Parchman Farm Freedom Riders


Voodoo Child (Slight Return) Cover of Jimi Hendrix

Formed in Salt Lake City in November of 2009 Parchman Farm Freedom Riders is a blues rock quartet. We began writing together in February on 2010 not really knowing what to expect, but confident that the four of us would work very well together and form a very tight family unit. With influences such as Gov’t Mule, The Derek Trucks Band, Eric Clapton, Blues Traveler, guitar greats SRV and Robin Trower to name a few we hoped that we could create music that would be both original and exciting, paying homage to our influences, but always staying independent and free to explore. We have released one studio album, Day of Reckoning, and just finished recording a live album. We are scheduled to begin recording our second studio album by January of 2012. We are having a great time writing, performing live, and growing as a band. We are seeking a management company and are very excited to take the next steps to continue our progress. Music is our true love, and we are on a fantastic journey.


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