John Campos


Producer/Engineer/Songwriiter/Musician Owner of One MInd Music. Indie Label and Publishing company.
President of Powerhouse Entertainment 1993 – 2005. Songs on this page represent some recent work as a producer/writer/engineer and multi instrumentalist. Production/Mixing/Engineering avaialble, hit me up for rate information Member of the Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. AES and SPARS. Grammy Nominating and Voting Producer/Engineer/Songwriter. Have over 100 song and album credits listed on major music retail outlets as an Engineer / Producer / Songwriter / Multi Instrumentalist /….. 4 years in 802 Musicians Union B.A program, 3 years study at the American Guitar Institute. Here’s a partial list of some of companies and artists I’ve worked for or with in no particular order. Atlantic Records, Ahmet Ertigan, A&M Records, Dreamworks, Rick Wake, Denise Richards, W&R Group, DV8 Records, Universal Records, Bill Whitman, RCA Records, Bandaras Records, Magnitude Records, Legend Artists, Mink, Spitfire Publishing, Moore Entertainment Group, Redlight Publishing ,Ritchie Blackmore, Alex Skolnick, Alex Skolnick Trio, Fat Joe, Audiomasters NYC, The Record Plant (NYC session guitarist) McDonald’s Corp, Amber,Tito Puente Band, Louie Vega, La Mega, 98.7 FM, Big City, Big City Groove, Bona Roba, Jennifer Marks, Testosterone Kills, Grupo Niche, The Salsa Gang, Clara Salsa, Bret Reilly, Surfing Moses, Jimmy Delgado, Joe Deninzon, Efrain Rolon, Dean Sahgafi, Ron Petrides Trio, Manhattan Graduate Center, 802 Musicians Union, Type O Negative with Pete and Josh in Fallout, Original Sin, Ricahrd Termini Recently Hulkblood, Mobius Loop, Tears of Cain, Section 8 Cartel. Earth Stood Still, The Jade Monkey, David Santiago and Latin Affair, Charlie Garcia, Dan Powers The Fixx, Plastic Army. The Tito Puente band , Christen Marucci


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