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Hangar 24 is ready to rock the Central Texas area with the best classic rock, 90’s alternative, and originals… with a touch of vintage aviation spirit.


Hey, I’m Chris. I live in Fort Hood, Texas with my wife Rita and my guys Dan, Nic and Lou. I’ve been playing guitar for 15 years and  I created this site to post some of my personal projects that I don’t bring to the table with whatever band i happen to be in. I love fast paced riffs with melodic leads and complicated sweep arpeggios and tapping.  I record at my house using a crappy drum machine until I find a drummer  to work with me on my stuff.
EQUIPMENT: I play a Schecter Hellraiser Deluxe and a Schecter Damien 6 through a Hughes & Kettner 100 watt Switchblade Head and a Kustom cab with a BBE Compressor/Limiter/Sonic Maximizer and a Digitech Multi-effects pedal in the effects loop. I record through an M-Audio Delta 66 interface with M-Audio Studio Monitors.  It’s the not the best equipment but my kids gotta have shoes before i get guitars.

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Straight out of Fayetteville N.C. Valentina is generating a very strong buzz on the Hip Hop scene. Her single Grippng the Faucet is a definite in your face like it or lump it type of song to hear. To see her perform it live usually generates a jaw dropping now thats whats up kind of response. Both men and women can appreciate her lyricism which leaves little for the imagination. Its straight talk no sugar coating — it is what it is. Currently working on her freshman album Valentinas Day Valentina has been referred to as a BEAST in the studio. She demands perfection and wont leave till the song is done right. Be on the look out for Valentina and request her on the radio as she works her way toward the top of the billboard charts. For Bookings interviews etc contact Valentinaentertainment@gmail.com See yawl @ the Grammys



Hailing originally from Southeast LA, CA you will find another sick ghetto creation known as Morbyd. After spending a childhood of violence, muder, and mayhem he was quickly sent to somewhere “Safer”. Denver, CO. This is when things finally started taking shape and created the sick son of a bitch you have all come to love and hate. Spending most of his life in the music scene since he was 14, he started as a guitarplayer for bands Subreption, Apocalyptic Visions, and most recent Illuminati(Animus). During the years the same problem of keeping seperate minds on the same track. In the end Morbyd left all the bands due to artistic conflicts. This year was the beginning of the third year performing by Morbyd with an onslaught of 33 shows thus far. Captivating those who are willing to listen to a new breed of wickedshit. Playing with artists such as Scum, Troll, Fiasco Andretti, Graveplott, Shyone, Smallz One, Qrem Dela Qrem, and Luni Spade, King Gordy, Liquid Assassin, Bloodshot, ESHAM, Boondox, Mars, The DRP, Saint Dog, Project Born. The first album is due to drop in summer of 2011. Including 12 guests! Prepare for “The Exordium”

During the same time as the first empire of the egyptians was a priest of Anubis. He reigned over two thousand years before he had broken the oaths he had taken. For this he was buried alive and cursed to die a thousand deaths. Losing all ability to forget all that has occured. The time spent in his eternal tomb went by slow. Still able to travel through forms of astroprojection he watched the whole of humanity as it’s technology advanced, the world’s social advancement conintually falls. The Gods’ came to visit this tormented soul 995 lives later. Making a deal with this now ancient soul. In return for giving the people a message, he would be freed from his eternal living hell. During existance of humanity our true nature has come to slowly show it’s ugly head. At one time you found a world on the surface pursuing the light. Making way for the generations to come….But where you find light you also find darkness. A darkness unable to be pierced by any forms of light made by the gods or men. Over the years this darkness has grown and grown. Where has it grown you may ask? When you find yourself looking up death on you tube…When you rubberneck in traffic hoping to see a fatality…When you find yourself digging up graves to fuck a dead body…When you watch faces of death or a murder and instead of flinch and run you find yourself wanting to see somebody die…When you find yourself more obsessed with the matters of the dead rather than those matters of the living…This is the darkness of which I speak. The place inside of us all. Now so powerful we have to fight our nature on a daily basis. Finally the masks have been pointed out. And society now has a true face. This is what is know as “The Exordium”! What happens next? Only time will tell…I’m

Then again…

MacTray3 Marvelous/aka/Henchloccc


Mactray3 Marvelous aka Henchloccc Born Travon L Louden on the EastSide of Long Beach Ca, Introduced to Rap at a very young age began to freestyle with other friends in the Neighborhood he Later Decided to take it his Craft more seriously and began writing full songs, He and fellow artist such as Crook Doggg Capone3,Sly Feddy, Sharp Shooter the THug Boss formed a group and began grinding putting out several Classics Albums That still continues to circulate around in the underground circuit they have performed in many shows including The World Famous V.I.P Records. He has started out on his mission of becoming one of the worlds greastest MC’s to ever touch the Mic, His style is very unique and Original due to message carried in it’s content West Coast Based style with poetic Delivery he has a very versatile flow and combined with it’s Gangsta Lyrics and Beats makes him a complete package. Currently working on his solo Debut in 2011 ALBUM Titled ( M.A.C. Master Art Communication) Look out For Mac3 on Myspace,Facebook,Twitter,Reverbnation,Album and shows coming up weekly so come out and show ya luv for ya Boy Mac Marvelous

More About MacTray3 Marvelous/aka/Henchloccc



(Mastering   The   Art   Of   Communication)


#1. Betta  Ask  Somebody


#2. Play  A  Game


#3. U  Aint  Said  Nuttin    Feat: WYCE


#4. Good  2  Be  Home   Feat: CrookdogggCapon3


#5. Swagger    Feat: Wyce


#6. Party Hard    Feat: CrookdogggCapon3,WYCE


#7. No Skinny Jeans


#8. Suspect N*****


#9. Sorry


#10.Grey & Black


#11.My Life    Feat:WYCE Of Paypa Boy Money Gang


                   COMING SOON




Prodused by. H Dubb /MACTRAY3MARVELOUS (TPG3)


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