Grey is a singer-songwriter. His music blends the psychedelic, progressive, acoustic, and alternative stylings of bands such as the Beatles, the Doors, Rush, Yes and Pink Floyd to create a very unique and distinctive rock and pop sound. He has released the following CDs: Inquire Within, Ice World, Words & Music, Anamnesis, Rock & Pop, Colours, Faded Colours I, Faded Colours II, Grey’s Christmas Memories and these now out-of-print live recordings: Live at Pegasys, and Acoustic Grey. He just released Inquire Within in Sept 2010 and is working on new material now for his 9th CD which will probably be out sometime in late 2011 or early 2012.

More About Grey

“With a classic rock sound, Grey is unlike any other rock band you will hear. With a psychadelic vibe and a sort of Rolling Stones meets David Bowie feel, Grey will surely feed your indie rock needs. Their song “America” is the perfect example of this. The fusion of piano and light guitar is sure to help you relax. I highly suggest you check them out. ”

— Phantom Music Reviews

“Steeped in classic reference points ‘Words & Music’ mixes classic American rock sounds together with the arrangements of The Beatles… Grey mixes gospel backings, lush arrangements with an all American sound.”

– P.D Stanley – The Plastic Ashtray


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