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Crisis (KENT)

Christon Willis Cole, 22, is quickly making a name for himself within the St. Louis hip-hop and pop industry as “Crisis (KENT)”. His hard-hitting beats, artistic sound & lyrical style is guaranteed to make him a commercial icon in the entertainment business.

Born April 13, 1989 Crisis was raised in the Metro-St. Louis area. Crisis comes from a middle-class family & is the youngest of two children. From an early age he knew that music was his area of interest. Starting his rap career at age eleven, Crisis slowly began writing his own music, creating his own beats, and free-styling. He showed his creativity not only through writing, but by becoming his own producer at age twelve.

One year after making the decision to become an artist/producer, Crisis began to have problems within his home and family life. His mother and father divorced when he was thirteen years old creating a strain on Crisis’s relationship with his father. To date, they don’t have a close relationship. Although, a close-knit relationship had never been established between Crisis and his father, HE has remained motivated to succeed. In fact, drawing from negative and positive personal experiences along with internal struggles has been at the root of much of his work.

After graduating from Hazelwood East High School, Crisis enrolled in Florissant Valley Community College, where he is currently studying computer engineering. Remaining focused on academics & the pursuit of a college degree has been no easy task, but Crisis is making his way through with the support of his music family, Grind Squad Entertainment/Grind Squad Music Group.

Crisis became a member of Grind Squad in 2007. Crisis received his stage name from Red, then CEO of Grind Squad Entertainment. Red chose this name as a way to express the type of artist Crisis would be in the industry – “a problem for other artists who lack the same intensity, creativity and ambition!!!”. Since then Crisis has written more than 200 songs and produced various tracks not only for his own records, but for other artists of the Grind Squad Family & beyond.

Although, Crisis has been compared to famous artists such as Kanye West, Jay Z and B.o.B his sound is distinct from the average rapper. Combining several genres of music such as hip-hop, pop, techno and rock, Crisis has developed a unique and unified sound that has shaped his identity. Since main stream rappers are at the core of the rap game, Crisis has dedicated countless hours into perfecting and customizing his sound, giving his listeners versatility.

Since the launch of his career, the drive for Crisis to succeed is at an all time high. He is more than determined to be known for his creativity, passion and hard-work………

The new project entitled “More Than A Mixtape” is available for streaming & download:,,,,, & Listeners & fans can stay connected to Crisis via Facebook: CrisisKENTGS, Twitter: @CrisisKENT or email:

Label: Grind Squad Ent./Grind Squad Music Group, LLC

Manager: Arlester Tate-El & Adrian Lipsey


Jacqueline Amira



I’m an old soul… I guess you can say I’m something of a goodie two shoes too…I don’t even swear… ever! ^^ I was the kid that had perfect grades, big glasses, got picked on a lot too…I am a true Disney kid… it was all I watched growing up!! well that and Power Rangers… LOL for me music is a form of therapy… Sang in school choir since I was 7…I enrolled into John Robert Powers in 2005… I was chosen to compete in IPOP Los Angeles in 2006 and I did very well!! I took home awards for both acting and singing… I also hold the title of Miss Florida Co-ed Idol 2007! (still have the crown & sash btw and I wear it on my birthday every year!!! LOL) I do speak multiple languages too… Before I was singing and performing pieces that I really didn’t feel a connection to… all that is about to change….

Leianna Kai


The talented model, singer is more focused than ever on her career, her friends, and having the time of her life at the same time.
Leianna is many things: giddy, cheerful, intelligent, and a very sweet and sensual woman. Even though at times she finds it hard to juggle her full time job working as a personal banker, she still finds time to pursue her modeling and singing career. Even finding time to fit dates with men is at times difficult, she still seems to manage it very well.
The Hawaiian, Portuguese, Italian, and Irish princess was born and raised as a California girl. Though, she loves to be able to go back to her home in Hawaii as often as she can. Leianna started modeling exactly 2 years ago and is still amazed how much she’s grown, not just as a model or a performer but as a woman. She never in a million years ever thought she could be a model. Growing up as a very shy girl, no one ever took notice of her. Now she has never been so confident in her own skin and now she’s ready to take on the world. Her family always believed in her and never stopped believing. She aspires to have her name out there for the whole world to see, and is determined to show us her raw talent, her voice.




Celena Santa Cruz


Celena Santa Cruz Is A 21 Year Old Aspiring Singer, Songwriter, Belly Dancer & Actress. Her Goal Is To Inspire People Through Her Music & Represent Raw Talent. Celena Santa Cruz Has Been Influenced By Numerous People But Examples Of Some Of The Musicians She Admires Are, Beyonce, Selena & So Many More. She Began Singing As Far Back As Five Years Old But Growing Up, She Was Always Too Shy To Show People That She Actually Could Sing. As She Graduated High School In 2008, She Realized That Singing Has Always Been Her Dream & That It Was Time To Step Into The Spotlight & Not Let Fear Hold Her Back. Currently, She Is Making A Name For Herself In Her Hometown Of Tucson, AZ & Expanding Throughout Arizona Building Up A Fanbase & Showing The World That The 5’2, R&B/Hip Hop/Pop Singing Latina, Is Not Interested Whatsoever In Being A One-Hit-Wonder, & Is Here To Stay! Check Her Out At: or

Celena Santa Cruz- “Ima Have Me Some Fun” OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

Dave “Rainman” Banta

Dave “Rainman” Banta


Multi Platinum producer. mixing and mastering engineer, pianist/arranger
I AM the industry sound. (over 12 mil CDs sold with singles I mixed on them) I taught music production and mixing at UCLA in Hollywood for 10 years as well!
Have your record mixed by a multi platinum mixing engineer in Hollywood for what you are paying now or less!!!! I do a lot of work via the web if you’re not in Hollywood.

If you haven’t mixed with me before send me the files and I’ll bring up a mix and send you a clip and show you how great it will sound no obligation.
I have a professional mixing studio in Hollywood. I have a lot of expensive hardware. (not just the latest software)
(754) 444 RAIN (7246)
Hollywood, CA

Dave “Rainman” Banta

(754) 444 RAIN (7246)

Multi platinum mixer, mastering and producer!

add me

SPECIAL MIXING, MASTERING AND VOCAL RECORDING RATE for independent artists $35 an hour most mixes take 2-4 hours. Only till the end of 2011!

I have a professional mixing studIo in Hollywood CA and I have MANY platinum and gold records for mixing. I have a killer vintage tube vocal mic here too Bone Thugs love to record on it here! The song on my list “Heartaches” was completely done here. Produced, recorded. mixed and mastered. (Including vocals)

I taught production, mixing and mastering at UCLA for ten years I can teach you to get that pro sound too if you aspire to engineer great mixes!

Sorry, I only do collaborations on spec for major artists, major labels, and major networks. I am inexpensive to hire though. Most mixes done by me in professional studio in Hollywood only cost around $100 to $150 per song. I can master your whole album for $100 or less!!!!!

Here are instructions for delivering files to me to be mixed in PDF or Word format.

call me if you have questions at (754) 444 7246

David “Rain” Banta is a multi platinum recording/mixing engineer producer/composer/pianist that as been working full time in Hollywood for more than 2 decades.
David has (certified) 2 triple platinum, 3 double platinum, 2 single platinum and 9 gold records. He also has 2 #1 selling albums in all Europe that were #1 sellers in 8 countries and he had a #1 on radio play in 4 countries that lasted 2 weeks at #1 in England.

He is also the Senior Producer and on air talent of a top show on KPFK 90.7FM LA/Hollywood, 93.7FM San Diego, 98.7FM Santa Barbara, 99.5FM Ridgecrest-China Lake. (The most powerful FM station west of the Mississippi). (see video here ) Listen live worldwide at

As well as being a multi platinum recording and mixing engineer he also taught it at UCLA for 10 years.
David is also an accomplished Composer/Producer whose credits include composing/producing and recording Fox’s “Nascar Highlights Theme” and he is currently writing and producing for Fox on an ongoing bases. He also produced music for the WB’s “Jack and Jill”, and MTV’s “Undressed”

David has also been an accomplished studio/touring musician/arranger for many years. While earning a B.S. in Music Education he studied music full time in NYC for 10 years with some of the greatest arrangers and performing musicians in the world. Including Dizzy Gillespe, Thad Jones, and arrangers David Berger (who teaches at Julliard and scored Miles Davis) and Vince Corozine composer arranger of the ABC news theme. After studying music in NYC David went on to be a full time studio/touring musician recording and performing with one of the Air Forces premier jazz ensembles and concert bands. After leaving the Air Force David went on to play and tour full time for many years with such greats as “The Wailers”, Jimmy Cliff, Steel Pulse, Burning Speer, Sly and Robbie, The Untouchables and many others.

David also recorded, mixed and mastered Flesh N Bone’s (of “Bone Thugs N Harmony”) first solo album since his release and produced one of the main singles He also recorded and mixed the first single “Game Ain’t Ready” released with all 5 members in 13 years. David is currently working with Flesh and “Bone Thugs N Harmony” on an ongoing basis.

His engineering credits include (first engineer) Tupac, “Thug Life”, Sting, Michael Jackson, “The Roots”, Tracie Spencer, “ Take That” (Robbie Williams group) Mark “Marky Mark” Wahlberg, Eazy E., Ice T., M.C.Ren, “Digital Underground”, “The Pharcyde”, Rodney O’ and Joe Cooley, and Coolio.

As well as engineering he created and produced a video series entitled “The Basics of Home Recording” which went to several thousand stores and has been a standard in the industry for more than 10 years. Volume 4 “The Complete Guide to Mixing” is used in many recording schools in the U.S. as part of their mixing curriculum. He also taught a course based on the video series at UCLA Extension in Hollywood called “The Complete Guide to Home Recording’” for over 10 consecutive years. David also taught Cubase/Nuendo, Reason, and mixing at “The Musician’s Institute” in Hollywood for one year. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Music Education from “The King’s College” New York, NY.

“I’ve been in the best studios in the world and sat next to the best engineers in the world, including people like Bernie Grundman, and the best stuff I’ve ever heard is the stuff that’s coming out of Dave Banta’s right now” -Flesh N Bone- of Bone Thugs n Harmony, 11/13/2010


David mixed the 4 singles on “9ice’s” album “Tradition” that sold over 750,000 CDs in the first week alone and has sold over 2 1/2 million CDs so far in 2010. He produced, recorded and mixed the first single released by “Flesh N Bone” of the “Bone Thugs N Harmony” since his release from prison. David also recorded and mixed the first single released with all 5 Bone Thugs on it in 13 years. He also composed and produced the “Nascar Highlights Theme” for Fox Sports and taught recording, mixing, and production at UCLA for 10 years,

Bone Thugs Reality show “Living-N-Harmony

Dezi K

Dezi K


Dezi K is no stranger to the music scene. Although much in demand at home, Dezi wanted to access a larger market joining international show bands performing in residencies at Galleon Bar at the Intercontinental Hotel in Shenzhen, China, Tiga Puluh Night Club in the Le Meridien Hotel in Jakarta (Indonesia) then to Intercontinental Hotel in Muscat. (Oman Middle East)

Dezi started her singing at the very young age of four in Brisbane Australia where she grew up. Learning the art of vocals for jazz, pop, rock,funk, R&B (and everything in between!) and her passion for performance had become undeniable.

The combination of extensive training required that she become a performer of utmost versatility and professionalism, but also instilled in her a positive and organised work ethic.

Despite her busy performance and teaching schedule, Dezi also found time to pen her own
originals. She enjoyed particular success for her track, “Cruzin”, getting regular airplay on radio stations from Planet Radio 88FM in Brisbane to Now FM in Papua New Guinea. Dezi is also featured as guest vocalist on the dance tracks “Nasty” and “Soul Revival” by artist/producer Allen Kedea, both of which also get regular airplay on Now FM Radio. In addition, “Nasty” was selected to be on a compilation CD promoting Australian House
Music, entitled “Sounds of Love” and available in stores.

With an alto tone built for r&b, soul, jazz, funk and rock Dezi is a charismatic artist and no stranger to all the finer aspects of voice. Her voice will melt you. Her attitude will impress you. Her quirkiness will tantalize you. Dezi K is the whole package. You will not be disappointed!