Hailing from Lake Placid, FL, rapper Theolodge (real name: Theo J. Jones) is set to explode on the scene as the next big thing. Realizing that God blessed him with the ability to create beautiful music, Theolodge got started at an early age. He began performing in talent shows in elementary school and performing impromptu shows during lunch while in middle and high school. Theolodge has honed his musical skills over the years, creating a laid back sound with his unique style and voice and developing into a talented song writer and overall musical sensation. Influenced by some of hip hop’s elite artist, such as Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, TI, Outkast, Biggie and Tupac, Theolodge is ready to take his place as the Next Big Thing. You can hear the unique sound of Theolodge on the Song “She Knows What She Wants” Featuring Lil Wayne and Mfoe. The song is featured on International Grindtime Vol. 3, hosted by DJ Tum Tum and Big Shane. You may also hear the talents of Theolodge on his self released mixtapes “Doing My Job vol. 1,” “2 States of Mind,” “The Real Deal” and his most recent release, also set to be re-released “Underrated.” And for your listening pleasure they can be heard at With a strong work ethic and his aggressive self promotion, Theolodge had a chance to audition for Record Labels, however his commitment to education and his dedication to the basketball team, he decided to pass and complete his senior year of college. Once you hear his unique lyrical barrage you will understand the name. . . Theolodge!


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