MacTray3 Marvelous/aka/Henchloccc


Mactray3 Marvelous aka Henchloccc Born Travon L Louden on the EastSide of Long Beach Ca, Introduced to Rap at a very young age began to freestyle with other friends in the Neighborhood he Later Decided to take it his Craft more seriously and began writing full songs, He and fellow artist such as Crook Doggg Capone3,Sly Feddy, Sharp Shooter the THug Boss formed a group and began grinding putting out several Classics Albums That still continues to circulate around in the underground circuit they have performed in many shows including The World Famous V.I.P Records. He has started out on his mission of becoming one of the worlds greastest MC’s to ever touch the Mic, His style is very unique and Original due to message carried in it’s content West Coast Based style with poetic Delivery he has a very versatile flow and combined with it’s Gangsta Lyrics and Beats makes him a complete package. Currently working on his solo Debut in 2011 ALBUM Titled ( M.A.C. Master Art Communication) Look out For Mac3 on Myspace,Facebook,Twitter,Reverbnation,Album and shows coming up weekly so come out and show ya luv for ya Boy Mac Marvelous

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(Mastering   The   Art   Of   Communication)


#1. Betta  Ask  Somebody


#2. Play  A  Game


#3. U  Aint  Said  Nuttin    Feat: WYCE


#4. Good  2  Be  Home   Feat: CrookdogggCapon3


#5. Swagger    Feat: Wyce


#6. Party Hard    Feat: CrookdogggCapon3,WYCE


#7. No Skinny Jeans


#8. Suspect N*****


#9. Sorry


#10.Grey & Black


#11.My Life    Feat:WYCE Of Paypa Boy Money Gang


                   COMING SOON




Prodused by. H Dubb /MACTRAY3MARVELOUS (TPG3)


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