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First coming to the public conscience as the contestant most controversially expelled from the final 12 contestants of last year’s X Factor, Laura is soon to be known more for her incredible vocal tone and delivery, and the hook laden songs that grab you from first listen and don’t let go.

Laura’s debut single ‘You Should Have Known’ is released on the 2nd November 2009.
Hey guys, welcome to my profile! it’s taken a while for things to settle as Ive been so, so busy but thank you for hanging around and supporting my music. The past few months have been crazy with gigs (meeting you guys!!), the tour and all the studio sessions working with different writers etc but now I am back and you are gonna love the new music!

The single YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN has been chosen by you and I hope you enjoy the upcoming album! I am so, so excited for this and hope you guys support my music as much as possible!

I love you all and enjoy hearing from you as much as poss so leave messages on my various fan sites when you can, and I will read and respond to them all. Gotta go now as I am rehearsing for my Promo Tour and hope you can all come see me if you can!

Love Laura xxx


Laura White – You Should Have Known – Official Video


Salvatore Sgarlata


I have recently recorded the song “Another World: 2012 (Charity Single)” 50% of the proceeds will go to charity and we have chosen UNICEF. The song is available to buy on iTunes, eMusic and Amazon. Please download as it goes to a very worthy cause.

I am a singer/songwriter based in Ayr, Scotland. I sing in other languages including: Italian, French & Spanish. I was interested in music from a young age – I sang in a choir, at private events and on live broadcast as well as having tried my hand at a number of instruments. Despite years of performing at many, including iternational venues, my career never came in to focus; until recently. I set myself the task of finding a publisher. I found Erik McCall.

Erik McCall (former lead guitarist of EASE) is currently my manager and publisher. With Erik I have created my début single “Tell Me Baby”. It was written by Erik McCall with additional music and lyrics from myself. To date: “Tell Me Baby” is in three languages.

The “Tell Me Baby” line up is:
Salvatore Sgarlata: Lead vocals; keys; songwriter.
Ryan Sutherland-Charlton: Rhythm guitar; bass; drum fills;lead guitar.
Erik McCall: Lead guitar on Demo version; songwriter; keys.

Coming soon there will be lots of songs. The style is a unique mix of rock/pop/jazz. I hope there will always be something for everyone in my music.


Another World 2012 (Charity Single)



Eleni Mylona


Eleni Mylona is an acclaimed artist, born and raised in Cyprus. She has been a vocalist and a performer since 2001, after winning a place in the finals of the famous music competition “Na i Efkeria” in Greece. Ever since she has had the opportunity to collaborate with famous Greek artists, including Yiannis Spanos, Vicki Mosholiou, Anastasia Moutsatsou, Antonis Mitselos and Morfo Tsaireli. Since 2007, Eleni Mylona is based in London, where she has completed her degree in Music Performance and Music Production, and had the opportunity to explore the London music scene. During this time, Eleni has worked with brazilian guitarist and producer EdO Portugal and also performed as a backing vocalist for Michelle and Marcia Escoffery. Eleni Mylona has performed in many well established venues, including The Union Chapel in 2010, as a solo artist. Her work as a composer started in 2008 and more extensively continued since 2010, experimenting with jazz, world and electronic music. Her each performance has been outstanding, through her emotionally charged interpretation and unique approach as a versatile performer, mixing beautifully sounds from all over the world.


Melange “Eleni Mylona – song from Mulholland Drive” – 27/02/2011





Milayna did performing arts at college and attended the urdang achademy in covent garden. She joined a girl group called the Steamy Knights or SK and performed at London Arena 11 times in connection with the London Knights ice hockey team and shared some performances with the group now known as ‘Fundamental’. They also performed in front of Sony representatives, at Planet Hollywood, Roads and Euros night clubs and also toured local schools. Later they shot their first music video First Night and recorded 3 songs along with routines by a top choreographer. Appeared in various newspapers including a cover of the East London Advertiser and featured on a local radio show. one of their biggest achievements was a week of air play on radio 2 due to getting to the last 8 for the Eurovision Song contest (a surprise as they were entered into it unknowingly) The girls had vocal training from vocal coach Richard Williams.She began writing songs. Within 2 years she wrote 84! songs.Having performed in many singing competitions including Londons UK Unsigned (semi finalist) and Project Talent- Urban UK (last 9 out of 1000) and various solo performances at Bar Rumba (London) and the Soho Revue Bar AND performing as a backing vocalist for up and coming artist Everate known as ec soundboy entertainment with the number 1 song on MTV Bass Never wanna say bye bye.She is currently performing her own solo gigs around Herts, Essex and Northampton and with live bands ‘7th Wonder’ and ‘Soul Desire’ and training in comercial hip hop dance with Younique dance Company dancing in many shows and events.

She has been signed to independant record label MKVibe in Milton Keens for the last 8 months and has just released her first two debut singles ‘Can’t Let Go’ and ‘My Wish’ on iTunes and the video for ‘Can’t Let Go’ to follow on Youtube.


Milayna’s other credits also include; all singing dancing Caberet show ‘born Wild’,  live touring band The Tribute Show performing as Sandy, CIndy Lauper, Cher, Kylie, Maddona, Gloria Estefan and Britney Spears. where she supported; the Real Thing , Peter Andre, Simon Webb, Lee Ryan, East 17, and the X Factor Ben Mills and Jouney South.
She is currently performing her own solo gigs around Herts, Essex and Northampton and with live bands ‘7th Wonder’ and ‘Soul Desire’ and training in comercial hip hop dance with Younique dance Company dancing in many shows and events.


Milayna Can’t Let Go (Official Music Video)



A Singer, Songwriter and Performer, Ify Otuya studied Music Performance and Production at the prestigious London Centre of Contemporary Music, where she received tuition from some international names including Toby Baker (Sinead O’connor, B.B King), Sid Gauld (Incognito), Pete Zeldman (Jaco Pastorius), Richie Stevens (Jay-Z), and played with the legendary Pee Wee Ellis and Fred Weseley (James Brown).

Based in London, she’s written, recorded and toured the UK with musicians including Folk-Soul sensation Whateverland, and Contemporary vocal group Souls of Prophecy Gospel Choir (Prince’s Trust Fund). She’s also been visible at different times, in circles within the Nigerian music industry (Felabration, Star Trek).

In 2010, she released her debut EP – “The Eclectic Definition of Miss O” [E.D.M.O], for which she journeyed to Nigeria (West Africa) to explore ways to combine African poly-rhythms with the melodic and emotive inflections of R&B.

What sets this talented afro-bohemian girl apart is her ability to effortlessly combine the earthiness of her roots with the essences of contemporary culture. There is experience, relevance, and diversity that come through in her music.



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