ELEKTRICA is a new American singer-songwriter artist on the STBN Records label.

The Early Years

Elektrica showed musical promise from the age of three, learning to sing and playing many musical instruments, eventually focusing on the piano. By the age of sixteen she was the leader of a youth musical theater, working as director, composer, choreographer and designer. Her passion however was, and remains, to sing, and she eventually graduated Music College as a trained mezzo-soprano. She then turned from a promising career in opera and expanded into popular music, incorporating techno, pop and rock into her repertoire.

The next few years Elektrica spent exploring the world, immersing herself in different arts and cultures, meeting people, learning languages and developing as a songwriter and a musician.

The Present

The Elektrica project began in earnest in 2009 in the heart of Manhattan. This exciting new phenomenon incorporates a global network of contributing musicians, creating theatrical and evocative soundscapes that defy genre and style, led by Elektrica’s unique creativity and personality.

True to her theatrical roots, Elektrica is a master of creating vivid worlds of sound, aided by her ability to sound great at the top or the bottom of the register. Elektrica’s music has elements of pop and rock, of theatricality and virtuosity, of storytelling and innovation –all united by her powerful and absolutely unmistakable voice. Elektrica is the model of the 21st-century New York singer, drawing on a diverse pool of sounds that spans the globe yet remaining essentially American.




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