Nylon Pink


Nylon Pink is an edgy pop-rock band formed in Hollywood California. Described as “Hello Kitty on acid”, Nylon Pink is pushing the boundaries of music, fashion, and sexuality.

Nylon Pink’s core comprises of lead singer Kaila Yu and bassist Katt Lee with the addition of brand new members; lead guitarist Kiki Wongo, and drummer Jamie Scoles. Nylon Pink is hard at work at their forthcoming EP, “Dirty in Pink”, which will be released later this summer. The hotly anticipated album will evoke sounds and images of Katy Perry and Shiny Toy Guns with a Harakuju edge.

Nylon Pink is a media sensation, captivating audiences whenever they hit the red carpet or the stage in couture designed and styled by the talented Katt. In photos the girls become the dolls you’ve always wanted to dress up and play with, but don’t be fooled because these dolls are no pussycats. When you’re in the company of these girls, you’ll say goodbye to convention, and ‘Hello Drama’.


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