Music World Records pick for their upcoming Kidz Jamz Pop CD and the International Songwriting Competition’s “Crank Your Cred” winner for July 2011, Sophi is a 13-year-old with talent well beyond her years. This 8th grader from Houston, Texas is a natural performer having performed at venues such as The House of Blues Houston, Music World’s House of Dereon, Six Flags Over Texas, Texas Children’s Festival, Hard Rock Café and many others. She discovered her passion for music at a much younger age. While in school, a music teacher was able to hear Sophi sing and she was encouraged to begin her vocal training. At nine, Sophi started performing at local and regional events, sharing her music prowess and wowing the audience. When Sophi is not hard at work rehearsing, performing, or writing songs, she is just like any typical teenager – she hangs out with friends, heads outdoors and adores animals like her pet Siamese cats Koko & Chanel and a Yorkie named Duchess.

At such a young age, Sophi is geared to be a dedicated musician in the hopes of staying in the music industry for a very long time. Her EP, “Boy in the Hallway” is available on iTunes, Amazon and other retailers. The new Kidz Jamz Pop CD will be out later this year. Sophi also aspires to be a positive role model to other kids. Her dream is to be of the same caliber as her favorite artists Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, and Beyonce’. It seems that Sophi’s on her way.

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