Reverend Doctor D Blues Legend from Chicago

Reverend Doctor D


“The Right Reverend, Doctor D”, Chicago blues veteran with an imposing 7-foot frame. He’s destined to become a legend, if he isn’t one already.
Ivankovich understands what it’s like to be the underdog. Achieving All-State and All-American honors as a hoops baller and shot-caller, Ivankovich was one of the most highly recruited players in the States. With over 500 scholarship offers, he decided to play for Northwestern University while working towards his BSM/MD in the prestigious Honors Program In Medical Education. Then . . . disaster. A horrific knee injury ended his dreams of playing for the NBA and the Yugoslavian Olympic team.
With newfound time on his hands, he listened to his heart and turned to music for inspiration, transitioning from classical violinist to fire-breathing blues guitarist. Within months, he was playing on-stage with some of his musical heroes. Ivankovich went right to the source of the blues on Chicago’s South Side. He jammed, performed, and recorded with Chicago legends, Eddie Taylor, Homesick James, Snooky Pryor, Lefty Dizz, Johnny Dollar, Hubert Sumlin, James Cotton, Dion Payton, Magic Slim, Junior Wells, Bo Diddley, Muddy Waters and Buddy Guy. Including a stint as bandleader for legendary bluesman, Otis Rush.
At the Checkerboard Lounge on 43rd Street, he befriended and made a lifelong connection with players that he would eventually tap for the Chicago Blues All-Stars. Names like “Killer” Ray Allison, Jerry “Bam-Bam” Porter, Johnny B. Gayden and Roosevelt “Mad-Hatter” Purifoy. While a student at Northwestern, WNUR-FM, one of America’s premier non-commercial stations broadcasting from the University, took note. While trying to find the classroom for “Intro to Geography”, he took a wrong turn. It turned out to be all too right, bringing him to the door of the WNUR on-air studios. The music director lamented that the Blues Show needed a host or faced cancellation. Fate dropped that opportunity right in his lap.
The name, Daniel Ivankovich, didn’t have the right ring for Chicago blues, so he created the on-air personality, The Right Reverend, Doctor D. “Out Of The Blue” became the premiere Chicago blues program and was syndicated in over sixty markets. This led to on-air stints at commercial outlets WCKG-FM in Chicago and WQHT-FM in New York. He worked as producer and program developer for MJI Broadcasting in New York. He strides into hospital lobbies in a sweet black leather cowboy hat and goatee. He understands the pain his patients suffer, having personally undergone thirteen knee surgeries himself. Because of this, a unique ride was necessary for comfort as well as street credibility while navigating the rough & tumble streets of the ‘hood’.
Dan Ivankovich is a well-known public figure. In March 2010 he was featured on the American Spirit segment in Katie Couric’s CBS evening news in addition to numerous segments in both print and broadcast media. After the devastating earthquake in January 2010, he traveled to Haiti on his own expense to treat the countless victims pulled from the rubble, taking special interest in the spinal cord injured patients he found laying in makeshift tents. Through a series of miracles and moxie, he cut through mountains of red tape and personally escorted two such patients, Bazelais Suy and Josette Delisca, back to the States for top-notch care, a feat that was covered by newscasts all over the country and will soon be documented in an international story by the Associated Press.
Several documentaries are currently in the works chronicling his life story and humanitarian missions. With all of his variable expertise, there is a connecting thread. Whether squeezing a blue note out of his six-string, preaching on the day’s relevant social issues, or wielding a scalpel with skill and precision, the street rules his reality. Dan Ivankovich does it all with a street-savvy hipness and honesty, integrity that’s nearly extinct in today’s climate of inequitable health care policies, greed, corruption, and injustice.
He’s bluesman, healer, shaman & philosopher, and, as Bo Diddley said about Ivankovich’s blues alter ego, The Right Reverend, Doctor D, “one of the craziest %$#@! I’ve ever met. He ain’t from this planet.”

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Born of Scars-featured artist on Reverb Nation the week of 12-12-11.
Born of Scars performed at the Bamboozle
Festival at Giants Stadium in May, Recently opened for Fuel, has currently finished recording with legendary producers Steve Haigler (The Pixies, Fuel) and Mike Watts of Vu Du Studios and released a video for “The Rain”.

Born of Scars is a female fronted, Modern Hard Rock band that brings together 4 of the finest musicians in the New York City area. The bands music was described by one industry insider as: “Aggressive, well written, soul chilling songs with a fresh approach to Modern Hard Rock that brings together all of its elements with skill and fluency. Its guaranteed no matter who you are, or what genre you prefer; you will enjoy Born of Scars!”

“this band just writes solid tunes that are catchy. The 7 tunes I got on this disc were all good to great tunes. The production is solid and I think for the most part the band have their own sound. I could easily see this band getting signed to a label and selling some serious units. Good stuff and not many bands doing this style and glad to see this wasn’t some FM garbage modern rock band. ”
– Chris Forbes, (Feb 27, 2011)

Born of Scars is currently touring regionally to promote their latest release “Minor to Major”. Though early response to the CD has been very positive the band feels record company support could hurl the release to the top of the charts. Evidence of the CD’s early success is that “The Rain” has already been placed in the soon to be released film “Serina, A Vampire’s Tale.”

Born of Scars has been thrilling audiences with their electrifyingly inspired performances filled with energy, passion, and amazing music. Work has already begun on the next CD and plans are being made for national touring. A true diamond in the rough; Born of Scars is not just a band, but a business organization that sees its product going global in the near future!


Born of Scars – “The Rain” Official Video





Coined by a 70’s ROCK band Steppen Wolf’s “Born to be wild” uttered the lyrics “HEAVY METAL THUNDER”. MAX METAL is a multi generation of classic, 80’s, Alternative, Nu, Heavy, Thrash, Industrial,MELODIC/PROG artist’s to bring you premium high octane rock/metal tunes with exceptional: musicianship, vocals, creativity and FUN atmosphere from all over the world! KEEP it KRANKED @ volume 11!! Maximus Aurelius
WE ARE the BEST period ! We rock from the HEART of AMERICA KANSAS CITY Missouri!!



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I’ve been writing ever since i can remember but I’m finally getting in the studio to make music and put together this mixtape.

H.B.I.C- Smurf Brown







“Abm” got involved with music at a very young age, but did not take it seriously until after several failed attempts of helping other artist get record deals, and just blow it. He decided to concentrate on doing his own music while developing a record label. As a kid he was influenced by the likes of Teddy Pendergrass, Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, and Stevie Wonder. He writes, sing, rap, and produce. He is currently the CEO of Platinum Trini Entertainment an independent record label distributed through Universal Music Group. He considers this step in his life a privilege, and a career.




“Abm” dancehall/reggae artist who hails from Trinidad representing the West Indies is the latest addition to the Platinum T. Entertainment  roster. A native of Trinidad, “Abm” excelled in track and field, basketball, and football. He was then offered a track scholarship to attend Grambling State University where he graduated with an engineering degree. Upon graduating from college he moved from the east coast to the west coast where the weather was more of a tropical climate. “Abm” has always had a passion for music, he writes, produce, rap, and sings. After stints with helping and developing several artists, he decided that it was time for him to do something for himself. He has procrastinated for sometime now, and decided that it was time for him to do his own music. This is by no means a career for him. This is a privilege, and music that needed to be heard his way.





ABM Dat Body Gyal Ft. Qwes Now Available On ITunes




All Night Long — the fifth album from Buckcherry — is the vital sound of rock and roll endurance at its very best. It’s not just rock, it’s rock and roll. More than a decade after first establishing its good name with the popular eponymous 1999 debut effort, Buckcherry has created the band’s most eclectic and impressive effort yet.
“We set out to make a great rock record from beginning to end,” says lead vocalist Josh Todd. “That’s always been our quest. When I listen back to All Night Long, I think that this is definitely one of our strongest efforts to date and has a really definitive overall vibe. Now I can’t wait to sing these songs live for people and let everyone hear the results for themselves.”
Today, Buckcherry — Todd, Nelson, guitarist Stevie D., bassist Jimmy Ashhurst and drummer Xavier Muriel — is clearly a band fired up and ready to bring All Night Long alive on a stage near you. “Buckcherry is not a party without the five of us,” explains Keith Nelson. “Though the majority of what you hear starts off with Josh and I, the whole thing only takes on a life of its own when the five of us get together and get rolling. Each one of the guys in the band now is vital to our sound. Stevie is incredibly great to play guitar with, and with the rhythm section, Xavier is the rock and Jimmy is the roll. That’s just the way it is.”
Throughout their already illustrious history, Buckcherry has never been a group to chase trends or fashions. “There’s always a void open for a rock band like us to fill,” says Josh Todd. “I don’t think anyone else does quite what we do. Hey, it’s not that we’re re-inventing the wheel, but we’ve been doing this for over a decade now and part of what makes it work is our chemistry as a band. We don’t sound like anyone else. We sound like Buckcherry. We also don’t put a lot of bells and whistles and samples in our music, and so what you see is what you get.”


“I didn’t do it for money, I did it all for free/I did it all to fill the fucking hole inside of me” – “So Far”Don’t call it a comeback. For Buckcherry founders, lead singer Josh Todd and his co-writer, guitarist Keith Nelson, the band has never really been away, and that urgency comes through loud and clear on FIFTEEN, their first album in four years.

“My desire never left,” says tattooed front man Todd, a whirling dervish on-stage with a classic rock & roll yowl that places the band in a unique space at the crossroads of punk energy and metal power. “I’m a musician, a performer and a songwriter, and I’m still really passionate about entertaining and making records.”

You can hear that intensity on the opening salvo of “So Far” and the first single, the lasciviously leering “Next 2 You,” a collaboration between Todd, Nelson and songwriter Marti Fredrickson (Aerosmith) reminiscent of the band’s smash, “Lit Up.”

“We had to take a break and assess what was important, and that’s creating music that fills what we see as a current void for classic rock with a modern edge,” says Nelson, a self-dubbed “East Coast blues-rock guitar guy” from Beaver Falls, PA. “We were just pulled by so many outside forces from what we set out to do.”

Recruiting guitarist Steve D, drummer Xavier Muriel and bassist Jimmy Ashhurst after an exhaustive search, Buckcherry was energized enough to record their new album in 15 days (hence the title), with Nelson co-producing alongside Mike Plotnikoff and Paul DeCarli. It’s a throwback to an era in which classic discs like Led Zeppelin I were made in a week with a barely contained rush of inspiration and spontaneity.

“We’re very fortunate to have guys playing with us now who are true believers is what we want to do,” says Keith. “I never realized how much fun and creatively inspiring this could be. It’s been a fuckin’ blast.”

“Buckcherry is a rock & roll band. We wanted to get that vibe back which made us so explosive,” agrees Josh. “We went out to find the right guys who had that same mentality. These guys are in for the long haul.”

“Think about what you know/Forget about what you’re told/See how your story grows and let it come from your own mind/Do all your favorite things/Cover it with all your dreams/Breathe it, and smoke it, and fuck it and make it something” “So Far”

The L.A.-based band broke onto the national scene in 1999 with their self-titled debut album, produced by Terry Date and Sex Pistol Steve Jones, for DreamWorks Records. They scored with such hit Modern Rock singles as “Lit Up,” “Check Your Head” and “For The Movies,” prompting Entertainment Weekly to rave, “Coming on like the Black Crowes by way of AC/DC, this L.A.-based band is at its best blasting its way through hard-hitting riff rockers.” Melody Maker boasted, “A band who kick arse cos that’s why God gave us shoes.” Q said “The rumpty-tumpty groove of AC/DC and songs which recall such long-forgotten Sunset Strip bands as Junkyard and Little Caesar… a hugely entertaining record.” Mojo opined: “Establishes itself in adult Beavis & Butthead country… It’s Riffs R Us.”

Buckcherry went on to release the follow-up, Time Bomb, in summer 2000, followed by a successful stint opening for one of their heroes AC/DC. When DreamWorks effectively disappeared within the corporate monolith shortly afterward, though, the group’s momentum stalled, band members split, and Todd and Nelson were left trying to right the sinking ship. It placed a tremendous amount of financial and emotional pressure on the band, which forced them to take a break to reassess its future direction.

While trying to recover from Buckcherry, the duo were recruited by Slash, Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum to play a benefit for the late drummer Randy Castillo which turned into the infamous “G&R Project” and eventually evolved into Velvet Revolver.

“It made us realize how much fun it was to be in a band again,” says Josh. “We began to focus on what mattered—the music—and what Buckcherry represented and believed in. And we were able to turn our disappointment at the label’s demise into a new direction.”

“By the end, I was just so spent dealing with all the egos, I needed to take some time off,” explains Keith, who ended up with a co-writing credit on “Dirty Little Thing” from Velvet Revolver’s hit debut.

The experience recommitted the pair to working together and reforming the band.

“I missed him as a friend,” says Josh. “And it came back together so quickly and effortlessly, we felt, ‘This is the way it’s supposed to be.’ The time away ended up working in our favor.”

The pairing favorably compares to several prominent lead singer/guitarist duos who have fueled some of the band’s major inspirations, a torch that has been handed down from the dawn of rock and Josh and Keith have willingly accepted.

FIFTEEN sports some of the all-out rockers that Buckcherry is known for, like the aggro fury of “Out of Line,” the salacious, Stonesy swagger of “Crazy Bitch,” the balls-to-the-wall “Onset,” the full-tilt Faces rock of “Sunshine” and the anti-war, AC/DC-influenced “Broken Glass.” But there’s also the Bic-flicking, Marti Frederickson co-written power ballad, “Sorry,” the minor key Anglo-rock of “Everything” and the bluesy acoustic ode to “Brooklyn.”

“We went into the studio and vowed not to come out until we had a successful, ass-kicking, career-defining album,” says Josh.

“We entered this process without an A&R guy or a label behind us,” agrees Keith. “There wasn’t a huge payday waiting for us. It was about making a record we were happy with and believed in. At this point, I don’t give a fuck about selling records if I’m not getting off on the music and the people I’m making it with. We learned that we can succeed creatively being self-contained and self-directed if we allowed ourselves to follow our instincts.”

“I’ve been trying all night long cause I want to get next to you.” “Next 2 You”

With FIFTEEN, Buckcherry hasn’t just returned to the scene, they’ve grabbed it by the throat and are back in your face with renewed vengeance.

“I have a lot of pride in the album, a lot of years of experience and knowledge riding on the fact this is an opportunity to do what I do, have a band that’s awesome and I enjoy playing with,” explains Keith. “Once you learn where the potholes in the road are, you can go around them. We’re really fortunate in being able to get back together, absorb those lessons and move forward.”

“That’s the best thing about America,” adds Todd. “You can get a second chance… and I’m very grateful for it.”

On FIFTEEN, Buckcherry have survived the industry to show the world what they’ve always strived to become—a world-class rock band.

Buckcherry – It’s a Party – Official Video