Breezy, confident, agile, witty, clever, creative, and visually brilliant at painting pictures with words that never leaves the imagination hollow, are all the many ways used to describe this newly put together undergroud rap duo from “Charlottesville V.A.” “FAM B.I.” “FAM B.I.” consist of “Boogie” and “Killa Da Butcha”, who both growed up in the hood, came from single parent families, and at an early age in life had to become men and take care of there own. The group only talks about what they know, have done, but never talks about what they don’t know, or have never done. They talk about coming up, making it out the hood, parties, women, and hustling in anyway possible to get themselves as well as there families in a more comfortable position in life. “FAM B.I.” stands for “family business”, and as a business you have to grind everyday to get ahead, and to stay ahead, because if you don’t than somebody will take your position. Everybody may not like everything “FAM B.I.” has to say in there songs, and may even take offense to certain things said by the group, but “FAM B.I.” has assured many people that they are not in the rap game to sugar coat anything and be somebody they are not, they are in the game to express themselves, talk about what they do, have done, have seen, and keep it real no matter what people may feel or think about them. They feel like life is all about expression, and if you can’t express yourself than why do you live? Hustling is life, and life is a hustle. For the almighty dollar “FAM B.I.” is willing to do whatever it takes to make that next dollar more powerful than the last. “FAM B.I.” by location is influenced heavily by everything southern, but most of all there passion is music with substance.




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