Edge Of Paradise



Edge Of Paradise

On their debut CD “Mask”, Edge Of Paradise unleash an aggressive, knockout punch of industrial heavy metal. Drawing inspiration from the metal icons, who define prior generations, the band’s guitarist Dave Bates, singer, Margarita Monet, bassist, Tony Franklin and drummer, Gregg Bissonette deliver a melodic, metallic onslaught as evidenced with songs “Thrown It All Away” and “Tail Of The Gun”, which have been predicted to become the next “Metal Classics” by RevelationZ Magazine.
Dave and Margarita formed Edge Of Paradise in 2011, while working on another musical collaboration “for hire” with a producer in Los Angeles. Margarita explains, “musically, Dave and I just clicked. During one of the sessions, Dave asked me if I would like to sing on some of his songs, and from that day forward, Edge Of Paradise was born”. Dave has been writing music for some time, collaborating with talented songwriters, Robin Mcauley (MSG, Survivor) and Ryan Jones, which left the two with a vast library of music to pull from. With a little creative magic between Dave and Margarita, the sound of Edge Of Paradise was born.
Margarita Monet’s wide ranging vocals, bring a modern edge to their music, and her keyboard playing adds a classical flair and sonic depth to an already heavy guitar riff sound. Dave Bates, weaves intricate melodies and shows an innate ability to create catchy rhythmic hooks within the tasty heavy riffing.
Guest appearances by Gregg Bissonette (drums) and Tony Franklin (bass) complete the brutal assault in the rhythm section.
The addition of Kevin Katich on drums and Steven Cook on bass in the later half of 2011 solidified Edge of Paradise’s line up.
With a plethora of musical tastes and backgrounds ranging from classical to blues, metal and hardcore, Edge of Paradise shows no limitations with their writing ability and style.
September 15th, 2011 marks the release of the bands debut CD “Mask”. With a solid promotional team including Chipster P/R and Skateboard Marketing to handle press and radio, along with a killer video for the band’s title track “Mask”, the band is now looking forward to the future. During one of their past live shows, Music Connection Magazine described the band “as a tight, well oiled machine”. The band is now ready to bring that machine to the people, and will be looking to tour heavy to spread the sound of Edge Of Paradise!


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