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Welcome to the September and October 2014 exciting bonus issue of Shine On Hollywood Magazine (SOHM)! As the summer draws to a close and the fall season ushers in, it reminds us that change is inevitable. We are fortunate here in Hollywood to live in a place where change often times brings some new form of excitement. From the hot, sexy summers to the glamorous film awards season to the party-filled holiday season, there is always something for everyone. Moreover, the lives that have changed and shaped Hollywood have brought us glamour, fascination and excitement. This month, our focus is on “Top Music Industry Professionals.” These individuals entertain, inspire and enhance the condition of our lives and we are proud to include them in our SOHM family.

From our digital archives, we catch up with Asha Puthli. First featured in July 2012, Asha is a “world music” pioneer who is known in the jazz world for her daredevil vocals. She talks with us about her latest exciting projects.

This month’s cover story features Michael Orland, pianist, arranger and Associate Musical Director extraordinaire of American Idol. Some refer to him today as a “Star Maker” and his attitude toward work and life are inspiring. You won’t want to miss out on reading about his fascinating journey.

This issue also features Jon Mullane, an internationally acclaimed rock singer and songwriter who has an intuitive talent for writing songs that connect with his audiences across North America, Europe and Asia. This month’s issue also includes Glenn Treibitz, an accomplished composer, lyricist and playwright and the owner and President of one of the largest piano companies in the United States. Finally, we are proud to feature the multi-talented Cindy Paulos, the first female DJ to be on-air in Los Angeles who has had a remarkable life as a minister, writer, artist, composer and radio and T.V. personality.

We encourage you to “Let them be your motivation.”

SOHM remains a politics and gossip free publication with its focus on, Real People, Real Stories, from the Arts and Pop Culture Community who make a difference by giving back, and we are delighted to share their heart-felt stories with you. We will continue to provide the industry’s foremost creative meeting place with monthly showcases, news, opinions, analysis and audience feedback.

The upcoming issue a tribute to an American legendary actress who graced us with her undeniable talent and left us with unforgettable memories of her movies and TV shows, Arlene Martel. Her daughter, Avra Douglas, shares about her loving mother also known as “Tasha”. Look for exclusive interviews with fans and celebrity peers who are mourning the loss of her as a brilliant and talented woman that played roles from T’Pring in Star Trek to appearing in Uncle Willie on Broadway. Her diversified roles have indelibly stamped her memory in fans’ minds worldwide.

We hope you enjoy this issue and look forward to your feedback and continued support!


Arnold Garcia
Founder / Editor in Chief



Sticky Fingers

Members: Glen Carroll – vocals, Waddy Wachtel – guitar, Kenny Aronoff – drums, Bobby Keys – saxophone, Kenny Aaronson – bass, Bernard Fowler – backing vocals

Sounds Like: The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin Official, John Lennon

Manager: Dr. Gail Mason

Brilliantly written and recorded hard-driving universal rock-n-roll. Sticky Fingers is comprised of some of the greatest music legends in roll history. The band features Glen Carroll-Vocals, Waddy Wachtel-Guitar, Bobby Keys-Saxophone, Kenny Aronoff-Drums, Kenny Aaronson-Bass, Bernard Fowler-Backing vocals and Ian McLagan on keyboards.

Sticky Fingers Australian Tour – September 2009

Glen Carroll, leader of the premier Rolling Stones tribute band “Sticky Fingers”, has entertained all over the world. He says that the Australian tour was one of the very coolest of his star-studded career.
This presentation is to acknowledge the life-changing experiences we had – with the kind help of our friend and benefactor, Australian entrepreneur Richard Bell.
Oz will forever be in our hearts as one of the greatest counties in the world…
The kindness that we were shown, the wonderful people we met, and the majestic natural wonders we encountered, all made this trip a dream come true.
Long Live Australia… CHEERS, BELLY!!!
Glen Carroll
Michael Stover
CiCi Chiristino
Eric Tice
Danny Hesse

The new album by STICKY FINGERS


Ali Baba

Hailing from Tunisia, the northernmost country in Africa, emcee Ali Baba is well on his way to staking his claim in hip-hop and making his mark in the US, and the world to follow. His real name is Ali Abbou, he moved to the states at the age of 12 where his friends and family first called him Ali Baba after the main character in the famous Arabic story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. The nickname stuck since then to present day being his emcee moniker. When he first moved to the US it was so he could attend the Palmer Tennis Academy in Tampa, Florida, one of the best tennis academies in the world. Once graduated from the Palmer Academy, he moved to California to attend college. As he got older, his affinity for hip-hop music grew from the rawness and realness he heard in it. It resembled the struggles that his people continue to go through to this day. Those struggles have culminated in the Tunisian revolution that is being fought by his people today. The demonstrations in his home country were precipitated by poor living conditions, high unemployment, inflation, political corruption, lack of freedom of speech and other political freedoms–all reasons that inspire hip-hop lyrics, and inspire Ali to express his point of view. He feels he can deliver a great message to the world through his music, and be able to touch people’s hearts and minds. Ali’s music is a relief for the negative in the world and a positive expression for people to hear. The ability to express his opinions and feelings is one of the main reasons why Ali first got into making music in the first place. After listening to legends such as 2Pac, Eminem, and Lil’ Wayne, a greater energy was created inside of Ali to motivate him to write more and more. That energy has propelled him to create his own style and personality that is different from any artist in the same profession. With his Moulouk Music Group in effect, Ali’s ultimate goal is to work really hard every day to improve as an artist, and deliver great music that people can enjoy and relate to. Ali Baba is conquering the forty thieves with dedication to his craft, be on the lookout for his imprint coming soon to an airwave near you hitting your ear drum.

Manager: Moncef Abbou 916-583-3444



Laura V & LA Velvet



Worldwide phenomenon LA Velvet is a Los Angeles-based band founded in 2010 by front woman pioneer and lioness Laura V, who provides the vocals and fierce guitar-playing skills to the tracks, in addition to song writing. LA Velvet “plays their own version of modern danceable rock that conquers the charts,” described by Obliveon Magazine as a combination of a “’70s Blondie, an 80’s Kim Wilde and a 90’s Gwen Stefani and No Doubt.”

Prior to their official album release, LA Velvet already licensed songs to 18 television shows, including Keeping Up With The Kardashians, The Real L Word, MTV, VH1 and OXYGEN. Severe Records and GUnit produced LA Velvet’s second album The One I Love, which they are currently on tour promoting. The band has already been nominated for multiple awards at the 2011 World Independent Music and Film Festival including awards for Best Cinematography, Best Director and Best Rock Video. LA Velvet has major endorsement deals with Mineral Case Make up, Coffin Case and Jackson Guitars, who provided the hot pink Flying-V, which has become a part of Laura V’ s signature style.

LA Velvet’s self-produced debut album has sold thousands of copies worldwide, taking LA Velvet on a successful national tour in 2012, reaching out to fans as far away as Germany. Their latest album, The One I Love, was met with favorable reviews by the critics and hailed by Venture Magazine as “a chart worthy collection of sassy vocals, punchy guitar and high energy,” while Peter Amara of Escence Center Stage describes it as “a thunderous mix of indie rock and electronic influences” that effectively “enthralls and raptures the listening audience with its infectious melodies.”

LA Velvet continues to surprise its audience with a daring and innovative approach to rock music, providing a unique, customized sound mixed with sweet powerful lyrics, resulting in a sound that is fearless and original. A sound that is… LA Velvet.


LA Velvet – Here in Hollywood






Leianna Kai


The talented model, singer is more focused than ever on her career, her friends, and having the time of her life at the same time.
Leianna is many things: giddy, cheerful, intelligent, and a very sweet and sensual woman. Even though at times she finds it hard to juggle her full time job working as a personal banker, she still finds time to pursue her modeling and singing career. Even finding time to fit dates with men is at times difficult, she still seems to manage it very well.
The Hawaiian, Portuguese, Italian, and Irish princess was born and raised as a California girl. Though, she loves to be able to go back to her home in Hawaii as often as she can. Leianna started modeling exactly 2 years ago and is still amazed how much she’s grown, not just as a model or a performer but as a woman. She never in a million years ever thought she could be a model. Growing up as a very shy girl, no one ever took notice of her. Now she has never been so confident in her own skin and now she’s ready to take on the world. Her family always believed in her and never stopped believing. She aspires to have her name out there for the whole world to see, and is determined to show us her raw talent, her voice.




Young Hunned


Young Hunned is a So Cali rapper tryna bring a sound not found on the west coast. At this time all his music and status is underground and very much unknown. So enjoy Young Hunned and his music as he tries and make a name for his self. Listen in and your sure to not be disappointed.

Beamer Boys

Singing lessons | Monica Margolis | Singing Teacher

Singing lessons | Monica Margolis | Singing Teacher

Singing lessons in San Fernando Vally by Monica Margolis. Singing Teacher and Vocal Coach from Los Angeles, Hollywood CA.

Singing Lessons– Monica Margolis – Singing TeacherVocal CoachLos Angeles

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Los Angeles San Fernando Valley area Vocal Coach Monica Margolis

Monica Margolis, a Los Angeles based vocal coach and founder of the “Monica Margolis Method” of vocal training. Monica has been teaching vocal mechanics to singers, actors, dancers, and speakers almost 20 years. She specializes in teaching her vocal method to artists at every level of their career, from the young beginner to the major label artist. The Monica Margolis method has become one of the most successful programs in the United States, attracting students from around the world. The Monica Margolis Vocal Arts Studio is currently accepting new students for private and group lessons. To find out more about Monica and the Monica Margolis Method you may visit her website at

Monica Margolis Vocal Coach on Idol Talk – Monica Margolis Method

Monica Margolis, a Los Angeles based vocal coach and founder of the “Monica Margolis Method” of vocal training.

Monica has been teaching vocal mechanics to singers, actors, dancers, and speakers for almost 20 years. She has worked in theater and film, appeared in variety shows, worked as a voiceover artist and was chosen as Musical Director for the West Coast Dance Theatre. Monica specializes in teaching her vocal method to artists at every level of their career, from the young beginner to the major label artist. Students fly in from around the country and around the globe for “The Monica Margolis Method”: the revolutionary approach to vocal training and technique. Not only has she developed a loyal following as a vocal coach, Monica also collaborates on projects with world-class musicians ranging from country songstress LeAnn Rimes to rock legend Gene Simmons.

Monica believes there are no secrets to singing correctly. If you use proper vocal mechanics you will find what you are looking for. In this pursuit she developed the Monica Margolis Method, which teaches “healthy singing” whereby the student learns to sing using their natural speaking voice, eliminating stress and pressure from the vocal chords. Students also learn to rely on their diaphragm for support and power. Because of its effectiveness, The Monica Margolis Method has become one of the most successful programs in the United States. Monica’s students have been accepted to some of the world’s most prestigious singing programs including Cal Arts, The Berkeley College of Music and UCLA. Under Monica’s guidance, many of her younger students have been accepted to some of Southern California’s premiere performing art’s high schools. Monica’s students have also been featured on shows such as Entertainment Tonight, Extra, The Teen Choice Awards, Late Night with David Letterman, E! and Apollo Kids, and in the publications Time, People, Tiger Beat and Pop Star Magazine. Monica’s clients have also had the opportunity to work with A-list producers such as Tim Kelly/Bob Robertson (Baby Face, Boys 2 Men, destiny’s Child) and the Wizard of Oz Production Company (Ricky Martin). No wonder she has been called the vocal mentor to the stars of today and tomorrow!

Monica’s first stage was a wooden stepping stool in the living room of her childhood home. Her great grandparents would sit on the sofa enjoying her sweet renditions of the songs she was learning in nursery school. At 2, talent scouts singled Monica out of the crowd at school, which led to her first performance in front of a large audience. She was hooked; even at such a tender age she knew singing and performing would be a part of her life forever. Monica grew up performing in the hit kid’s performing troupe Starmakers. When she auditioned she had no idea that the group was only looking for boys, but once the director saw Monica and heard her sing, it was all over. They hired her on the spot. With the group Monica toured all over Southern California performing at celebrity functions, amusement parks and many other venues, garnering awards and accolades.

Monica began teaching vocal mechanics at the age of 18 and was asked to be the Musical Director of the West Coast Dance Theatre. For two years she created all the vocal arrangements for the theatre while maintaining a busy teaching schedule. Soon her appointment book was overflowing with students and professional vocalists as well as celebrity clients and she decided to dedicate herself to coaching full time.

Monica has collaborated on past and current projects with artists such as Natalie Raitano– star of the Pamela Anderson hit TV series VIP, Cindy Margolis– internet supermodel, actress and TV Host, Dineh Mohajer– entrepreneur and founder of Hard Candy make-up, Eyvette Barlowe– lead singer of the hit group (and Rick James produced) The Mary Jane Girls and TV host, Angel Faith– lead singer of the Platinum group No Secrets and now a solo artist, Stanley Clark, George Duke, George Clinton, producer Danny Niam of The Cave studio who has worked with stars that range from Patti Labelle to Justin Timberlake and recently Monica lent her expertise to The Eagles producer Charles Faris’s Hollywood Hooligans project.

Monica also worked along side world-renowned vocal coach Seth Riggs for over 10 years, however she graciously declined being an associate due to her own growing following. Seth Riggs has made a name for himself in the industry as vocal coach to A-list performers such as Kim Basinger, George Benson, Michael Bolton, Belinda Carlisle, Ray Charles, Cher, Natalie Cole, Susan Dey, Kirsten Dunst, Sherilyn Fenn, Robert Guillaume, Julio Iglesias, Enrique Iglesias, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Al Jarreau, Nicole Kidman, Val Kilmer, Nathan Lane, Madonna, Tobey Maguire, Marilyn McCoo, Bette Midler, Liza Minelli, Shirley Murdock, Eddie Murphy, Ozzy Osborne, Ruth Pointer, Prince, Bonnie Raitt, Molly Ringwald, Lionel Ritchie, Nicole Ritchie, Diana Ross, Nina Simone, Tina Turner, Deniece Williams and Stevie Wonder and worked with members of En Vogue (Terry Ellis), KISS (Paul Stanley), Stevie Wonder (Ben Bridges, Greg Phillinganes), Motley Crue (Vince Neill, Ray Pound, Hank Redd, Mike Sembella, Nathan Watts), Lou Rawls (Judy James, Yvonne Wright), Eurythmics (Anni Lennox), Chicago (Peter Cetera, Bill Chamberlain, Jason Scheff), Bob Dylan (Carolyn Dennis, Helena Springs, JoAnne Harriss), Fleetwood Mac (Billy Burnett), The Supremes (Diana Ross, Cindy Birdsong, Linda Laurence, Joanne Turrell, Mary Wilson), Marvin Gaye (Johnny Simon, Florence Lyle), Shalimar (Howard Hewitt), Red Hot Chili Peppers (Anthony Kaedis), Aerosmith (Joe Porter) and Lincoln Park (Chester).

The Monica Margolis Vocal Arts Studio is currently accepting new students for private and group lessons. To find out more about Monica and the Monica Margolis Method you may visit her website at to get a more detailed look and see what students have to say about her innovative and effective method.

Singing Lessons– Monica Margolis – Singing TeacherVocal CoachLos Angeles San Fernando Valley area

Singing lessons in San Fernando Vally by Monica Margolis. Singing Teacher and Vocal Coach from Los Angeles, Hollywood CA.

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J Fields

J Fields


Born in Detroit, Michigan, J Fields is a nationally touring Hip-Hop artist and performer with a passion for music that moves people. He strongly believes in the power of positive energy and using music to inspire individuals to be the best they can be. Fields has risen from hardship, all the way to creating his own independent label, Black Polarbare Game (BPG), which he aspires to help talented musicians pursue their dreams.

BPG is more than just music- it’s a lifestyle, and to Fields, it’s life. His respect for others and a passion for living a healthy life, are what drives him to be great. When asked why he makes his music, he smiles and says, “I do it for my family.” Family has been an inspiration for Fields throughout his many years of writing music and creating an original art form. With their unconditional support and undying love, Fields is driven to continue this successful path he has created from the ground up. The world can only anticipate what this talented musician has in store for the future.
Stay tuned for updates, brand-new tracks, and the dropping of the new album entitled, “NEVER IN MY WILDEST DREAMS”, in stores Spring 2012.





“Abm” got involved with music at a very young age, but did not take it seriously until after several failed attempts of helping other artist get record deals, and just blow it. He decided to concentrate on doing his own music while developing a record label. As a kid he was influenced by the likes of Teddy Pendergrass, Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, and Stevie Wonder. He writes, sing, rap, and produce. He is currently the CEO of Platinum Trini Entertainment an independent record label distributed through Universal Music Group. He considers this step in his life a privilege, and a career.




“Abm” dancehall/reggae artist who hails from Trinidad representing the West Indies is the latest addition to the Platinum T. Entertainment  roster. A native of Trinidad, “Abm” excelled in track and field, basketball, and football. He was then offered a track scholarship to attend Grambling State University where he graduated with an engineering degree. Upon graduating from college he moved from the east coast to the west coast where the weather was more of a tropical climate. “Abm” has always had a passion for music, he writes, produce, rap, and sings. After stints with helping and developing several artists, he decided that it was time for him to do something for himself. He has procrastinated for sometime now, and decided that it was time for him to do his own music. This is by no means a career for him. This is a privilege, and music that needed to be heard his way.





ABM Dat Body Gyal Ft. Qwes Now Available On ITunes