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Arnold G

Arnold G



More Than Love
This Singer, Songwriter & Dance PoP Artist Received Two Entries in the Official 50th Annual Grammy Awards Balloting in two catagories “Album Of The Year” and “Record Of The Year”, Arnold G Hollywood up-and-comer will tell you that his devotion to music extends far beyond musical fandom or career considerations. “It’s not just a love for music, it’s a passion and it goes further than love and beyond a hobby.” For Arnold G, music is a lifestyle, it deeply rooted passion that drives him from the very core of his being. “It’s about a way of living. Music is essential to my life.” It’s this quality that imbues Arnold G’s music with such crackling hooks.

Arnold G’s passion for his music is such that he goes beyond considerations for mere entertainment. Arnold G also sees music as a tool for social change. On his debut, “Driven: Straight to the Dance Floor”, for example, Arnold G includes a pop track, “Carry On”, which tackles the difficult issue of AIDS. For this performer, music is something that can not only add fun to people’s lives but something that can draw those lives together into a place of unity.

Talent and Training
Arnold G was born with a natural inclination toward music and his inherent talents were shaped by vocal and dance training. Dancing and choreography were factors in his career and musically he has embraced both vocal work and DJ duties. He embraces an eclectic mix of dancehall styles, bringing freshness and variety to his musical sessions.

Besides his smash debut “Driven Straight To The Dance Floor”, with its masterful mix of dance flavors, Arnold G has also announced the upcoming single release “You Got Me Hot”, due in March. His debut is already available worldwide and Arnold plans touring on a global scope. A&R Management

Recording Artist, Dancer, Performer, Songwriter and Music Producer
More on Arnold G, see EPK

A&G Records Music

Picture Arnold-G
Picture Arnold-G
Picture Arnold-G
Picture Arnold-G
Picture Arnold-G


E.D.Smooth (Born Earl Livingston Dixon)

Ever so often, time repeats itself by giving us a singer reminiscent of the greats before. Hailing from Manchester, Jamaica, E.D.Smooth reignites the same kind of emotion one gets while listening to Sanchez, Beres or Luciano.

Starting to sing since the age of ten, he gained recognition and popularity early on throughout school and within the community.singing on force five band and sound system like Super Soul and Ray Phonic.and At community functions. At that age his talent led people to refer to him as “Little Song Bird” and that was the humble beginning of his musical career.

As one of twelve kids growing up in Jamaica, E.D. Smooth learned early on what it truly means to work for what you want in life. While doing his chores before and after school singing became his company. He says when he sings he would feel a soothing spirit come upon him. This is the same kind of feeling you get when you listen to his music.

He takes all of his experiences growing up, as well as what he sees and feels today and expresses himself through his music. When you hear him sing you will be able to hear and feel a high level passion, pain and love brought to a nice balance which we all experience as human beings on a day to day basis. Inspired by the Almighty. his mother and two kids he finds himself thinking of them while performing which brings him lots of joy.

Currently residing in Boston, he is beginning to gain recognition throughout Boston and New York City. Opening for acts such as Junior Reid,Junior Demus,Fantan Mojah and Vybz Cartel has been giving him the notoriety he deserves. He wants people to know through his music that despite your current situations you can and will achieve your hearts true desires, no matter what it is, just never give up.

As he continues to perform, he is constantly creating new material and thinking of ways to top what he did last. Currently ,working on his new album.he looking forward to spreading his message of love, unity and the spreading of good vibes. E.D. Smooth is undoubtedly on his way to the top of the charts. Look out for him as I am sure he will warm his way into your heart.


Let Me Love You (By E.D.Smooth



Malia Carine odyssey’s a testament to talent, passion and true grit. Born in the Belgian capital city of Bruxelles, she discovered music by singing in a local gospel choir.
Malia Carine has travelled and visited different cities around the world and it is the influences stemming from various journeys that will give later to her music all its colors and all its charm.
Malia Carine has also recently spent time in studio in Hollywood, Los Angeles with renowned, multi-platinum producer Jeff Blue and Mike Gonsolin from Trend Def Studios for the co-production of a demo.

Fly Away by Malia Carine YouTube

Elena Qarooni was born December 6, 1982, in Mogilev, Belarus. Her father Grigory Makarenko is a well known professional musician and vocal coach. In grade 1, Elena was immediately discovered by her music teacher Tatiana Pavlovna Piishakova where she started singing and representing her school in children festivals.
Elena then moved to professionally practice singing in Mogilev’s cultural center coached by her father when she turned 12. She has represented Belarus in several national and international festivals and has won several awards and recognitions.

In 2009, Elena got married to Hamza Qarooni and settled in Bahrain. In summer 2010, she was blessed with her little angel boy Daniel Qarooni. Elena has incredibly performed several top hits for Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Lara Fabian and others. She has started recording her own songs both in English and Russian. Elena is also planning to participate in some of the world’s top international festivals.


Sounds Like: Celine Dion, Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Adele, Whitney Houston

Manager: Hamza Qarooni

International Official Song “ANGEL” (Invisible Children – KONY 2012) by Elena Qarooni

Angelina Lavo arrived in New York in 2009 to tell her story as a singer, songwriter and performer.

By 2010 her ambition and hard work paid off when she collaborated with Grammy-award winning music producer Omen (Usher, Drake, Lil Wayne) on the single and internet music video sensation “Circus Act”. Her music video alone garnered well over half a million views on YouTube. The success of “Circus Act” led to her collaboration with Twista on her single “Cotton Candy”.

Angelina has performed at exclusive venues all around New York City for fans, tastemakers and music industry community.

Following her self-released debut EP “Risque” – Angelina found her sound with the help multi-platinum producer Lu Diaz (Pitbull, J-Lo, and many others).

Angelina once joked in radio interview that she was a Princess with a Gangster’s Heart. Since then she has written and recorded songs in various musical styles finding her inspiration in dance and electronica.

Today we introduce you a Queen in the Making.


Sounds Like: Britney Spears, Madonna, Katy Perry, Kesha, Beyoncé

Angelina Lavo – Circus Act


Date of birth: 25/01/1989

Birth name: Amylouise Aldred

Height: 5ft 6

Nickname: Redd, Loopy-lou, Lou, Aldo, Abzilou, Jynxi

REDD is a female artist based in the UK. With vocals to that of Lady Gaga and the dance ability of a Pussycatdoll, Redd is an all round package about to storm the music scene. Sexy, fresh and fiesty REDD, real name Amylouise Aldred has an explosive combination of talent. Starting her music career at the age of 11, Amylouise grew and progressed knowing her direction as an artist. Upon finishing her education at the University of Bolton, REDD spent every hour given chasing her dream of becoming a performing/recording artist. Her debut single featuring superstars Akon & Snoop Dogg has hit well over an accumulative total of 10M views on youtube since its upload mid December 2011, having an official #1 in Finland and of late standing at #2 in Japan aswell charting in several other countries including Canada & Australia. In March this year her second single boomed across Germany and Spain peaking at #6 in the charts. ‘Bedroom’ featuring Mr Worldwide himself (Pitbull) is a hot Dance/RnB track and has already tipped over 1M views on youtube in less than 3 weeks. 2012 is just beginning…

Trivia & XP
Paderborn Twin town Festival, Germany
Christmas Light switch on (2 Local towns)
Albert Hall show, Mayor of Bolton Charity
Blackpool Opera house, Winter Gardens

Albert Hall show, Mayor of Bolton Charity
Blackpool Opera house, Winter Gardens
Her Majesty’s Theatre, London
Southport Airshow, Rock FM
Blackburn RockFM Roadshow
Tower FM Awards
RRG Toyota Grand Opening with Tower FM

Judges round, Xfactor (as part of a duet)
‘RIO’- Gigs in and around Northwest, UK
Kia Motors- Kia-RIO launch

Studied Media and Vocational Performing Arts at Sixth Form
Won college ‘Stars in their eyes’
Played Various parts for Musical theatre
Designed, Produced, Built and Run College ‘XFACTOR’ (for fellow students)
Created and Choreographed a 30minute piece on ‘The knife amnesty’ In Britain, which was taken and performed in London.
Worked back stage with Children in Need artists, Winter gardens, Blackpool

Went to University of Bolton to study ‘BSc Hons Quantity Surveying & Commercial Management’
Developed herself as a solo artist.

Northwest G Casino finalist- Sheffield
Xfactor bootcamp- final 50
Northwest G Casino Winner- Blackpool
Joined the circuit doing gigs in and around Northwest.
Worked with REDNEK- Dubstep/urban producer (London)
Various local fundraiser for Cancer Research

Northwest G Casino finalist- Bolton
Featured on Original tracks with Grime artists (Slix, Calibar, Juvee, Polo)
Filmed Video for ‘For a Fool’ feature
Bowden’s got Talent Winner
Northwest Interpub Talent competition Winner
Performed along side local band for Sky TV @ Rumble at the Reebok (Muay thai world championships)
Graduated from University with BSc Hons Second class, Second division
Festival for stars appearance- Guest Judge
Worked with local Youth project group ‘Harmony’- performing in restaurants and other Town centre venues
Appeared on ‘Virus Syndicate- The sign’ Music video
Manchester airport own charity event at the Concorde Hangar
Worked along side Channel4 and Jack Whitehall for new game show to be aired around Christmas 2011.
‘Im Daydreaming’ featuring Akon & Snoop Dogg was released Worldwide.

‘Bedroom’ Video – Milan
‘Bedroom’ featuring Pitbull & Qwote was released across Europe.
Special Guest & Live PA at Le Banque, Milan.
Interview on ‘http://www.webradionetwork.eu/’ (Italian Radio)
Live PA at Future Perfect Festival Manchester.
Live PA at Blackpool Pride & VIP Party.
Live PA at Manchester Pride.

Redd feat Qwote and Pitbull – Bedroom (Official Video HD)

True love never dies. That’s the first single of the Nigerian R’n’B-Singer and a Song Writter. He made his passion his profession, and now he works for several years as a professional musician. International concerts let the artist Arisco grow, and therefore, after three years of work, his first single is done. the R’n’B-Singer and Song Writter lies a unique path which dearly shows in his music. Arisco wants to reach his fans with his songs, he wants to touch and encourage them. Who ever is longing for real emotions and true songs.




THIS IS MY LIFE Internet Preview HQ

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April 1, 2012
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March 21, 2012
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March 21, 2012
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March 21, 2012
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March 21, 2012
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March 20, 2012

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March 17, 2012
Leianna KaiThe talented model, singer is more focused than ever on her career, her friends, and having the time of her life at the same time. Leianna is many things: giddy, cheerful, intelligent, and a very sweet and sensual woman. Even though at times she finds it hard to juggle her full time job working as [...]

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Nikki Guarino


Just back from Los Angeles where she recorded her new EP,
Happy Together with several Grammy Award-winning
producers, Nikki Guarino is excited to present her fresh and
exciting style to the masses. Nikki sings catchy and playful
melodies over uplifting beats that you can’t help but dance
to, making her a new contender in the pop scene alongside
the likes of Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift.
“Happy Together” and “Wonderful Life” were produced by
Gina Schock of the Go Go’s and Jeff Bova, a Grammy Award
winning keyboardist, composer, arranger and producer.
Schock has recently worked with Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez
and Alanis Morissette, among others, and Bova has worked
with Katy Perry, Celine Dion, Colbie Caillat, and many more.
“So I Thought” and “Party With My Girls”, both co-written by
Nikki herself, were produced by Mike Mani and Jordan Omley
of The Jam, the recording duo that recently collaborated with
Lady Gaga and Mariah Carey, and has worked with several
other notable artists including Michael Bolton, Santana and
X-Factor winner Leona Lewis.
Aside from promoting and performing her music, Nikki is
currently involved in South Burlington HS Chorus and Drama.
She landed the lead role as “Sandy” in the Junior High School
musical production of “Grease”, and will be a contestant in the
Miss Teen Vermont Pageant in Fall 2011. Stay tuned for more
new music and content from Nikki, and visit her on Facebook,
Youtube, Twitter and Itunes!





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