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New CD Cover/Logo in High Resolution

Uncivil Servant” is a dark, melodic, groove metal band based out of Santa Cruz, CA , USA. The band has a modern original sound with heavy influences from classic Rock and Metal bands such as: Metallica, Iron maiden, Black Sabbath/Ozzy, Pantera, Deep Purple. Influences of newer bands such as Disturbed, System of a Down, Tool, and Slipnot are also very apparent along with some elements of the melodic Black and Power Metal bands out of Europe.

Currently, Uncivil Servant consists of founding member Jeremy Price providing vocals, guitar + bass, with Louis Cypher on drums (and unspeakable evil). Even though the band has only been existence since July 2012, they have quickly developed a worldwide following of more than 10,000 ! Uncivil Servant have released three singles (Blackest Hold” on 9/7/2012, “Open Your Eyes” on 9/15/2012, and ‘Lies Beneath” on 11/23/2012). The band continues to write and record new material, as well as seek additional talent. Uncivil Servant plans to release an EP in early 2013.

Band member projects from the past include: Relic, Etched in Stone, Requiem Mass, Madman Cometh (Ozzy/Sabbath Tribute), Children of the Grave (Sabbath Tribute).

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Now Available on iTUNES!!

Stereo Transmitted Disease debut album is NOW ON ITUNES!!! Go Get It!!

Hailing from Philly! Stereo Transmitted Disease is self produced, self written, self recorded, and self made.

We do the music we want and we only answer to our fans! Your support makes that possible! Big Things + Big News Coming Soon! \m/




GENERATION NOTHING – Stereo Transmitted Disease

Now Available on iTUNES!!

Stereo Transmitted Disease debut album is NOW ON ITUNES!!! Go Get It!


Hailing from Philly, Chris Casso and Mike Thatcher met at a Vivid Video party in SoHo. Realizing they were from the same hometown, they found themselves ignoring all the Vivid Girls and debating things like “Beatles or Stones?” Deciding that they had a common vision for the future of rock music, they had no choice but to start a band! With Thatcher on guitar, and Casso on lead vocals, they recruited fellow Philadelphian’s Tom Walling on drums and Kjell Benner on bass and immediately began recording. Later joined on lead guitar by Dave Lenat, STD’s lineup was complete. After only a few months as a band, they were playing their first show together at House Of Blues opening for Clutch.




Chris Lord-Alge mixing Stereo Transmitted Disease, Helter Skelter

Exhilarating, white-knuckle, belligerent, formidable, aggressive, elating, powerful, and stimulating… with a touch of breathtaking tenderness.

Blaine Taylor (Vocals), KJ Taylor (Guitarist), and Rayne Magruder (Bassist) initially formed Teratoma in 2003. The native Mesa, AZ founding members realized the full potential of the group with the addition of Matt Gehrman (Percussion) in 2005. Although the members are classically trained, after experiencing Teratoma, listeners and fans (aka Teratoma Babies) will observe a masterful balance of rock music influenced by albums such as Undertow (Tool), Wisconsin Death Trip (Static-X), and Facelift (Alice in Chains). This unique and distinctive blend creates a forceful and potent sound for a multi-genre fan base to savor.

Teratoma is currently in studio recording their debut full-length album set for release in Spring 2012. Taking pride in their work, the album is written and produced by Teratoma, LLC in its entirety. In support of the new album, the band will tour through the western United States with plans to perform in AZ, NM, TX, CA, UT, OR, and WA.

Performing in venues (headlining and supporting) throughout the metro Phoenix area Teratoma has continually strived for perfection while provoking the fence-sitters and are prepared for any challenge. Sharing the stage with national acts such as Helmet, Tantric, Adema, Burn Halo, Mower, and Veins of Jenna has only fueled that endeavor.

Please enjoy the music.

List of venues Teratoma has performed at:
Celebrity Theatre
Donna Jean’s Libations
The Rogue Bar
Lost Leaf
Club Red
Joe’s Grotto
Venue of Scottsdale
Goat Head Saloon
Mason Jar
Hollywood Alley
Minder Binder’s
Big Fish Pub
Emerald Lounge
Alice Cooperstown
Nita’s Hideaway
…Many more

Industry References:
Available upon request

Currently in studio at Full Well Studio. Teratoma is planning to release their debut album Spring 2012. A CD Sample is available for your listening pleasure at


Teratoma – My Rapist Wit (live) @ Club Red in Tempe, AZ 8-8-10


..AIMAORA [ aim-ah-or-ah ] Origin: Ancient Greek
New Grind /Thrash /Metel /d jent/ death metal band from the 209.

The band Aimaora was formed in April of 2008 with Bryan King at the helm on guitar. Shane Davidson on bass was found in September of 2008, Jarrod Ridge came in on drums in October of 2009, and through much searching Mike Castanza on vocals appeared in April of 2010. Later that next year with much consideration the band decided to go another route and by letting Mike go and moving Shane up from Bass Guitar to Vocals Aimaora found their new sound. The goal of Aimaora from the beginning was to be the heaviest and most powerful band in the 209 scene. With the band gigging since January of 2008, and having to take a hiatus do to line up changes, they are back in the scene now and with the talent and focus of this band, they are not setting the bar short by any means. With having their demo out only 4 weeks, they found themselves quickly on several radio stations such as 96.7 FM The Rock, and 92.5 FM The Bear; as well as Mad Man Mikes Internet Radio Station out of New York, as well as a feature on Headbangers Ball Radio. Never limiting themselves to stylistic labels, Aimaora pulls from many different inspirations. The band draws from music styles like Metal, Thrash, Groove Metal, Jazz, Funk, Hardcore, Metalcore, punk, ska as well as Deathmetal, and Tech Metal to name a few. With Aimaora the skys is the limit. Commited to repeatedly giving a mind blowing experience with a great live show, Beautiful clarity in their tone as well as well formulated songs that are Heavy and Brutal from the first step, to the last drop of blood to fall from the mosh pit.


Human Disease at Thrashocalypse 2012



Broken Sylence was formed in late 1998 when ex-drummer Richie Escalante introduced his roommate bassist Sean O’Neill to vocalist / rhythm guitarist Matt Dau. The 3 started collaborating on songs right away and realized they were in need of another guitar player. Sean’s younger brother Gwillym O’Neill was added to the band as the lead guitarist which gave the guys a more complete sound. Richie took a leave from the band for personal reasons and Chris Martinez joined up as the new drummer. Martinez also introduced us to another lead guitarist named Chris Maggard. This turned out to be a great move having 2 lead guitar players. It also gave Matt more room to concentrate on his vocals. Drummer Chris Martinez didn’t stay long and Richie was back on the skins once again. After getting enough original songs together we headed to the studio to record some music. Our 1st CD was titled “Addiction To Madness” and came out in June of 2001. Around a year later current drummer Gary Kessler stepped in and gave the band a big kick in the ass with his amazing drumming capabilities. Gary is a childhood friend of the O’Neill brothers and also jammed with them in the early 90’s. Chris Maggard has since left Broken Sylence but still plays and records original songs. Broken Sylence tried to finish the 2nd CD in two different studios and failed to get it done both times. The guys stay in touch and keep writing original songs.

Status: Come check out our band page on Facebook and click the link to “LIKE” us. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Broken-Sylence/233637676698630




In today’s modern music it is a rare occurrence to witness a band that can captivate an audience visually and musically, TIEKEN is a band that believes in setting standards high in both categories. While incorporating a shock rock influenced image with a straight forward hardrock/metal style, and introducing their own original take into the mix, they push the envelope to create a unique new take on rock. TIEKEN consists of 23 year old twin brothers Trevin Tieken on Guitar/Vocals/Studio Bass and Trent10 Tieken on Drums/Vocals. Their sheer collective talents as musicians and songwriters naturally mold together, and is easily recognizable in their songs and their exciting live performances.

TIEKEN is currently working on a new album to be released later this year and is also looking for a new bassist.




Coined by a 70’s ROCK band Steppen Wolf’s “Born to be wild” uttered the lyrics “HEAVY METAL THUNDER”. MAX METAL is a multi generation of classic, 80’s, Alternative, Nu, Heavy, Thrash, Industrial,MELODIC/PROG artist’s to bring you premium high octane rock/metal tunes with exceptional: musicianship, vocals, creativity and FUN atmosphere from all over the world! KEEP it KRANKED @ volume 11!! Maximus Aurelius
WE ARE the BEST period ! We rock from the HEART of AMERICA KANSAS CITY Missouri!!




Artist Roster

"Core Device"

“Core Device”

Metal / Heavy Rock
Middletown, NJ

Fans: 7709   Plays: 17328
"Fetal Zombie"

“Fetal Zombie”

Metal / Industrial
Los Angeles, CA

Fans: 109352   Plays: 225060


Hip Hop / Rock
San Jose, CA

Fans: 80999   Plays: 137094


Rock / nu metal
Athens, GR

Fans: 29640   Plays: 5956


Metal / Heavy Rock

Fans: 165893   Plays: 87860
-Scavenger Of Human Sorrow

-Scavenger Of Human Sorrow

Metal / Instrumental,
Goa, IN

Fans: 5886   Plays: 10415


Metal / Progressive
Denver, CO

Fans: 5924   Plays: 6421
-Suffer In Silence

-Suffer In Silence

Metal / Instrumental
Plainsboro, NJ

Fans: 10183   Plays: 174788


Kansas City, MO

Fans: 7205   Plays: 33439

Born of Scars Queens, NY

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PHASE REVERSE Athens, Greece

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EDGE of PARADISE, hot rockin california progressive metal in ya face!!!

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FANTASTIC female fronted FREQUIS will rock your world!

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Mile high metal with the Magnificent Melati from Denver Co

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New album release, YOU GOTTA HEAR these Jersey boys throw-it-down!

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ATHENS, GREECE fresh metal HQ

Posted on Mar 01, 2011 at 12:30 PM
U.N.S.I.N. was formed in Athens, Greece, early in 2009, by Spyros Pafilis and Christina Nikolaidou, The band’s name wa… [more]

Introducing “3foldpain” Greek Rock sensation conquering th world

Posted on Feb 07, 2011 at 11:14 AM
You have got to hear this incredible band!! The vocal is unlike any you have ever experienced! Original, gritty and command… [more]


















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OUR CREDENTIALS Past/Current Artists promoted by our Execs: Country: Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Vince Gill, Montgomery Gentry, Rascal Flatts, Trace Adkins, Joe Diffie, Collin Raye, Charlie Daniels, Darryl Worley, Terri Clark, Tammy Cochran, Tracy Byrd, Blackhawk, JoDee Messina, Diamond Rio, Jason Link, Etc. Active, Alt & Modern Rock: Shinedown, Trapt, Saliva, Three Days Grace, Crossfade, Thousand Foot Krutch, Skillet, Adelitas Way, Disturbed, Drowning Pool, Trust Company, Adema, Systematic, Sevendust, Tantric, Alterbridge, Circle II Circle, Stereomud, Default, Future Leaders of The World, Ghosts of August, Extreme, Brett Michaels, Ratt, Etc. Pop/Urban/Rhythm: Busta Rhymes, Nelly, Cee-Lo Green, Aaron Hendra Project (AHP), Gnarls Barkley, Outkast, B2K, Jon B, Pall Wall, FloRida, BoA, DJ Speedy, Cypress Hill, Omarion, R. Kelly, Akon, Tryna, Blake Lewis, Adina Howard, Brandy, Usher, Brian McKnight, Edubb, Etc. CCM: Mercyme, Jeremy Camp, Reliant K, TobyMac, Kutless, Jars of Clay, Skillet, Decyfer Down, Thousand Foot Krutch, Building 429, 33 Miles, Avalon, Disciple, Superchik, Britt Nicole, Pillar, Tenth Avenue North, Mikes Chair, After Edmund, Etc.

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Coined by a 70′s ROCK band Steppen Wolf’s “Born to be wild” uttered the lyrics “HEAVY METAL THUNDER”. MAX METAL is a multi generation of classic, 80′s, Alternative, Nu, Heavy, Thrash, Industrial,MELODIC/PROG artist’s to bring you premium high octane rock/metal tunes with exceptional: musicianship, vocals, creativity and FUN atmosphere from all over the world! KEEP it KRANKED @ volume 11!! Maximus Aurelius
WE ARE the BEST period ! We rock from the HEART of AMERICA KANSAS CITY Missouri!!

A Drummers thoughts:

A Drummers thoughts:
KEEP it KRANKED to “11″!!




Run DMC Public Enemy 2 Pac The Beastie Boys N.W.A Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five Salt-N-Pepa A Tribe Called Quest Notorious B.I.G. Nas Outkast LL Cool J Boogie Down Productions Missy Elliott Queen Latifah Jay Z Dr. Dre Mary J. Blige De La Soul Eminem Wu Tang Clan Afrika Bambatta The Fugees Doug E. Fresh Ice-T Lauryn Hill The Roots Erykah Badu DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince Mos Def KRS – One Ice Cube TLC DJ Kool Herc MC Lyte Snoop Dogg Grand Wizard Theodore Common Slick Rick DMX Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth EPMD Mantronix Kurtis Blow Gang Starr Kool Moe Dee Talib Kwelli Digital Underground Mase Big Daddy Kan Lil Kim MC Hammer Naughty By Nature Treacherous Three Cypress Hill Biz Markie Eve Kanye West Busta Rhymes Puff Daddy/P. Diddy Arrested Development Heavy D. & The Boyz The Sugar Hill Gang Scarface Brand Nubian Geto Boys Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Wyclef Jean The Fat Boys Digable Planets the Pharcyde Method Man Mobb Deep Ludacris Will Smith Nelly Roxanne Shante The Jurassic 5 Eazy E Whodini Coolio Spoonie Gee Da Brat Tone Loc Funky 4 + 1 Foxy Brown 3rd Bass Big Punisher Nappy Roots The Cold Crush Brothers The Jungle Brothers Yo – Yo Stetsasonic Grandmaster Melle Mel Black Eyed Peas Blackalicious Grand Puba Fat Joe Das EFX

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The Last Vegas hail from the back-alleys & brick walls of Chicago IL

The Last Vegas just wrapped a new album in Chicago with Grammy nominated producer Johnny K, who’s work includes multi-platinum albums with bands such as Disturbed, Staind, Airbourne, and 3 Doors Down.

In 2009, after 3 years of extensive worldwide touring and numerous independent releases under their belts..TLV caught the attention of Motley Crue when all four members attended their show at the Whisky A Go Go in Los Angeles. Sixx signed the band to his own 11-7 records, co-producing and quickly releasing TLV’s album “Whatever Gets You Off”. The debut single, “I’m Bad”, hit over 300K downloads on iTunes in the first week, and the album went on to be named one of iTunes best hard rock releases of the year.

The Last Vegas play shows and tour with rock’s biggest acts including AC/DC, Buckcherry, The New York Dolls, Airbourne, The Bronx, Papa Roach and supported Motley Crue’s Saints of Los Angeles 2-month North American stadium tour. They were named “best new discovery” by Spin magazine and had stellar reviews in both Billboard and UK’s Classic Rock magazine. “Whatever Gets Your Off” was respectively named one of iTunes Top 15 rock albums of the year along side Pearl Jam, the Dead Weather, Them Crooked Vultures, and the Black Crowes.


THE LAST VEGAS “Dirty Things You Do” By Riot Tuxedo


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