Celina ‘Lina’ Judd – Songstress/ Composer


Proud member of ASCAP
Born in July,1996,a Jacksonville, Florida native (DUVAL y’all!), this ‘Lady Leo’ is a rising star!
Her story, though still unfolding, has been rich in experiences. The intensity, pain, and her youthful joy combine to make a unique sound which persons of all ages can relate to!

Celina ‘Lina’ Judd – Songstress/ Composer

Celina is a focused young lady! She loves her God first and is well grounded in her family values. She loves her family, singing, a songwriting,dancing, acting, and theater. Celina is determined to be well- versed in her advanced academic studies, and ALL musical genres. She sings everything  from R&B to Country to italian opera! She attended  the local middle school LaVilla School of The Arts.  Now Celina ‘Lina’ has had a successful audition into the prestigious Douglas Anderson School of The Arts for her high school education ( vocal arts, and musical theater!), as well! Here, she continues her pursuit of excellence with all honors academics.

Keep your eye on this gifted rising star – she does shine!  (and is getting brighter every day!)


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