Barley Station


Barley Station is a double-fronted band whose music combines the roots of Americana, Pop/Rock, Country,

and Folk and puts them in a blender with a dash of amaretto pouring out a tasty glass of sound.

The result is a distinctly alternative blend that draws deeply from its roots yet looks forward and to the future.

The music features two and three part harmonies, driving rhythms, and contagious melodies.

The songwriting covers the whole gamut of emotions moving from upbeat bright material to

darker or introspective moods. The sound is punctuated throughout with rootsy alternative country,

bright pop/rock to progressive folk and alternative pop/rock sensibilities.

Real instruments – real voices – real harmonies


Barley Station


“Many hardcore genre purists even like what we’re doing, though some don’t, but its who

we are, and we can’t change that.  It’s just how we write and how we’ve been

influenced”, explains Randy.  He adds, “I was once told by a hard core country fan that

mixing pop into country (or folk) in one of my songs is like spitting in beer!   Though

he seemed to come across as rather offended by our genre bending, the person proceeded

to say he couldn’t help but like that particular song.”  That kind of response comes as

no surprise as songs penned and sung by Randy and Brian in their prior band had won several male

vocalist awards at and had been featured tracks despite fitting more

into an “other” category rather than neatly into any one genre.

Barley Station’s core is a trio of two singer/songwriters, Randy Wayne Belt and Brian

Kious, and background vocalist and songwriting partner Casey Wollberg, who worked

together in the midwest based group, The Barnacles, honing their songwriting, stage,

and composing skills for over 10 years. Their music reflects the influence of the roots

of the three writers who are products of the crossroads of music in the midwest, St.

Louis, MO.


Barley Station is no stranger to radio and press.  Under the banner of their previous

group, The Barnacles, they achieved the release of  several CDs, national and regional

tours, given radio interviews, and had airplay on over 200 land radio stations,

including college, public, and some commercial radio.  They received medium rotation on

TABC’s ‘Best of Rock’ show and enjoyed everything from light to heavy rotations on

other stations.  Their genre blending sounds gave them a constant #1 pick up rate (over

90% consistently) with their radio promotion firm.  Barley Station will be a group to

watch as they take those previous successes to new levels. 
The group is currently working on their first CD and has just released 3 singles in

anticipation of that release. ‘Common Knowledge’, the first single, explores some

rockin shores along the edge of dreamy melodic landscapes, and a punchy driving rhythm

section that captivates to bring you on the plain of the lyrics. While ‘I Found You’

sticks to roots but  combines the elements of melodic pop and rock with a distinctive

Johnny Cash kind of country feel. The third and latest single, ‘Close To One’ follows

suit but with a pop vocal and delivery inserted into a country beat and feel.



You can find music by Barley Station under their old band name, The Barnacles, here:


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