Seven Days Lost


Starting members Mike Trejo and Joseph Vallejos,
a small skeleton crew from Colorado’s known
Metal Masters 1990’s “WICKED WAYZ” had a Devilish
Nightmare in their heads when they came up with the plot for
Seven Days Lost. Re-mastered songs like Hammer Down and
Suicide Saturday Night have found their way into the current set
list and still rock the crowd to the point of exhaustion.
Se7en-Days-Lost was officially founded in the dark heart
of a cold winters night in early 2007, following a series of
performances at Mike Trejo’s – Hell’s Circus. Hell’s Circus
is promoted as “The Loudest Show on Earth“, and for that you
need a crew of Hard Rock Monsters with the balls to turn it up
both musically and visually!! Ear bleeding solos, heart stopping
thunderous sound and a over the top visual appearance is
required to live up to this kind of billing.
Band members Gary Higdon (Bass & Vocals), Mike
Rodriguez (Drums & Vocal), Joseph Vallejos (Lead Guitar
& Vocals), and front man Michael Trejo (Guitar & Vocals)
have performed together as the musical muscle…the fire
breathing motor, that had driven the Hell’s Circus show. The
need became apparent that this Hard Rock – Heavy Metal
Nightmare, needed it’s own identity, so it could continue to
reek havoc and mayhem beyond the Big Top of Pain known as
Hell’s Circus, from this Se7en-Days-Lost was born.



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