Promize™ was formed in early 2000 and has several albums and movie sound tracks to their credit. They have been featured multiple times in Rolling Stone magazine turned down a deal with Sony! and blew away sound scan and hit the CMJ charts without a record deal with there first CD! Had national air play and were recently named Best New Alternative Artist. They have opened for such acts as Smile Empty Soul, Bush, Poison,Peter Wolf,George Lynch, DOKKEN, LA GUNNS and many other major label acts. Although their line-up has changed over the years, their dark and melodic sound has only gotten better with age. Currently working on a new album with original founding members, Dave Manning on drums Leslie on vocals long-time keys man Rob Sweeney, Scotty on bass and backing vocal, new comer Jon boy Zera on guitar and Kelly B on guitar and Vocals. This new album with such tracks as Under Water and Ladder promizes to be the album of their career and the one that breaks the modern rock music scene wide-open with Jim Fogarty (Kill Switch Engage) as producer it should be something to behold! Stay tuned! The cd reason for expectation -vocals and lyrics by Leslie Pasco D Manning music by promize except fly and Hardly wait PJ Harvey Broadcast music BMI lyrics on fly and D Manning promize cd Twilight-vocals and lyrics D Manning music by promize musicpromize all music copy right 2004,2006,2009,2011

Management: L. George Entertainment – S. Winters Esq. WWW.PROMIZE.COM



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