11:11 IN-TH-HOOD

Formed on MT. OLYMPUS,by Us Army soldier, cancer survivor,athlete, drummer/guitarist/composer, in The center of the UNIVERSE, at the beginning of time, forged by the metal hammer of Thor , melted Sun, molten LAVA, ATOMIC-THUNDER of DRUMS, a bolt of LIGHTNING, Hardness of TITANIUM, Speed of Mercury. ADRENALINE soaked-TESTOSTERONE filled Shredding guitars,Mind altering hypno-rhythms. The earth cracked open, revealing a URANIUM-rich, liquid metal-core, that erupted in a colossal Nuclear reaction . 3 figures emerged: born of PAIN drenched tragedies, War-torn, battle-worn, real life sacrifices…thus.. creating a new ENERGY-SOURCE, a magnetic cosmic force named 11:11 still in search of a Golden VOICE to carry their message to the heart of man, the band carries on …….


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