Lethal Even Asleep



Is a solo based electronica project based in San Jose California and was started in 2004. This project was test of my own musical abilities. Lethal Even Asleep debuted on myspace in 2005 and was played on several local radio stations in the bay area as well as some online music radio stations in the US and Europe. The lyrics are clear and personal and are very raw. Industrial style movie samples, darkwave, and classical piano are some of the main elements to this project. Other contributers to this album was the death of a good friend, friendships gone sour, animosity with past relationships, and failure were major pushers while creating this album.


Lethal Even Asleep


Mitochondria… released 11/07 and took almost 3 years to make. The lyrics were the hardest part to make. I really like the way some of the songs came out. There was maybe 1 or 2 songs that I really didnt like but I am quite found of the darker ones. All the lyrics in my opinion are raw.


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