A Cd, Basic love, with the best love songs of our time, by recording artist Johnnie Newkirk Jr

Johnnie Newkirk Jr. is the CEO/President/Founder of NewCharles Entertainment and it’s two divisions, Nyoka Records & NewCharlesRecords

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Soupe is a four piece Indie Post Rock band with elements of Hip Hop, and Funk. Borrowing from the deltas blues, late 70’s early 80’s dance funk and playing originals and classic numbers in there own light Soupe is carrying in a tradition of bands like Cake, The Roots, Sublime, and Red Hot chili Peppers.

Influences include: Cake, Red Hot Chili Peppers, TV on the Radio, Enemies, The Roots, Albert E King, John Lee Hooker, Sublime and Grand Master Flash


Soupe performing “Just A Little More” @ Hooligans in Abq

Imperial Railway

Haunting rock with a guitar-heavy sound. Cathartic lyrics dealing with loss and faith. A half-yelling vocal delivery over a barrage of distortion while maintaining anthemic melodies that would have anyone singing along.

Imperial Railway is an American rock ensemble from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Formed by singer, guitarist, and songwriter Dave Beshero in 2008; the band includes Zakk Fine (drums), Ryan Matteo (guitar), and Owen Parker (bass, vocals).

Imperial Railway combines elements of hardcore, rock, and punk with a dense, heavy guitar sound. Frontman Dave Beshero is known for his cathartic lyrics dealing directly with loss, betrayal, and faith. He is characterized by his half-yell vocal style.

Beshero recorded the first full-length for the band in 2010, loosely based on his parent’s divorce and his father’s death. He named the record “Carabosse” after a fictional witch in various works, most notably Tchaikovsky’s ballet of Sleeping Beauty.


Imperial Railway – The Elephant

Summer Azul



Summer Azul is a Indian/French Creole Rapper & Actress born in North America with a love of cultures from all over the World. This new International recording artist brings World music, House, Reggae Dancehall, Dubstep & HipHop together in a way not seen before. Summer Azul is known as the “Mixtape Queen” not only because of her “Hustle Hard” mentality and unmatched self promoting techniques (appearing and promoting at all major events in different cities around the world), but also due to her extraordinary gift of mastering any remix as well as blazing Hot original tracks, which are showcased on the 100’s of mixtapes, features and albums she has appeared on across the globe. She is also the current recipient of the 2011 Rebel Radio “BEST FEMALE MC” award as well as the 2011 JB Star “BEST ACTRESS” award. With her background in martial arts, her ability to speak different languages (including English, Spanish & French) alongside several alter egos, Summer Azul brings a whole new flavor to the world of music.

Currently residing in Atlanta,Ga,USA. not only has Summer Azul made a name for herself in the underground music circuit, but she has also managed to obtain a Worldwide fan base and support system known as the “AzulArmy” and her music is currently getting airtime in such places as Brazil, Africa, India, Japan and the U.K. With her unique sensual voice, Indian & Brazilian influenced dance moves and her undoubted sex appeal, Summer Azul is bringing the heat to the World of entertainment. Check out her latest post including her newest mixtapes to hear what Summer Azul has to offer through her music!

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Summer Azul as Toma (Tupac’s back remix)






Kash Tha Ovadose is not just an artist; he is a statement, a movement, a brand. Sound scan sales have cemented Hip Hop as one of the highest-grossing genres in the history of the music industry. Popular dance music such as Trance, Techno and Electronica are among the fastest growing genres in the music industry. Combine Hip Hop and Electronica, add originality, mix in the outrageous and sprinkle the never-forget-to-be-spontaneous, and that is the sound of the UnderGround Compound.

The UnderGround Compound is the entertainment enterprise established, represented, and expanded by Duane T. Howell, Jr. and Kash Tha Ovadose. The label began to flood the streets with mixtape material via direct contact and Internet downloads. The 1st original album titled, “ Year of the Godz”, was released in 2007, available on Itunes.com, Amazon.com, Bebo.com, and many others. Radioindy.com reviews the album “On ‘The Year Of The Gods,’ Kash Tha Ovadose brings a party hoppin’ album with great beats and lyrics. This CD consistently presents mind blowing rhyming ability.” Rhyming meaning lyrics, lyrics meaning songwriting. Actual Song writing skill is a timeless art that will allow music to sell regardless of the time period. One hit wonders are usually poorly written with a catchy chorus. Lets try a catchy chorus and a well-written song.

Kash’s second album, “The Chosen Won” will be digitally released August 2010 via Itunes.com, Zune.com, Amazon.com and Kashthaovadose.com. Physical cds will be sold at performances and other guest appearances and in bulk to Distributors. The album release event in August serves to support promotion via the DJ network throughout New England and International Club, Dance and Underground Music Scenes. The Underground Compound will release at least three videos promoting the upcoming album singles.

You can purchase “The Chosen Won” on Itunes NOW!


Kash tha Ovadose on Itunes

Kash tha Ovadose on Itunes



Kash tha Ovadose “Created a Monster “




SaNela is an aspiring R&B/Soul singer/songwriter with a soothing voice and a powerful insight through the expression of words. SaNela is native from Bosnia & Hercegovina born May 29, 1987. The tragedy of the Bosnian-Serbian war (1992-1995) is what brought her to the USA along with her immediate family in 1993. SaNela first discovered her passion for singing and songwriting at the young age of 10. SaNela and her family struggled to get accustomed to a new culture, a new language, a new life, a new world. Her parent’s had dreams for her and her sisters to attend college and have a better life. She fulfilled her parents wishes and is now ready to pursue her own dreams and share them with you.






All Night Long — the fifth album from Buckcherry — is the vital sound of rock and roll endurance at its very best. It’s not just rock, it’s rock and roll. More than a decade after first establishing its good name with the popular eponymous 1999 debut effort, Buckcherry has created the band’s most eclectic and impressive effort yet.
“We set out to make a great rock record from beginning to end,” says lead vocalist Josh Todd. “That’s always been our quest. When I listen back to All Night Long, I think that this is definitely one of our strongest efforts to date and has a really definitive overall vibe. Now I can’t wait to sing these songs live for people and let everyone hear the results for themselves.”
Today, Buckcherry — Todd, Nelson, guitarist Stevie D., bassist Jimmy Ashhurst and drummer Xavier Muriel — is clearly a band fired up and ready to bring All Night Long alive on a stage near you. “Buckcherry is not a party without the five of us,” explains Keith Nelson. “Though the majority of what you hear starts off with Josh and I, the whole thing only takes on a life of its own when the five of us get together and get rolling. Each one of the guys in the band now is vital to our sound. Stevie is incredibly great to play guitar with, and with the rhythm section, Xavier is the rock and Jimmy is the roll. That’s just the way it is.”
Throughout their already illustrious history, Buckcherry has never been a group to chase trends or fashions. “There’s always a void open for a rock band like us to fill,” says Josh Todd. “I don’t think anyone else does quite what we do. Hey, it’s not that we’re re-inventing the wheel, but we’ve been doing this for over a decade now and part of what makes it work is our chemistry as a band. We don’t sound like anyone else. We sound like Buckcherry. We also don’t put a lot of bells and whistles and samples in our music, and so what you see is what you get.”


“I didn’t do it for money, I did it all for free/I did it all to fill the fucking hole inside of me” – “So Far”Don’t call it a comeback. For Buckcherry founders, lead singer Josh Todd and his co-writer, guitarist Keith Nelson, the band has never really been away, and that urgency comes through loud and clear on FIFTEEN, their first album in four years.

“My desire never left,” says tattooed front man Todd, a whirling dervish on-stage with a classic rock & roll yowl that places the band in a unique space at the crossroads of punk energy and metal power. “I’m a musician, a performer and a songwriter, and I’m still really passionate about entertaining and making records.”

You can hear that intensity on the opening salvo of “So Far” and the first single, the lasciviously leering “Next 2 You,” a collaboration between Todd, Nelson and songwriter Marti Fredrickson (Aerosmith) reminiscent of the band’s smash, “Lit Up.”

“We had to take a break and assess what was important, and that’s creating music that fills what we see as a current void for classic rock with a modern edge,” says Nelson, a self-dubbed “East Coast blues-rock guitar guy” from Beaver Falls, PA. “We were just pulled by so many outside forces from what we set out to do.”

Recruiting guitarist Steve D, drummer Xavier Muriel and bassist Jimmy Ashhurst after an exhaustive search, Buckcherry was energized enough to record their new album in 15 days (hence the title), with Nelson co-producing alongside Mike Plotnikoff and Paul DeCarli. It’s a throwback to an era in which classic discs like Led Zeppelin I were made in a week with a barely contained rush of inspiration and spontaneity.

“We’re very fortunate to have guys playing with us now who are true believers is what we want to do,” says Keith. “I never realized how much fun and creatively inspiring this could be. It’s been a fuckin’ blast.”

“Buckcherry is a rock & roll band. We wanted to get that vibe back which made us so explosive,” agrees Josh. “We went out to find the right guys who had that same mentality. These guys are in for the long haul.”

“Think about what you know/Forget about what you’re told/See how your story grows and let it come from your own mind/Do all your favorite things/Cover it with all your dreams/Breathe it, and smoke it, and fuck it and make it something” “So Far”

The L.A.-based band broke onto the national scene in 1999 with their self-titled debut album, produced by Terry Date and Sex Pistol Steve Jones, for DreamWorks Records. They scored with such hit Modern Rock singles as “Lit Up,” “Check Your Head” and “For The Movies,” prompting Entertainment Weekly to rave, “Coming on like the Black Crowes by way of AC/DC, this L.A.-based band is at its best blasting its way through hard-hitting riff rockers.” Melody Maker boasted, “A band who kick arse cos that’s why God gave us shoes.” Q said “The rumpty-tumpty groove of AC/DC and songs which recall such long-forgotten Sunset Strip bands as Junkyard and Little Caesar… a hugely entertaining record.” Mojo opined: “Establishes itself in adult Beavis & Butthead country… It’s Riffs R Us.”

Buckcherry went on to release the follow-up, Time Bomb, in summer 2000, followed by a successful stint opening for one of their heroes AC/DC. When DreamWorks effectively disappeared within the corporate monolith shortly afterward, though, the group’s momentum stalled, band members split, and Todd and Nelson were left trying to right the sinking ship. It placed a tremendous amount of financial and emotional pressure on the band, which forced them to take a break to reassess its future direction.

While trying to recover from Buckcherry, the duo were recruited by Slash, Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum to play a benefit for the late drummer Randy Castillo which turned into the infamous “G&R Project” and eventually evolved into Velvet Revolver.

“It made us realize how much fun it was to be in a band again,” says Josh. “We began to focus on what mattered—the music—and what Buckcherry represented and believed in. And we were able to turn our disappointment at the label’s demise into a new direction.”

“By the end, I was just so spent dealing with all the egos, I needed to take some time off,” explains Keith, who ended up with a co-writing credit on “Dirty Little Thing” from Velvet Revolver’s hit debut.

The experience recommitted the pair to working together and reforming the band.

“I missed him as a friend,” says Josh. “And it came back together so quickly and effortlessly, we felt, ‘This is the way it’s supposed to be.’ The time away ended up working in our favor.”

The pairing favorably compares to several prominent lead singer/guitarist duos who have fueled some of the band’s major inspirations, a torch that has been handed down from the dawn of rock and Josh and Keith have willingly accepted.

FIFTEEN sports some of the all-out rockers that Buckcherry is known for, like the aggro fury of “Out of Line,” the salacious, Stonesy swagger of “Crazy Bitch,” the balls-to-the-wall “Onset,” the full-tilt Faces rock of “Sunshine” and the anti-war, AC/DC-influenced “Broken Glass.” But there’s also the Bic-flicking, Marti Frederickson co-written power ballad, “Sorry,” the minor key Anglo-rock of “Everything” and the bluesy acoustic ode to “Brooklyn.”

“We went into the studio and vowed not to come out until we had a successful, ass-kicking, career-defining album,” says Josh.

“We entered this process without an A&R guy or a label behind us,” agrees Keith. “There wasn’t a huge payday waiting for us. It was about making a record we were happy with and believed in. At this point, I don’t give a fuck about selling records if I’m not getting off on the music and the people I’m making it with. We learned that we can succeed creatively being self-contained and self-directed if we allowed ourselves to follow our instincts.”

“I’ve been trying all night long cause I want to get next to you.” “Next 2 You”

With FIFTEEN, Buckcherry hasn’t just returned to the scene, they’ve grabbed it by the throat and are back in your face with renewed vengeance.

“I have a lot of pride in the album, a lot of years of experience and knowledge riding on the fact this is an opportunity to do what I do, have a band that’s awesome and I enjoy playing with,” explains Keith. “Once you learn where the potholes in the road are, you can go around them. We’re really fortunate in being able to get back together, absorb those lessons and move forward.”

“That’s the best thing about America,” adds Todd. “You can get a second chance… and I’m very grateful for it.”

On FIFTEEN, Buckcherry have survived the industry to show the world what they’ve always strived to become—a world-class rock band.


Buckcherry – It’s a Party – Official Video