Monsta Boi Da Kid


Marquis “Monsta Boi Da Kid” Graves | Louisville, KY. He is one of the hardest working artist Louisville has. He has did numerous show opens for, Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka, Murphy Lee, Bo Hagon, Rich Boy, Plies, etc. Not only has he opened for a large portion of artist he’s also worked with plenty. Monsta Boi Da Kid is very unique not only does he makes production, he has a passion for graphic design, singing, & he ghostwrites R&B songs. Although he is unsigned he still continues to shot for the stars, and maintain a positive mindset as far as his music goes. It has been a rocky road, and a long hard fought battle, but giving up is not an option. HE WILL MAKE IT! If you are having any upcoming parties, or events, and in need for a Artist to Perform, a hypeman, flyer, or great promotion he is the guy you want to contact.



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