 85″. Her lyrical skills combined with smooth southern beats make her a force to be reckoned with. “SINCE 85″ is looking to change the negative light on what female rappers “CAN’T DO”. She’s performed at various venues across the country and her advice to others is… “The best way to do you, is to stop watchin’ me!”.

SINCE 85 LIVE!!!!!

Sol Romero Campbell

 SOL ROMERO (real name: Solveig Ellinor Campbell Romero) is a songwriter/singer/actress living in Los Angeles. She was born in Mexico City from a Swiss mother and Mexican father. Sol made her first music video in 2011 with the song “BiPolar Love”. She explains that the reason for her writing this song was that at that moment of her life and although she felt immensely loved she also felt tied down and enclosed. Through this song she undertook a trip through “a wonderland” where she tried to describe her contradicting inner feelings. Sol is currently putting together her first album “Darck Fantazy” and just finished shooting her second video in Switzerland.

Members: Solveig Ellinor Romero Campbell

Sounds Like: Pixie Lott, Amy Winehouse, Hilary Duff, Duffy, Michael Jackson

Label: Luna Sol y Mar GmbH, “META-MUSIC”, Sol Romero Campbell

Manager: Ellinor von Brandenstein, Luna Sol Productions

Sol Romero Campbell-Official Video-“Y did u LeaVe”

Patrick Barnett

Yeah Yeah I know, Pat ain’t Shit! LOL. I’m just a real intellectual guy who also likes to clown around. I handle my business, and I’m working on myself as a man and continuing my quest for knowledge. I’ve been on both sides of the tracks. I’ve done things in my life that I’m not proud of, but I’ve learned from all my experiences so I’ll never make the same mistake twice. I love music, music is my thing. I have some vices that I’m working on, nobody is perfect. I got the best of both, no, the best of all worlds: street smarts, book smarts, and I even managed to get some common sense, LOL. Holla at your boy if you’re real, if you’re fake and got some little sideways comments, KICK ROCKS! Shout-out to my brothers standing on the square; you know, with the LIGHT. Shout-out to all my US Veterans as well. Air Force!

If you are racist, you should keep on listening to your parents so you will fulfill the racist stereotype who post insensitive remarks on these sites, who will die in a hail of hatred, paranoid of the world around you. Or if you would like, there is an alternative. You can sit back, enjoy creation, and if you don’t like it, move on and find something you do like, or you could jump off a bridge to your demise. LMAO!!!



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Global pop star ENNOVI, Is a Singer/Songwriter & performer bringing you the hottest styles & infectious sounds. ENNOVI’s passion for music and performing developed at an early age and has now grown into a successful recording artist. Her talent has caught the attention of fans world wide & has encouraged her to continue rising on to becoming the next pop sensation. Her Sexy & Energetic performances will keep you coming back for more!


Tha Black Knights

Tha Black Knights is a group consisting of artists from Ontario Canada, and Lagos Nigeria; Combining talents together to give a broad and highly versertile form of music.
This group is a versertile force that focuses on bringing the new-age and real Hip-hop into the music scene.
Tha Black Knights artists are Rappa Bowy Blake Angel and Blaca. Tha Black Knights (TBK), has been busy with shows in the south-western part of ontario,taking over the scene like a storm, making new fans and shooting towards the limit and sky is the limit for these guys. They keep on promoting and re-kindling the flame and are not planning on stopping at any time soon. For more information of TBK you could check our other pages and sites:


Holla At Ya Boi – By Tha Black Knights



Imperial Railway

Haunting rock with a guitar-heavy sound. Cathartic lyrics dealing with loss and faith. A half-yelling vocal delivery over a barrage of distortion while maintaining anthemic melodies that would have anyone singing along.

Imperial Railway is an American rock ensemble from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Formed by singer, guitarist, and songwriter Dave Beshero in 2008; the band includes Zakk Fine (drums), Ryan Matteo (guitar), and Owen Parker (bass, vocals).

Imperial Railway combines elements of hardcore, rock, and punk with a dense, heavy guitar sound. Frontman Dave Beshero is known for his cathartic lyrics dealing directly with loss, betrayal, and faith. He is characterized by his half-yell vocal style.

Beshero recorded the first full-length for the band in 2010, loosely based on his parent’s divorce and his father’s death. He named the record “Carabosse” after a fictional witch in various works, most notably Tchaikovsky’s ballet of Sleeping Beauty.

Imperial Railway – The Elephant

Maxim Senin

Growing up in Riga, Latvia (formally the USSR) and now residing in Long Beach California for the past twelve years, Maxim Senin learned early on the value of learning to play and perform music. With both parents playing the piano it was their desire to give him a solid musical education, and for him to understand and appreciate music; learning with classical music training. When he was in the first grade, his parents got him a violin, but he quickly lost interest. They attempted to teach Maxim the piano. The problem was that the family was poor and could not afford a piano for him to practice on. While in the fourth grade, his parents bought him a clarinet which he learned how to play classical and jazz relatively well. At this point, Maxim’s interest in music subsided. It wasn’t until college when many of his friends played music and were in bands that his interest in music was once again peaked. Since then he has not looked back and continues to write and perform music.
A software engineer by trade, and also a private pilot, Maxim Senin’s love for music is now a large part of his life and is deeply engraved in his daily thoughts and actions. His preference in music is laid-back rock and a touch of folk with an emphasis on his lyrical composition. Choosing love and love triangles as themes for his music and songs, betrayal and unanswered love looms over and is easily detected in his sound. Aside from love tragically gone wrong, Maxim has a great appreciation for songs that are reflective, with a twist and plot in the story line, and that have hope and humor in them. His music comes both from what he observes around him and emotions within that is vented through his lyrics and musical composition.
Citing influences such as Mark Knopfler, J.J. Cale, and Eric Clapton, Maxim finds himself inspired by the likes of Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Sting, and Roxette while also enjoying the music of other icon artists like Coldplay, Duran Duran, U2, The Who, Grateful dead, and Oasis. Although at this stage in his music career, Maxim has not really played any high profile arena type performances mainly because that’s not really his thing. “I’m not a big fan of large crowds”, states Maxim, I also think that my music, at least at the moment, is to be heard by people on their couches or in their cars, not 10,000-seat stadiums. Although, if I had one dream I’d like to fulfill, I wouldn’t mind playing a duet with Clapton or Sting”.
As a multi-instrumentalist, Maxim played every instrument on his debut EP release “The Taming of the Wolf” including the acoustic guitar, piano, ukulele, harmonica, keyboard, and all percussions. Maxim has great aspirations for the success of the new release. When asked if he could retain his artistic integrity with increased commercial success he replied with no hesitation, “I think yes. I’m open-minded about learning from other artists and listening to friends’ advice, but at the same time I think I am on the way of developing my own unique style. That doesn’t mean, however, that this style won’t evolve over time”.
With his debut EP release The “Taming of the Wolf”, Maxim Senin has only just begun. He has plans to promote the record vigorously and hopes to release a full length album by the end of 2012. The Taming of the Wolf is available for sale at CD Baby and by digital download on iTunes along with many other online distribution outlets. For more information on this innovative emerging artist you can listen to his music, and download songs at

Maxim’s Other Websites:

The Cure – Love Song – Cover by Maxim