Cuban Conection Ent.



FOR CONTACT:786-463-2253.jesus condon
I’m 23 years.Born in Cuba.
I rap since I’m 12 years old.
I write my songs and singthem.
I have written over 150 songs.
I love music and live music.
I live my life from day to day.
Seeking to realize my dreams.
Jesus Condon is an aspiring singer, songwriter from Hialeah Florida.
Jesus A.K.A “BLUE” has released several demos of original music that
have become very popular on sites like Reverb Nation and garnered the
attention of several recording companies.
In an industry where many artists employ the skills of a lyricist to produce songs,
it’s refreshing and rare to find an artist as prolific as Jesus Condon.”BLUE”
Ready To Get Signed And Be On The Move
(Cuban Conection Ent.) For


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