“Six Day Truce is a 4 piece crew from Central California just smashin it with in your face melodic hard rock………definitely one of the better support bands around for arena-style productions.”

Robert Turner: Vocs, Gtrs, Keys
Jeremy Sadluck: Bass Guitars, Vocs
Bobby Glandon: Guitars, Vocs
Matt Coleman: Drums, Vocs

With a crafty style, our rhythm section can move from dark and mellow to hard driving and wide open in the blink of an eye……and before you know it, you’ve been sucked into our sesh.

Six Day’s latest album, ‘Bitter Side Of Me’, showcases our versatility by combining integrated keyboards with sequencing and superb songwriting that leads the listener through a maze of emotional torrents. Add a healthy dose of creative hooks and inspirational lyrics with power harmony vocals and you’ll be flashing the horns with the rest of the crowd.

In January, 2o11 Central California’s New Rock 104.1 started spotlighting Truce tunes by airing songs like ‘Bitter Side Of Me’, ‘Gabriel’, ‘My Surrender’, ‘Trust In Me’, ‘Fear The Night’, Assassin’s Cradle, and ‘The Calling’ on their Homegrown Show.

We are also snagging the attention of print media with featured articles in Mike Osegueda’s Fresno Bee entertainment piece ‘Artists You Should Know’. But still, it’s the live show that defines a band and Six Day Truce is no stranger to rockin’ the live show!

From band battles like the Fox’s 105.1 sponsored event featuring Cheap Trick, Tesla, and Everclear to outlets like Audie’s Olympic, the Next Bar, Fulton 55, CrossRoads, Starline Live Performance Venue, Vintage Days, and Fresno, Ca’s Chukchansi Stadium where we rocked over 3,000 fans, SDT is definitely in your face with new rock.

We’re bold, tight, fresh, and uninhibited, and we’re doing what it takes to wake up the independent music scene. Six Day Truce is pounding the charts and taking names.

See You Out There – Six Day Truce



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