David J Caron


So who is this guy ??? the artist… David J Caron???, you may wonder and what is his biography in relation to his musical work.. Well if you really wanna know, he’s an Irish/Italian musician, who grew up in England, now living in Ireland.. his main instrument is the guitar but what he is first and foremost as an artist, is a composer, writer, and producer..But more than this he is an exclusive inventor of unique and innovative, melodic, powerful meaningful Rock music that exists on a new wavelength and approach, steering away from the mainstream you’ve heard before,. Words used to describe his music have been hard to find, when it does not slot into any one known genre precisely.. “Epic” and “different” have been suggested by some,, whether rightly or wrongly..
Heavy Guitar driven compositions, an intricately designed and arranged mix of power rhythms and single note riffs, sometimes interlaced with secondary underlying melodic patterns of guitar and/or syncopated arpeggio bubbles of complementing synth sounds, powerful and driving yet often unobvious bass-lines. Guitar solos are a purposeful and memorably tuneful inclusion when needed, designed to be as much an equal part of the track as all else in it, and not just an interval from the song in order to include the ever-present commonplace Rock song necessity . Drum patterns deliberately both misleadingly simple in places as well as perplexingly elaborate in others, all designed as a canvas on which to paint intelligent, thought-provoking and meaningful lyrics, with clarity of voice, although with enigmatic ambiguity of puzzling verse, absence of the obvious stereo-typically expected over-used Rock clichés, delivering in harmony, melodic melodies to catch both the intrigue of the mind and the pleasing of the ear, somehow uplifting with unclear disguise, satisfying the required qualifications for not only fans of Rock Music, but music itself.
He has released his debut album, which he had been recording for 18 months, a length of time due mainly to the fact that it contains 28 tracks, unheard of for a debut album, but no track of which he felt he could leave off the album, though still priced as a single album. A backlog of songs and themes some of which originated many years previous that he felt he had to finally unveil and unleash to the world, in order to free himself for the next build up of ideas waiting to be born from the cauldron of his incessantly prolific particular mind..
So..what if there is no biography as such of any relevance?. What if it just starts here and now?. Well here and now his universe does burst into life.. with an almighty bang.. A biography is a detailed description or account of someone’s life which presents the subject’s life story, David J Caron has condensed and bared his story, his soul, his demons and fantasies, his observations, his belief and essence of character, for all to see and hear, with a deep reaching integrity and unexampled style, in the way he does best, in his music and in his words, letting the result speak for itself without the ever-present bullshit that many others feel they need to opt for to embellish and mask their music with.
Open your ears and open your mind, see what you hear, you won’t forget what you find..This is Different..
Here he is.. this is only the beginning of what he can do.. ..the 1st chapter.. either you like it or either you don’t.. what else truly matters..? for now…

David J. Caron – Comin’ to get you

Azriel St. Michael

Azriel St. Michael


Lead singer for BLACK SUN.
Born in Norfolk, Virginia, Azriel St. Michael wrote his first short story, at the age of 10. In his early teens, Azriel discovered the writings of Robert E.
Howard, and his life-long love affair with fantasy fiction and art began.
In 2000 he formed the hard rock band Skank, playing bars and various other venues across Canada and opened at out door festivals for such acts as Warrant, Billy Idol, Nazareth, Survivor, Cheap Trick and April Wine.
In 2007 he founded the Canadian rock band Jezebels Kiss along with drummer Byron Black. In the spring of 2008, Azriel began recording their debut effort, Positive Hostility with producer Ryan Andersen, well-known for his work with Canadian rockers Nickelback, Ian Thornley, Hinder, AC/DC, and Theory of a Deadman.
Positive Hostility was released by Dynasty Records Distribution and is available throughout North America from your favorite music retailers as well as on internet sources such as amazon.com and iTunes.
The first single from Positive Hostility-CUT-was released in 2010 to rock radio in Canada. Plans for several other singles were scrapped when Jezebels Kiss disbanded in early 2011, a move which prompted Azriel to venture forward as a solo artist.

“I was the only original member left,” Az states simply. “With everyone else gone or committed to other projects and ventures, I had no intention of doing the Guns n Roses thing.”
With a brand new album in the works, expect to see Azriel and his band performing live at a venue near you throughout the United States and Canada this year.
His song “Let Me Go” is featured on the JUST ROCK compilation album from Moiko Records.
“Without You”, the first single from his yet-unreleased album is scheduled for release to rock radio in July. It has been chosen as the theme song for Prime Factor Films release Checkmate.
Azriel’s book “Bedtime Stories For Naughty Children” is available exclusively on his FaceBook fansite through Shemyaza Press.




Website: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f65CFZIboDk
Ghosts Of August have unveiled the album artwork, track listing and details of their self-titled debut album – GHOSTS OF AUGUST – which will be available digitally on iTunes December 6th, 2011 and in stores nationally on January 24th 2012.

“Haunting, Brutal and Modern,” is how frontman Dave Holowchak describes his band’s freshman release. “We’re extremely pleased with the album and we can’t wait for our fans to dig into the material!”

The debut album contains 10 tracks and 3 bonus material cuts and was produced by Martin Bak at SLR Studios.

The physical album, due out at the top of the year, will carry a keyed Vigenère encryption cipher known as “The Ghost Cipher” for fans to try to crack and solve. “It’s a pretty heavy duty cryptograph,” says Holowchak, “it’s definitely going to give both professional code breakers and fans a run for their money! We like to stay engaged with our fans and wanted a unique way we could interact with them.”

Clues to breaking The Ghost Cipher, and it’s mysterious prize pack, will appear on the band’s social media pages, dropped in interviews and even live on-stage.

Currently, the band’s debut radio single, “Disease” continues to climb the charts at active rock (Mediabase #48) and the band plans an extensive National tour starting in January 2012.

Check out the details of Ghosts Of August debut album right here:



Ghosts of August


Detroit based quintet Ghosts of August is set to debut their first national radio single aided, in part, by the support of their fans. “For most fans, experiencing and finding music today is really an issue of trust,” states front man Dave Holowchak, “People find new music and recommendations through their most trusted sources – friends. A large part of how we create our music is built around rewarding that trust and encouraging this process by delivering great music.”
Since forming in 2007, the Metro-Detroit based band comprised of Dave Holowchak (vocals), Paul Delmotte (guitar), Steve Leemgraven (guitar), Terry Freers (Bass) and Kenny Leemgraven (drums), has worked tirelessly to develop and promote the idea that impacting many fans starts by giving, one fan, music so infectious that it has to be shared with others. “Our sound and songs are meant to connect with the audience on a deeper level,” states Holowchak, “but we also understand that there is a fine line between creating art-for-art’s sake and coming up with songs and material that have commercial appeal.” Ghosts of August’s massive hooks, crushing instrumentation, creative introspection and evocative lyrics are a perfect balance between art and appeal.
Ghosts of August’s debut single “Disease,” is set to impact active rock radio on August 16th and will be supported by an aggressive touring schedule. The single will be available for streaming and purchase on July 19th and will be accompanied by a limited edition pre-album EP. The complete self-titled freshman album will be available later in the year and was engineered, produced and mixed by Martin Bak at SLR Studios in Toronto, Canada.
For more information please contact:
CORE REVOLT/Mark Evans mark.evans@corerevolt.com

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Hangar 24 is ready to rock the Central Texas area with the best classic rock, 90’s alternative, and originals… with a touch of vintage aviation spirit.


Hey, I’m Chris. I live in Fort Hood, Texas with my wife Rita and my guys Dan, Nic and Lou. I’ve been playing guitar for 15 years and  I created this site to post some of my personal projects that I don’t bring to the table with whatever band i happen to be in. I love fast paced riffs with melodic leads and complicated sweep arpeggios and tapping.  I record at my house using a crappy drum machine until I find a drummer  to work with me on my stuff.
EQUIPMENT: I play a Schecter Hellraiser Deluxe and a Schecter Damien 6 through a Hughes & Kettner 100 watt Switchblade Head and a Kustom cab with a BBE Compressor/Limiter/Sonic Maximizer and a Digitech Multi-effects pedal in the effects loop. I record through an M-Audio Delta 66 interface with M-Audio Studio Monitors.  It’s the not the best equipment but my kids gotta have shoes before i get guitars.

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