Chainsaw Dupont


CHAINSAW DUPONT & the BLUES WARRIORS have built a strong following in Chicago by swimming against the tide, performing original material rather than the slew of preferred “classic blues” covers that are favored on the touristy blues circuit.

Dupont has defied and embraced the fates from day one. His life experience is expressed in his “Street Trilogy” of CDs: Lake St. Lullaby, Bourbon St. Breakdown, and Ghost Kings of Beale St. Now his performance skills are on full display on two new live CDs, one with a full horn section, and nicknamed the “HI-FI” CD, “The Real Guitar Hero”, as well as a second “L0-FI” CD of live-to-2-track acoustic and trio format songs, called “Acoustified/Electrified”.

He has written 3 CDs full of original blues songs in collaboration with Chicago producer / lyricist Steve Pasek, in a style he calls “Delta crush”, a sort of eclectic, industrial blues. His experiences growing up on the plantation, on the road as a homeless musician, and playing the Chicago blues circuit have all contributed to the music. Working with bands in both the trio format popularized on Chicago’s west side, as well as solo and with larger configurations, he is collaborating and developing new takes on urban blues that reflect more modern influences yet pay tribute to the classics.



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