Ipo Pharr



Writing music since her first guitar lesson in 2006, Ipo (pronounced E-Po) is a singer-songwriter born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii in the likes of Jason Mraz, KT Tunstall and Justin Nozuka. She’s got a story telling style of songwriting and takes inspiration from everything around her. She believes that music has the power to carry your soul and warm your heart. Armed with powerful vocals and thoughtful lyrics, Ipo will surely captivate the masses from the deep thinker to the light hearted to the dreamer.
Her debut EP “A Sweet Heart,” cleverly named for the English translation of her name, Ipo, is a small collection of stories that will suddenly make you feel right at home, to be released Summer of 2011.
She has graced the stage at such venues as The House of Blues on The Sunset Strip, The Hotel Cafe and Coachella! Ipo will find any intimate setting so that allows her to share her heart and tell her stories.
Ipo has a genuinely ‘sweet heart’ and would like you to know that she fully intends to bring all her love, upon her sleeve, everywhere she goes. 🙂

 Ipo Pharr


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