BreadWinnaz dem VaBoYz


demVAboyz:GullyJewelz, Supreme, ManKyne, AwfGard
these artists are better known as BREADWINNAZ
are taking music to the next level. Baby Girl from their upcoming release, is sure to keep the buzz up w/the streets, ladies, video & radio outlets, & the internet. Gully Jewelz—dubbed “rap-professor” by Legendary rap God – Kool Moe D, punches the mic with Switchin Lanes, a hater-smack down that has club goers screaming line up all the haters. MK, the laid back verbal wizard, produced 4 gorillaz which hypes it up for all the lyric heads. Guttah aka Kryzis, goes for the jugular on this one & squeezes the life out of back2dabasix, but also smoothes it out for the ladies on My Love. AwfGard’s confessional word play bounces onto Southern Blues, & his intoxicated flow on Twerk It will urge you to press rewind!
Their presence in the VA hip hop scene is a mixture of East Coast bravado & Down South hussle & swagga. To Dog Wit It & Twerk It, strippas hittin poles & club chicks droppin it low! They own the versatility needed for any group to not only get a foothold in the business, but to have a successful music career. Back2daBasix is a eastcoast, bass kickin play on words if ever there was one. Southern Blues is an expose of the groups ups & downs which so mirrors the struggle of all walks of life – everyone from blue to white collar jobs, college heads & ballas on the block is convinced – these guys GOT IT ON LOCK!
The group’s recently posted videos have gone viral. If you haven’t seen ‘em, crawl up from under your rock & check them out! The VA movement is about to blow, & these guys are ahead of the crowd!
Altogether, this is a must have CD for anyone interested in hip hop, from radio heads to avid, underground backpackas to those grindin in the trap.
1. Baby Girl
2. Twerk It
3. Keep Hatin
4. Southern Blues
Harlem Café I Club Xscape I Don Hill’s in NYC I The Brewery in North Carolina


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