Mista October


Joseph Taylor aka Mr. October, born October 31,1982 in Atlanta, Ga. Raised in Decatur, Joseph Taylor found out what the definition of unity and team work is. After graduating from Decatur High, Joseph decided to take the road less traveled and join the army. Joseph has always been a fan of all music genres especially rap. During Basic training at Fort Benning, Georgia, Joseph met Vincent Bryant, and begin free styling with him to pass the time. After finding out that they both will be stationed together they decided to form a group. Stationed at Fort Stewart, Joseph was working extremely hard on perfecting his craft when he got called to duty for OIF 1. The deployment to iraq change Joseph’s views on life and really pushed him to make music a priority. In Iraq he found future mentor/friend Nate “DNG” Huntington. Nate showed Joseph the basics on how to construct a verse, different rhyme patterens and how to also create beats. After a 4 year duty, Joseph returned to Atlanta ready to show and prove. He dropped I am decatur, with hits like “Let em Lay” and “Go Left” made him and instant hood star. Joseph performed at local clubs in the Atlanta area. Now releasing I am Decatur vol. 2, Joseph plans to get more exposure and currently shopping his music with Mr. eFFx. So download and enjoy the journey of a future star.



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